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Door Scraper Commercial Entrance Mats


Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat

Contemporary Welcome Home Mats

  • Two sizes: 18” x 30” and 24” x 57”
  • This welcome doormat is tough on dirt
  • Works as an outdoor patio mat

Good Bye Dirt: Just because this outdoor welcome mat welcomes you home, it does not mean it will welcome all of that dirt under your shoes! The coir composition of these home welcome mats makes them a strong tool for catching outside debris. The surface of each coir entrance mat is also able to keep dirt and debris from the outdoors trapped between the bristles lining its surface. Keeping dirt under control in one area outside your doorstep makes it easily disposable when you are ready.

Ingredients: Made of coir, a rough and tough fiber pulled from the outer husk of coconut shells, these door entry mats are “Green”. The coir used for each welcome doormat is a marvelous material that has been in use for centuries because of its tough nature. This coir mat also has a base made out of PVC, so you can wipe your feet on a stable doormat provided with structure.

Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door
Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door tilted shot

Outdoor Scraper Mats

We offers an extensive range of outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and anti-slip mats made from high-quality rubber and coir materials. Walk-off mats are needed in outdoor areas the most to prevent dirt, mud, grime, and various other particles from entering indoor areas. However, outside door mats face many challenges posed by changing weather and moisture, which tend to take a toll on the condition and performance of the mats. At Coir, you can find high-quality outdoor door mats that can effectively withstand the harsh elements and provide long-lasting performance. Our outside doormats, outdoor scrapers, and shoe scrubbers are durable, resilient, and capable of enduring fluctuations in temperature without rapid deterioration. Moreover, many of our coir-based doormats, outdoor or otherwise, feature eye-catching prints that will enrich the overall aesthetic of entryways. There are plenty of design options to match your specific style preference—such as animal prints, minimalist artwork, intricate patterns, and seasonal motifs. Safety is another important factor when considering outdoor door mats for patio, porch, or garden areas. Outdoor areas—when exposed to moisture, rain, and snow—can get slippery from time to time. Many of our outdoor entry door mats offer excellent grip to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents. Wonderfully combining style with function, you can expect our outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and scrubbers to create clean, safe, and inviting entryways.

“Need Directions? Doormat”

Husking Coconuts

“A Gift! Merry Christmas Doormat”

•  Long lasting product
•  Resists damage from ozone and UV rays
•  A design that embodies the Christmas spirit

The Gift of Coir: Coir is the fiber that is obtained from the outer husk of coconuts. It is very thick and rough to the touch. This material is a naturally occurring resource that is eco-friendly. A coco mat’s production is pretty cost effective, making these doormats an affordable present. These holiday doormats are the perfect Christmas gift for the eco-conscious individual.

Doormat Surface Absorbs Moisture: The holidays tend to be the wetter season of the year. Many parts of country see more rain and snow during winter. The resulting moisture can be a nuisance at best and a hazard at worst. Dirty outdoor moisture can ruin the inside areas of your home, can cause slippery surfaces, and even contribute to the development of mold and mildew. Coco mats make it hard for this to happen. The coir fibers of these Christmas mats absorb moisture quickly and effectively before it can be too much of a hazard for your home. Use these holiday doormats to help keep your home nice and dry this Christmas!

The Clovis Legend Inspired French Mat in Brown and Black in front of double white doors
The Clovis Legend Inspired French Mat in Brown and Black in front of double white doors

Ultra-Durable Doormats

Durable construction is the key feature that makes our outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and scrubbers so effective and resilient. We primarily use coir—and occasionally rubber—to construct our durable outdoor, front-door mats. If there is a “best” material for walk-off mats, then it is definitely coir. Coir is a natural fiber sourced from the husks of coconuts. In nature, coir fibers protect the vulnerable coconut seed from harsh weather, seawater, infections, and temperature fluctuations. As a result, coir has evolved to be durable and resilient toward weather-related damage. These amazing features of coconut fibers remain the same even after coir has been processed into elegant outdoor doormats. Our outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and scrubbers made from coir are remarkably abrasive and absorbent. The doormats will effectively scrape off dirt, dust, mud, grime, pet hair, pollen, and many other nuisances that soil pristine floors. The highly absorbent property of coir will ensure moisture and liquids remain on the mats and not on your floors. Coir-based outdoor walk-off mats will effectively prevent rainwater, snowmelt, and slush from being tracked indoors during bad weather days. A coir mat is not only the best outdoor doormat for cleaning shoes but is also the best for completely resisting mold and mildew. Coir is impervious to fungi, making coir mats ideal for use in wet or damp areas. Coir-based outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and scrubbers can additionally withstand the damaging effects of UV rays that result in premature fading and degradation. Moreover, coir can withstand the pressure of high foot-traffic, making our outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and coverings excellent options to use in busy residential or commercial buildings.

“Dura-Scraper Wave” Rubber Door Mat

  • Perfect for messy wet conditions
  • Easy to clean with a water hose and household soap
  • These rubber door mats protect sensitive surfaces from scuffs and other types of damage

Good for Wet Areas: These rubber door mats were designed with wet conditions and climates in mind. This is evident by the drainage holes arranged linearly throughout the body of the mat. Thanks to these holes, they filter through excess liquids and prevent such buildups from forming. Those drainage holes can also drain through any solid debris particles small enough to fit through them, such as pebbles and miscellaneous dirt.

Anti-Slip Wave Design: This commercial entry mat gets its name from the wavy ribs that run across the surface. In addition to looking cool, these ribs help improve grip and traction while you walk across the surface of the mat. Reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents occurring at your entryway is a smart idea for any business owner. They also help in knocking away any excess dirt or mud that may be stuck onto your shoes.

Dura Scraper Drainage
Black color Eco-Friendly and Durable Drainage Doormat

Safety Due to Added Traction

Safety is a priority when it comes to choosing the best outdoor mats for wet weather. Nights of rain, snow, or an evening of watering the garden can make outdoor entryways slippery and slick, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. Many of our outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and floor coverings have rubber undersides to increase traction in hazardous areas. The remarkable properties of rubber allow it to substantially increase friction on various surfaces, even when they are wet. Not only is rubber an incredibly durable material, but it is also flexible, waterproof, and resists mold and mildew. Outdoor entrance door mats with rubber undersides will provide solid footing for any type of flooring and reduce the risk of trips and falls. Coir mats with PVC undersides will not fold or slide when visitors vigorously wipe their feet, as the backing will securely hold the mat in place. The PVC backing are exceptionally durable and resilient.

“Remove Your Shoes Doormat”

“Wipe Your Feet, Please”

“Wipe Your Paws! Doormat”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a base for durability and support
  • UV and ozone resistance helps this doormat hold up outside throughout the year

Keeps Dirt Outside: Most pet lovers are used to dirt finding its way inside. Thanks to this dog doormat, you can provide extra precautions to help make sure your home stays cleaner. Made of coir, a heavy-duty fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, these doggie mats do a thorough job trapping all that dirt under your pet’s paws or the feet of guests. After coir bristles latch onto dirt and debris, they simply wait between the bristles of this outdoor patio mat until you are ready to clean them by simply shaking, brushing, or washing the doormat. Wipe your feet and keep dirt out with ease using a little help from this dog doormat.

Works In Moist Environments: Thanks to the moisture resistant properties of coir, you can wipe your paws all year long! Coir absorbs moisture, giving it the ability to handle moist environments well. This means these doggie mats can withstand heavy rainstorms or snow storms and don’t need to be brought inside. Not even your wet dog trying to escape after a bath will ruin this outdoor patio mat.

Beware of Dog Doormat
Beware of Dog Doormat

Doormats Ideal for the Outdoors

We have a range of all-weather outdoor door mats tailored for heavy-duty use in commercial or industrial areas. These doormats are meticulously crafted using a combination of rubber and an array of synthetic materials—like PVC and vinyl—ensuring their resilience and longevity in demanding environments. To prioritize safety in areas with high foot-traffic, our heavy-duty outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and coverings have textured surfaces that greatly enhance underfoot traction. Many of the door mats feature corrugated and ribbed patterns—characterized by raised ridges and protrusions—that increase both the abrasiveness and the drainage capability of the mats. The fine-ribbed pattern increases the abrasiveness of the mats, while the wide-ribbed pattern enhances its draining capabilities. The textured patterns can maintain traction on inclined areas, providing a safe surface for feet and wheelchairs to traverse in any direction. Drainage is an important feature for outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and coverings to prevent water accumulation, which can create hazardous conditions that increase the risk of slips and falls. A number of our outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and coverings feature strategically-placed drainage holes that divert rainwater, snowmelt, and liquid spills out of the mat. Moreover, our rubber and synthetic outdoor walking mats can provide cover for a large surface area. Some of our door mats can be custom cut to fit the exact size and shape you require. With our heavy-duty outdoor mats, you can confidently create a secure environment in challenging conditions, knowing that the robust construction and advanced designs will offer optimal safety regardless of the season.

“Dura-Scraper Linear” Rubber Doormat

  • Blend of EPDM and Reclaimed Rubber is perfect for outdoor exposure
  • An anti-slip black rubber mat with a dirt-scrapping surface texture
  • Commercial entrance mat can be used in settings such as schools, restaurants, offices, bars, and more

A Surface for Scraping: This commercial entrance mat is especially useful for homes and businesses because it can effectively scrape away dirt and debris from incoming footwear. One of the reasons why indoor areas get dirty so fast is due to the fact that all the dirt is tracked in from the outdoors. The fact that this can be easily prevented with a rubber scraper mat at the entryway is often overlooked. This black rubber doormat has a surface composed of numerous raised textured fingers. As shoes and boots scrape along the surface of this commercial entrance mat, the fingers will scrape off excess dirt and other particles before they can get tracked inside. Every commercial doorway should have these rubber entrance mats at their front door.

Superior Toehold: It is very important to stay safe on your feet whenever you are entering an area. Thanks to the textured surface design on this commercial black rubber doormat, your chances of slipping and falling out of place are greatly diminished. Their superior traction makes them popular for use with business and public venues because it is in everyone’s best interest to provide a safer non-slip surface for guests and customers.

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Door Scraper Commercial Entrance Mats

Ultra Scraper Commercial Doormat
Ultra Scraper Commercial Doormat

Stylishly Designed Doormats

While functionality is an important aspect of outside entry door mats, so are the aesthetics. The outdoor entrances are usually the first places guests see of your home or business. Using a decorative exterior walk-off mat is the best way to make that first impression last and make your guests feel genuinely welcome. We offer a massive collection of decorative outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and coverings with captivating designs that will complement your existing décor. Whether you are looking for a mat to add a dash of color, greet guests with a welcoming message, or complement seasonal décor, our extensive selection has you covered. You can browse minimalist, sophisticated, or extravagant outdoor doormat designs inspired by everything from nature to classic artwork. While some doormats feature designs printed on the coir surfaces, others have captivating designs made from rubber—such as our cast-iron outdoor doormats inspired by classic, European décor. We offer a blend of styles that will suit both commercial and residential needs.

“Purple English Lavender”

“Affection! Owl Doormat”

Hooos There Doormat
Hooos There Owl Doormat

Dirt Removing Indoor or Outdoor Doormats

Outdoor doormats, outdoor scrapers, and the like are great at removing dirt and moisture from the undersides of footwear. However, during bad weather, guests may come indoors with footwear caked in mud, slush, or grime, some of which the doormats may miss. For those who want optimal cleanliness no matter the weather, we have a range of boot scrapers made from coir. A boot scraper is a cleaning accessory that can remove debris and moisture from the sides of footwear. Unlike doormats, outdoor scrapers can reach the grooves and recesses on the sides of footwear, ensuring that not even a speck of mud ends up on your pristine floors. You can place scrapers next to good-quality outdoor door mats to facilitate optimal cleaning. Scrapers can be placed individually—especially in mudrooms—to offer guests a comprehensive cleaning experience. Coir has both flat boot scrapers—where guests can place their feet between coir-based ridges—and decorative scrapers shaped like cute animals that guests can pick up to clean their footwear. For those seeking to make an impeccable first impression—and keep floors spotless—our range of boot scrapers will be an ideal addition to your outdoor setup. You can enhance the overall appeal and cleanliness of your entryways with a boot scraper. When paired with doormats, outdoor scrapers will ensure optimal levels of cleanliness and safety for any type of flooring, no matter the season.