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Heart Shaped Paws Doormat

French Coat of Arms

Coir “Double-Wide” Doormat Kit

  • Includes two 24” x 57” doormats
  • Products made of durable coir fibers that are capable of withstanding average weather conditions
  • Classic designs painted in heavy-duty emulsion paint to prevent cracking, peeling, or fading

Extra-Wide Doormats: One of the problems with having a double-door entry or a large front door is that regular doormats just won’t cut it. Luckily, we sell two oversized front-door mats in the coir “Double-Wide” doormat kit in order to fit your extensive entryways. No longer will you have to utilize two doormats side-by-side or employ a tiny rug for your significant threshold. Show off your grand entry with the considerable “Estate-Style” Welcome Doormat or the “St. Germaine Fleur de Lis” large door-mat. These classic and large outdoor door-mats will conform to wide entryways anywhere, bringing together the aesthetic charm of your home’s exterior.

Big Mats with Big Cleaning Capabilities: Not only are these large door-mats physically massive, but they also extend the range of their dirt-trapping abilities! An extra-large door-mat means extra space for guests to wipe their shoes. The stout and rigid coir fibers of these double doormats are particularly useful for removing grime from footwear. If you use an undersized doormat for your large entryway, visitors will likely contaminate your threshold with their dirty sneakers. Luckily, a large outdoor mat—like a 24” x 57” rug—will not allow guests to cross your doorstep without wiping their feet against the abrasive coir fibers!

Classic Fleur de Lis French mat in front of double doors
Classic Fleur de Lis French Mat in front of double doors

Overside Front-Door Mats

Looking for an entry mat that can accommodate wide, double doors in your home or business? At Coir, we stock a wide selection of extra-large outdoor mats that can fit any doorway. We carry welcome mats in sizes from 18” x 30” to 24” x 57”, along with a variety of styles to suit your personal preferences. From a classic welcome mat, with the words welcome on the surface, to our mesmerizing French designer mats, we stock a large assortment of oversized front-door mats that can complete any entryway. Instead of utilizing two doormats side by side—which can give your home a disjointed and disorganized look—simply opt for a double-wide door mat, which creates a seamless statement piece for your doorstep. With a double-door entry mat, you will not have to worry about guests tripping over the unfurled edges of your undersized doormats. A large door mat can protect visitors and households from falling accidents and unwarranted filth.

One of the best perks about these extra-large outdoor mats is that they are ideal for residential or commercial areas. For homes, an extra-long doormat can add to the exterior aesthetic. A double-door entryway that employs a regular-sized doormat creates an undesirable contrast between the two objects—making your doors look enormous compared to the undersized doormat. With a typical-sized doormat, guests will have to funnel through the narrow opening the mat provides. Instead of utilizing the entire space of both doors, visitors will feel obligated to enter via the tiny entry mat. And if they do not, they will have entered your home without wiping their feet! Increase the aesthetic and functionality of your doorstep by upgrading to a double door mat.  A double door mat not only widens the traffic route, making for a far grander entryway, it is also more functional. The extra footage ensures that all foot-traffic comes to meet the scraping action of the doormat.

Wellington Rubber Backed Carpet Mats

  • Simple, yet evocative, design will beautify any area
  • A purpose-built type of absorbent doormat that will guard against and prevent the accumulation and spread of moisture
  • These entryway mats are easy to clean and lightweight!

Water Absorbing: The risk of slipping and falling in your home and workplace is not something that should be underestimated. These kinds of accidents happen all the time, and are among the greatest causers of injury in the workplace. How can you help prevent these accidents? Simple! Get a “Wellington” absorbent doormat! These entryway mats are specifically designed to remove and absorb moisture from incoming footwear, keeping all your work and home environments free of unwanted water and potential slipping hazards! Another “hidden” benefit of these mats is that their inherent rubber constitution naturally abates the growth of mold and mildew. What don’t these mats do?!

Environmentally Smart Choice: Built from the repurposed rubber of discarded and used tires, never worry you’re damaging the environment when using one of these entryway mats. By using the rubber of discarded tires, theses mats are made from a material that would otherwise just end up in a landfill. In addition, this style of absorbent doormat is both more affordable and durable than its synthetic rubber mat counterparts. Truly, these eco-smart mats are the best bang for your buck!

Nottingham Rubber Backed Carpet Mat
Nottingham Rubber Backed Carpet Mat

Easy to Trim Double Doormats

Reasonably, oversized door mats might be too extensive for your doorstep, depending on your home or business. As our doormats range in size, you can also modify any of our coir mats. If your front stoop requires only a 24” x 50” coir mat, you can trim the edges of your large doormat to fit the space. With a sharp utility knife, safety goggles and glasses, and a flat surface, you can easily cut through the large coir mat. Of course, take heed that trimming the product will affect the mat’s design and may even make it uneven. If possible, make cuts on two parallel edges in order to make the decal as even and centered as you can. If you do not need to modify your doormat, even better! Your double-width doormat from should be ready to place at entrances, exits, or anywhere with abundant foot traffic.

Country Doormat Kit

Husking Coconuts

Contemporary Welcome Home Mats

  • Available in 18″ x 30″and 24″ x 57″
  • This welcome doormat is tough on dirt
  • Works as an outdoor patio mat

Ingredients: Made of coir, a rough and tough fiber pulled from the outer husk of coconut shells, these door entry mats are “Green”. The coir used for each welcome doormat is a marvelous material that has been in use for centuries because of its tough nature. This coir mat also has a base made out of PVC, so you can wipe your feet on a stable doormat provided with structure.

Good Bye Dirt: Just because this outdoor welcome mat welcomes you home, it does not mean it will welcome all of that dirt under your shoes! The coir composition of these home welcome mats makes them a strong tool for catching outside debris. The surface of each coir entrance mat is also able to keep dirt and debris from the outdoors trapped between the bristles lining its surface. Keeping dirt under control in one area outside your doorstep makes it easily disposable when you are ready.

The Clovis Legend Inspired French Mat in Brown and Black in front of double white doors
The Clovis Legend Inspired French Mat in Brown and Black in front of double white doors

Get Inspired by the French De Lis Designed Doormats

If an adorable paw-print doormat does not align with your stylistic preferences, we also offer our selection of French-inspired mats in large sizes! Invest in oversized door mats with patterns reminiscent of classic and traditional French décor. The Fleur de Lis, a historic symbol adopted by French kings and nobility, can be employed for your doorstep. This iconic floral emblem is quite entrancing.  In French, “fleur-de-lis” means “flower of the lily.”  A stylized three-petaled iris flower tied by an encircling band, used as the heraldic bearing of the royal family of France, chosen by Charles V.   Due to its three “petals,” the fleur-de-lis has also been used to represent the Holy Trinity.  Fleur-de-lis is also an emblem of royalty given to the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven.

How to Cut Rubber Flooring

All About Rubber

“Ultra Scraper” Commercial Doormat

  • Aesthetic well suited for commercial and industrial areas
  • Drainage holes can drain through small solid debris particles
  • 3/8” thick rubber mat can protect surfaces from scrapes and stains

Guards Against Dirt and Mud: Outdoor contaminants such as dirt and mud are among the most frequent causes of stains within indoor areas. Thanks to the pronounced ribs on the surface of these commercial entry mats, loose debris particles are scraped away from incoming footwear before they can become a nuisance. This feature, combined with their 3ft x 5ft size, makes this product an effective option as boot and shoe scraper mats.

Holes for Draining Loose Liquids: Moisture is an ever-present hazard. Whether it is from rain or an accidental spill, the presence of excess liquids on a surface can be dangerous. Wet surfaces are slippery and are known to cause thousands of accidents every year. Rubber mats with drainage holes, such as the “Ultra-Scraper” commercial entry mats, are a smart way to prevent moisture from causing such accidents. The drainage holes on these entrance mats are specifically designed to allow excess liquids to drain through them in order to create a drier and safer surface for people to traverse. Drainage holes are a very useful complement to reclaimed rubber’s natural ability to improve grip and traction. A dry entrance is a safe entrance!

Ultra Scraper Commercial Doormat
Ultra Scraper Commercial Doormat

Carpet Mats Available in a Variety of Sizes

These oversized door mats are great for moist environments, as they are water-absorbent and slip-resistant. This means that despite humidity, rain, or snowfall, a carpet mat can proficiently absorb moisture to prevent grime and accidents from occurring. All carpet mat designs are configured to increase the doormat’s surface grip and traction. Additionally, the ridges scrape dirt and debris from the bottom of your soles. The rubber backing on these carpet mats is made with reclaimed rubber to prevent the oversized door mats from sliding around your floors. The recycled rubber is sustainably sourced from old vehicle tires, decreasing our ecological footprint. At, we use eco-conscious materials and processes whenever possible. This is why we utilize recycled rubber and coir, which are sustainably produced or made!

Modern Landscape Contemporary Doormat

  • Large entrance mat is 24″ x 57″
  • Coir doormats are made of coir, an eco-friendly ingredient
  • Doormat coir makes for a weather enduring product

Ingredients for Quality: Ingredients are the foundation for these outdoor doormats and what they have to offer. Fortunately, each contemporary doormat is made out of coconut coir. Also identified as coco, coir is a solid fiber that works as each doormat’s shoe scraping surface. Each doormat coir also has a foundation formed out of PVC. These coir doormats have the necessary ingredients to create a final product that is a quality item for your doorstep.

Large and Small: Not every entryway consists of just a single door. Some homes have double-door entrances that will not be covered by a standard 18” x 30” doormat. The good news for those with wide entryways is that these front doormats are available in a larger size of 24” x 57”. This larger sized option is for most estate style home entrances and gives you the added benefit of providing more surface area for more shoe brushing.

Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mats
Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mats

Double Doormats made from Coir are Ideal for Residential Entryways

Unlike rubber, coir is a natural material that comes from coconuts. Coir, otherwise known as coconut fiber or coco coir, is the hairy threads originating from the coconut’s husk. These fibers are collected and processed to be used in a multitude of products, including our coir large doormats! Coir is popularly utilized in various products (e.g., brooms, brushes, erosion control, fishing nets, nets for shellfish harvesting and marine rope for boats.)  Not only because it is a plentiful natural resource but also because it is incredibly resilient and durable! The rough bristles of coir are perfect for scraping materials off the bottoms of shoes. Additionally, coir is resistant to water, UV radiation, ozone, and mold—making it ideal for outside and double-wide door mats.  Large outdoor doormats must contain all these characteristics to endure the harsh outdoor conditions. No matter rain, shine, or snowfall, a coirmat can withstand any of these adverse conditions. Coir can also weather heavy foot-traffic, maintaining its structure and design after significant wear. Indeed, this natural textile is an incredibly durable material for outdoor double door mats. If you want the ultimate protection and security for your entryways, utilize oversized door mats indoor and outdoor made from coco-coir! Having a coir double doormat outside and a carpet mat inside will grant your home superior dirt-trapping, moisture-absorbing, and traction-enhancing abilities.

French Coat of Arms
French Coat of Arms Doormat

“Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat”

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • Large doormat fits double entryway
  • Easy to clean: Simply shake, brush, or wash!

Made for Variety: If you have a double entryway, it is not a problem! These French doormats come in 24″ x 57″ for your double entryway. Having a wider surface, this coco coir doormat catches more dirt and offers more protection. This natural doormat also comes in 18” x 30” for single doorways. This coir doormat has a matching aesthetic to its large doormat counter part, providing you with a doormat for a matching patio or other entryway. Having two sizes for this fleur de lis welcome mat increases the possibilities for its uses and gives you more variety for your home décor.

Pretty but Tough: Although aesthetically beautiful, these French doormats are tough when it comes to dirt. The coir used to create each fleur de lis doormat creates heavy-duty bristles capable of scraping off lots of dirt and debris. Unwanted dirt particles from the outside get stuck between the bristles, leaving them trapped before they get through your doorway!

Shop Quality Doormats with Confidence

When it comes to durable, functional, and aesthetic double doormats, has you covered. Estates, residences, or offices with expansive doorways will benefit from large door mats outside or inside. Big door mats seamlessly incorporate your functional décor with your entryway—something that cannot be achieved with a random-sized welcome mat. Opting for an extra-wide door mat creates a cohesive and organized look for your entrance, eliminating the need for multiple doormats placed side by side. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also ensures the safety of your guests by preventing trip accidents and keeping unwanted dirt out of your home or business. offers a great variety of delightful, oversized door mats that can cater to your preferences and needs. From classic “Welcome Mats” to French-inspired designs like the Fleur de Lis patterns, these large coir door mats can add a touch of refinement and elegance to any home. In addition to coir mats, stocks entryway carpet and rubber oversized door mats in various sizes and colors. These large rubber door mats provide non-slip protection and excellent moisture absorption, making them perfect for indoor usage. No matter the type or design of mat you choose, Coir has a fantastic selection of large welcome mats to choose from. Peruse our website for information on any of our exceptionally durable and resilient doormats for double doors. By investing in a large welcome mat, homeowners can enjoy superior dirt-trapping, moisture-absorbing, and traction-enhancing capabilities—creating a stylish and secure entrance for all visitors!