“Affection! Owl Doormat”

“Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat”

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

  • Two sizes: 18” x 30” and 24” x 57”
  • Coco fiber mat can be washed with the help of a brush or hose
  • Cute doormats that can survive in any weather condition, rain or shine

Eco-Conscious Heart Doormat: People are often surprised to learn that a coco fiber mat is actually an eco-friendly product. This is thanks to the coconut fiber that makes these doormats. The fiber, also known as coir, is extracted from coconut husks and processed into products like this welcome doormat. The production process of coir is much less cost-intensive when compared to 100% synthetic products made in large industrial factories.

Scrapes Dirt From Feet and Paws Alike: The biggest benefit of having a coco fiber mat is that it will help keep your indoor areas clean by scraping away unwanted dirt and mud from incoming footwear. When people run their feet over the coir surface of this welcome doormat, the coir fibers of the paw mat will flush away outdoor debris particles and keep them trapped on the doormat’s surface. Ultimately, this can help to keep your cleaning costs down.

Hooos There Doormat
Hooos There Owl Doormat

Adorable Animal Themes

Our pet door mat and shoe cleaner collection will enhance your entryways with charm and cuteness reminiscent of beloved furry companions. Each themed entry mat is crafted with the utmost care to offer unparalleled functionality and style for premises with or without pets. With a variety of motifs, colors, and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect animal doormats to suit your décor here at Coir Mat.com. Go ahead and browse a multitude of animal-centric designs to add elegance, hilarity, or just adorability to your living spaces. Our entrance mats are made from durable and high-quality materials—namely coir and rubber—ensuring long-lasting performance even in the face of heavy foot—or paw—traffic. Some of the novelty welcome mats feature artsy depictions of popular animals—such as cats and dogs—while others relate to animals thematically via doormat quotes and animal-print patterns. Our collection includes animal motifs not related to pets—like owl door mats (unless you are a wizard, of course)—that will appeal to those who want to spruce up their décor with playful or nature-related themes. The owl welcome mat features attention-grabbing artwork of the nocturnal birds, with adorable big eyes, perching on trees, usually in moonlit settings. A motif-rich owl doormat will be ideal to use as seasonal decorations in fall or summer, or any other month you think is suitable. Our “Aquarium” entrance mat is another delightful option for those who prefer animal designs not related to pets. The undersea-themed doormat displays a school of fish swimming in a stunning blue background. This welcome mat will be great for adding a splash of color to entryways, and will be perfect if you already have a fish tank. Our animal-print welcome mats display majestic, natural patterns in vivid and eye-catching details. The leopard-print doormat will add unabashedly eccentric charm to your doorsteps in ways that will be hard to miss for anyone. These decorative welcome mats are ideal for injecting entryways with a touch of untamed wilderness—and fashion trends of the past—in timeless and captivating styles. Whether you want to upgrade your living spaces for a Halloween bash or showcase your love for your cat, our pet door mat collection has something for every taste and season. Our animal entrance mats will a distinctive character and captivating charm to your living spaces while ensuring your entryways remain clean and spotless to warmly receive guests.

“Wipe Your Paws! Doormat”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a base for durability and support
  • UV and ozone resistance helps this doormat hold up outside throughout the year

Keeps Dirt Outside: Most pet lovers are used to dirt finding its way inside. Thanks to this dog doormat, you can provide extra precautions to help make sure your home stays cleaner. Made of coir, a heavy-duty fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, these doggie mats do a thorough job trapping all that dirt under your pet’s paws or the feet of guests. After coir bristles latch onto dirt and debris, they simply wait between the bristles of this outdoor patio mat until you are ready to clean them by simply shaking, brushing, or washing the doormat. Wipe your feet and keep dirt out with ease using a little help from this dog doormat.

Works In Moist Environments: Thanks to the moisture resistant properties of coir, you can wipe your paws all year long! Coir absorbs moisture, giving it the ability to handle moist environments well. This means these doggie mats can withstand heavy rainstorms or snow storms and don’t need to be brought inside. Not even your wet dog trying to escape after a bath will ruin this outdoor patio mat.

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Doormat In Front of Door
Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Doormat In Front of Door

Matching Boot Scrapers

You can further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the pet doormats with a boot scraper shaped like a cute animal. A boot scraper is an accessory that can remove dirt and grime clinging to the sides of shoes, unlike a doormat that can only reach the undersides of footwear. Our themed boot scrapers are ingeniously constructed in the shape of various endearing creatures, capturing the essence of their real-life animal counterparts in whimsical and delightful ways. You can combine a pet door mat with a boot scraper to efficiently keep living spaces free of dust, dirt, grime, mud, and potentially allergy-causing pollen—all the while elevating your décor with heart-melting charm. Pairing a pet door mat with a boot scraper can considerably enhance the cleanliness of your floors during inclement weather, when people and pets track in more mud and moisture than usual. We offer boot scrapers shaped like dogs, bunnies, and turtles to thematically align with designs found on our coir mats. For example, you can combine a dog door mat with a puppy boot scraper to create an endearing and functional entryway ensemble that not only welcomes your guests with cute canine charm but also politely encourages visitors to clean their footwear. The boot scrapers are lightweight, so they are easy to lift for cleaning footwear. The coir mats, including the scrapers, will be wonderful accessories to place in mudrooms to improve both hygiene and visual appeal. Beautiful, functional, and packed with practical features, you can effortlessly upgrade your living spaces with a pet door mat and a scraper.

“Cat Doormat” Kit

  • 3-in-1 “Cat Doormat” kit includes two adorable cat-themed doormats and a Herringbone boot scraper
  • The cat doormats are 18″ x 30″ and the boot scraper is 12″ x 13″
  • The doormats and the boot scraper are made from durable coir fibers

“Meowtastic” Charm: The “Cat doormat” kit includes two cat welcome mats adorned with charming, feline-inspired designs. The black-cat doormat features the silhouette of a kitty sitting on its hind legs, with a “Welcome” greeting written beneath. The other kitty doormat depicts an artistic heart made entirely out of heart-shaped paw prints. These cat door-mats will be perfect for both households and offices ruled by feline companions. The minimalist designs will easily blend with any décor. The feline-inspired themes will surely add heart-melting charm to any entryway. These doormats will efficiently keep your living spaces clean and occasionally provide entertainment for your cat! The sturdy coir surfaces can withstand heavy foot-traffic and the occasional clawing.

Use During Any Season: You can use this cat door-mat kit during any season to spruce up your décor and keep dirt and mud at bay. The coir construction is weatherproof and long-lasting. Coir can remarkably withstand exposure, so you can safely place your cat coir mat in outdoor areas without worrying about rapid deterioration. Coir fibers are resistant to UV rays, mold, and mildew. The cute artwork on each cat doormat will not fade quickly following exposure to harsh sunlight. The mats can retain shape and design relatively well with exposure to hot, cold, or wet weather.

Meow Cat Welcome Mats
Meow Cat Welcome Mats

Fashioned from Natural Coir Fibers

Our pet door mat and boot scraper products are made primarily from coir—a resilient and biodegradable fiber. Coir is a sustainable fiber extracted from the husks of coconuts. The abrasive and durable nature of coir makes it the ideal material for doormats and shoe cleaners. The coir surface of our creative doormats can effectively trap various particles including dirt, grime, dust, mud, pollen, and pet hair. Coir fibers are remarkably absorbent, which makes our coir-based pet door mats excellent at sopping up moisture from mud, snowmelt, slush, and rainwater. Absorbency is a particularly useful feature to have if you plan to use a pet door mat in a household with accident-prone pets. Some of our novelty welcome mats have rubber or PVC undersides to increase traction and provide non-slip grip on potentially hazardous floors. Furthermore, coir is resistant to mold and mildew, making our mats suitable for use in damp areas prone to fungal outbreaks. It is also a non-toxic material not known to harm the health of people or pets. The allergen-trapping capabilities of coir can improve the overall safety of your interiors, especially if you are concerned about pollen being tracked indoors. Our animal-themed entrance mats will be a splendid way to celebrate your love of pets and nature—and ensure indoor hygiene and safety. With a themed entry mat or a boot scraper adorning your entryways, there will be a lot less cleaning in your interior floors.

“Wipe Your Paws Dog Doormat”

“Kitty Cat Welcome Mat”

“Warning, Vicious Puppy Inside! Dog Doormats”

  • This doormat is available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a supportive base
  • Both UV and ozone resistance helps these doormats hold up in the sun

Moisture Resistant: Rain, snow, or even a wet dog will not likely damage this doormat dog. Moisture resistance helps these doormats endure during moist weather. You might be bummed the next time your dog tracks in water, but at least these doggie mats are up for the challenge. Coir does not provide an environment suitable for the growth of mold and mildew, making these doormats easy to maintain.

Environmental Puppy: The puppy on this coir doormat might look tough, but he has a soft spot for the environment. This doormat dog is partially made out of coir, a natural fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. Using coir, the production of each fiber doormat brings you a more cost effective option than their 100% synthetic counterparts. Using coir also makes for a finished product more suitable for those more eco-conscious consumers.

Wipe Your Paws! Doormat
Wipe Your Paws Doormat in front of brown door

Great for Pet Owners

Our pet door mat selection has a number of fantastic designs related to the two most beloved pets ever—cats and dogs—that will be ideal for households with furry companions or those who simply love these animals. Our popular doggie door mats and cat welcome mats are crafted to keep entryways clean and to prepare any incoming visitors for the excited antics of your pet. The “Beware of Dog” doormat will be perfect for households with exceptionally spirited dogs. We also have a range of funny dog doormats with faux “Warning” signs made for laughs. This design depicts a cautionary label over an adorable puppy to “warn” visitors of the irresistible cuteness that awaits them inside. You can “forewarn” your guests of your cat as well with a “Beware of Cat” entry mat that will leave them in stitches. Funny welcome mats can act as great icebreakers when inviting guests into your home or office. Adorned with universally beloved animals like cats and dogs, our mats are perfect for creating endearing and wholesome settings where anyone can feel welcome. Other than comical themes, we also have dog welcome mats featuring classically endearing designs—such as paw-print hearts—and polite, pet-centric greetings—such as an entrance mat with a “Wipe Your Paws” greeting. Cat lovers can rejoice that our kitty-themed doormats are designed to capture both the majestic elegance as well as the mischievousness of beloved feline companions. Our cat doormats feature elegant artwork and greetings in sophisticated fonts that would be ideal for adding tasteful touches to your entryways. You can enhance your entryways with spooky glamor on Halloween with the novelty entry mats featuring mysterious silhouettes of cats. Moreover, our funny cat doormats can decorate your entryways with stereotype-breaking artwork that depicts cats as the loving pets you know them to be rather than as affection-averse loners. With many options to choose from, our pet door mats will be ideal as entryway décor, thoughtful gifts, or practical solutions for keeping floors clean.

Husking Coconuts

“Hooo’s There? Owl Doormat”

Beware of Dog Doormat
Beware of Dog Doormat

Effortless to Clean

Coir Mat.com’s animal doormats and boot scrapers allow for quick and uncomplicated cleaning, which will save you plenty of time spent cleaning. We recommend vacuuming your coir mat—with a regular household cleaner—to remove the dirt, dust, and debris that will accumulate on the entrance mat. You can easily run the vacuum over the mat as you clean adjacent rooms. The quickest way to clean both the welcome mats and the scrapers is shaking. Yes, you can give your coir mat or the scraper a quick shake or two to dislodge dust and similar particles. However, at times, mud or grime may become stuck to the coir fibers in a way that your vacuum may miss. In that case, rinse your entrance mat or scraper under the garden faucet to get them back in working order. You do not need to use detergents or chemical treatments to keep your coir products hygienic. Coir mats and scrapers are not just ideal for the style-conscious, they are a great option for those who prefer, low-maintenance cleaning accessories.