Shop a Variety of Doormat Themes

At Coir, we offer a widespread variety of door mats designed to match the overall aesthetic of your home’s doorway décor. Each door mat is uniquely designed to satisfy your own individual taste and needs. We have everything from animal themed coir mats for all those cat and dog lovers out there to coastal themed door mats for fans of the big blue ocean. For those who are more conventional, conservative, or traditional in their taste, we have beautiful cast iron, flower, and country themed front entrance mats. If you have a desire for the more comedic, our rude themed small door mats might grab your attention. These are only a fraction of the door mat styles we offer. Many of our themes also come in multiple door mat sizes, giving you even more options to choose from for the aesthetic of your double or single doorway. As you can see, our selection has enough diversity to attract the attention of almost anyone!

Affection Owl Doormat

“Meow Cat Welcome Mats”

•  Fun design aesthetic
•  Resists damage from UV rays
•  Easy to clean with help from a water hose

Moisture Resistant: Coir is very resistant to moisture. When exposed to moisture for prolonged periods of time, it does not suffer from the type of mold and mildew damage that plagues other materials. These cat doormats will actually absorb moisture and dry it away within a short period of time. This feature allows the coir entrance mat to be placed outdoors during inclement weather conditions like heavy rain or even snowfall.

Good for Trapping Dirt: Whenever you come home, there is a chance that numerous outdoor debris particles are being tracked inside. It could be dirt, mud, sand, or pebbles. These particles have a knack for getting trapped under your shoes, thus making it very easy for them to get inside your home. These cat doormats can help prevent this due to the fact that they are made from coir. The coir fibers on these welcome mats are thick and rough, perfect for the purposes of scraping away unwanted debris. As you scrape your shoes over the coir entrance mat, the debris particles will get trapped within the coir fibers of the doormat, helping you keep it outside your house.

Kitty Cat Welcome
Kitty Cat Welcome Mat

Ultra-Durable & Stylish

One of the great things about each entry mat in our inventory is that they are intended for seasonal use throughout the entire year. Weather resistance gives these small door mats the ability to stay outside your front or patio doorway no matter which season of the year it is. Rain or shine, these entryway doormats are made to sit outside of your front or patio door no matter the condition. Moisture resistance can help keep the bacterial growths of mold and mildew from growing on each entrance mat, giving these door mats the ability to stay out in the wet spring showers or the cold winter snow. Being the best doormat for seasonal décor, each doorway decoration piece is also compatible with the hot summer seasons. UV resistance provides a convenient layer of protection from the sun’s oncoming rays, preventing these small door mats from suffering from immediate sun damage such as cracking. Having a cross-seasonal door mat gives you the options of switching your door mat out to match the aesthetic appeal of the enduring season. Use one of our floral entrance mats for the spring until winter appears, a time when you can place one of our fun holiday themed doormats out in your front or patio doorway. When it comes to both function and aesthetics, the best doormat for the job is going to a one made from coir fiber material.

The Festive doormat with picture of Santa a snowman and a penguin

“Santa’s Favorite” Outdoor Christmas Doormat

•  Extremely robust coir fibers provide excellent dirt-scraping capabilities
•  Quick-drying and durable coir perfect for all-weather applications
•  Will not rot, mildew, or mold thanks to natural coir fibers

Santa’s Favorite Mat!: Find the reason for the season with “’Santa’s Favorite’ Outdoor Christmas Doormat”. This unique and adorable holiday mat features a natural, brown coir background with the emblematic Santa Claus hat and beard enveloping the phrase “Merry Christmas.” The beautiful tan coir backdrop makes the red and white design stand out, highlighting this extraordinary print. The waterproof paint used to decorate this mat also ensures that the color does not bleed when placed outdoors. This festive Christmas mat is perfect for greeting friends, family, and loved ones during the holidays.

Ho, Ho, Hold the Dirt: This Santa door-mat is made of coir fibers—ideal for capturing dirt trapped on the bottom of your soles. Additionally, coir is incredibly resilient and able to resist year-round weather due to its durability against impacts, abrasions, moisture, and UV radiation. Because coir fibers are sourced from coconuts, they are waterproof and dry quickly. This prevents mold and mildew from forming on “Santa’s Favorite” outdoor Christmas doormat! You can utilize this outdoor Christmas welcome-mat for year-round dirt collection in any weather without worry that it will unreasonably deteriorate.

Contemporary Holiday Doormat
Contemporary Holiday

Coir Mats Are Ideal Outdoor Doormats

If you’re going to have the best doormat, you need to make sure it is made out of the proper ingredients to ensure fantastic quality. Fortunately, some of our small door mats are made from coir.  Coir, also known as coco, is a tough and durable fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. This incredible and valuable material is well known for its extensive functionality and has been used by generation after generation throughout history. We also offer a large selection of equally amazing rubber entry mats for those who would like to have a different design for their entryway door mat. Many of our well-designed entryway entry mats are made from a combination of coco coir and recycled rubber, giving each door mat the advantages of both of these important materials. When it comes to our products, each door mat sizes up to its potential, providing you with a superior product to add to your home dwelling.

Hello Goodbye Doormat
Hello Goodbye

“Nice Underwear Funny Doormat”

•  This funny welcome mat is sized at 18″ x 30″
•  Moisture resistance doormat does not provide the conditions necessary for the growth of mold or mildew
•  UV and ozone resistance adds protection from any instant sun damage

Funny but Serious: Don’t let the comedic message on the front of this funny welcome mat make you doubt its dirt cleaning efficiency. These coconut mats are made of coir, a heavy-duty fibrous material. It is both super tough and flexible, making it the perfect candidate for scrapping the bottom of those dirty shoes you have been walking in all day. The debris gets stuck in between the bristles, waiting for you to simply brush or shake them out.

Made of Coir and PVC: These doormats with an attitude are made of coir. Also known as coco, coir is found within the outer husks of coconuts. Coco has a number of benefits such as durability and cost effectiveness. These funny doormats also have a base made out of tough PVC. This PVC provides the doormat with a strong base, providing structure and support. Having a PVC base also provides a layer of floor protection. As hysterical as these coconut mats might look, they mean business when it comes to design.

“Leave Doormat”

“I Will Not Be a Door Mat!”

Wipe Off Dirt And Debris at the Door

We want to help you keep your home’s interior more clean than dirty. Each door mat is made to act as a helpful buffer against outdoor debris such as mud and dirt from getting into your home.  When it comes to each door mat, sizes of debris do not matter! The coco coir on their top layer provides a coarse surface texture that is fully capable working as a boot scraper. As you and your guests step on this coir door mat, its bristles will latch onto and trap gunk from the outside before it gets tracked inside and onto your indoor flooring, helping you prevent it from ruining that immaculate cleaning job you just finished and worked so hard on. Our larger door mat sizes provide more surface area for catching unwanted particles, giving you extra help keeping your estate style home cleaner. These welcome mats can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your floor clear from dirt. Let us help provide you with a little added assistance in keeping your home clean and appealing by using our products in your doorway!

Pineapple & Tropical
Chillin By The Shore
Chillin By The Shore

“Welcome to the Luau!” – Natural Coir Pineapple Doormat

•  Whimsical pineapple welcome design will thrill and excite guests entering your home
•  All-natural, strong coir fibers perfect for detaching dirt and debris from shoes
•  Coir exhibits inherent resistance to abrasion, moisture, sunlight, and other weather conditions

Welcome to the Party!: Ensure that everybody is truly welcome into your home with this “Welcome to the Luau!” natural-coir pineapple doormat. Beach-themed doormats remind visitors of relaxing on a tropical beach, creating an easy-going and serene atmosphere. With this pineapple welcome-mat, people will know precisely what you are into: fun times in exotic places! The bold welcome message is printed onto the mat with a waterproof emulsion paint that will not bleed or fade under normal circumstances. Heavy foot traffic or liquids will not alter the visage of this fun and playful welcome mat!

Stay Clean and Safe: Not only does this welcoming doormat serve as a bold first impression for adventurous guests, but it also effectively helps to keep your home clean. The stiff, rough coir fibers are ideal for rubbing grime and filth from the soles of your shoes, preventing dirt from crossing the threshold. The material can even absorb moisture, making it perfect for rainy days. The coir traps the debris and liquid within the strands, where it stays until the mat is cleaned. Cleaning the mat is as simple as shaking or whacking it until the particles come out. With minimal effort, you can keep your home clean and your entryway safe from puddles or moisture that can present a slip hazard.

Welcome To The Luau
Welcome To The Luau