Country Doormat Kit

Husking Coconuts

Classic “Fleur de Lis” French Matting

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • PVC backing provides a little floor protection
  • Coir is an eco-conscious material

Stays Dry: The coir used in these coco mats is a durable fibrous material pulled from the outer layer of coconut shells. With moisture absorption ability, coir can dry reasonably fast. Do not worry about the build up of mildew or mold, because these coir mats do not provide the necessary conditions for their growth. Next time rain starts pouring from the sky, you wont have to worry about bringing these coco mats inside. Being moisture resistant also means you can rinse this fleur-de-lis welcome mat by taking a hose and washing it down if shaking or brushing it is not enough.

Safe in the Sun: It is an extremely hot summer day and you are worried about the sun damaging these coir mats. The blazing sun is shooting its rays at your French matting and your trembling your new home décor is going to be ruined. It should not be a problem! These coir mats are UV and ozone resistant, made to endure sun light without instantaneous sun damage. Warping or discoloration of this French mat’s coir is not likely to happen very soon. You can keep your French matting outside all day long!

Rouge Contemporary Doormat In Front Of Door
rogue contemporary floral in front of double door

What is Estate Style Design?

Per the Oxford dictionary an estate refers to “an extensive area of land in the country, usually with a large house, owned by one person, family or organization.” Clearly the word estate refers to a grand entity, home and denotes wealth.  Estate is one of those fantastic words that is alluring and that depicts an expansive estate. For something to be in the estate style category, it must be high quality, palatial and imposing.  An estate house plan may include a pool room, a maid’s quarters, or an ultra-private and comfortable guest room. Luxury house plans have changed over the years to become more focused on functionality and comfort, but they are still expensive.

When it comes to estate door mats, our focus is on French country and traditional American décor.

“French Provincial” Doormat Kit

  • Doormats are 18” x 30” and boot scraper is 12” x 16”
  • Doormats use heavy-duty emulsion paint to prevent classic designs from fading or peeling
  • All products are made of weather-resistant materials, allowing them to be utilized outdoors

Classic French Designs: Capture the sophisticated essence of the French countryside with the “French Provincial” doormat kit! This kit features two different luxury front-door mats alongside our excellent rubber boot-scraper. The French door-mats exhibit the classic Fleur de Lis design, which can add a refined touch to any doorstep. The entrancing repeating pattern illustrated on the Classic “Fleur de Lis” doormat offers a more subtle reference to the illustrious symbol than the “Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat.” Either way, these iconic elegant door-mats are sophisticated centerpieces for any home.

Eco-Friendly and Durable Materials: All products featured in the “French Provincial” doormat kit use resilient coir fibers. Coir, also coco fiber, is made from coconut husks. This sustainable material is widely used for outdoor matting due to its resistances to mold, liquid, ozone, and UV radiation. The natural fibers are highly durable and solid—ideal for picking dirt and grime from the bottom of shoes. You will not have to worry about guests tracking mud into your home with a coir Fleur de Lis door-mat! The “Traditional” boot scraper exhibits coir walls and a rubber bottom. The rubber is made from a mixture of reclaimed and natural rubber, reducing the carbon footprint of our products.

Double door kit one shaped in a tree and one with a welcome message on it
Modern Landscape Contemporary Doormat with a tree design and brown background in front of a door

French Nobility Styled Design

Many of our luxury door mats are adorned with the well-known fleur-de-lis, a symbol of French nobility that historically represents purity and truth. This historic and powerful symbol originates from Clovis, the founder of the amazing and powerful Frankish kingdom that would form the beginnings of the country we all recognize and know today as France. It is said that this graceful lily was adopted by Clovis, first king of the Franks, after his coronation. Eventually, it became a symbol for the Merovingian dynasty, the same dynasty that would go on to pave the way for great and renowned leaders such as Charlemagne. This long-lasting floral icon was adopted by nobles, as it was seen widely as a symbol of status, wealth, and virtue. Eventually, into the modern era, it has become a mainstay symbol in everyday, residential life. After all, one cannot help but admire the beauty inherent to the symbol’s design. The flower, striking yet elegant, evokes a motley of emotions without being too complex. Observing the beauty of this symbol, it is unsurprising that it now adorns many of our European doormats!

While this section contains all of the members of our fleur-de-lis door mat collection, it also contains a variety of other options in the realm of European doormats. These stylish door mats are largely modeled after artifacts form the European heritage, expressing the elegance, grace, and style that many European countries, such as France, have nurtured over the centuries. Entrance mats like our “Classic Fleur-de-Lis” French matting are exemplars of the elegance that our European doormats bring to the table. This entrance mat, adorned all over with the fleur-de-lis, is not just pleasant to look at—its unmatched functionality and cost-effectiveness make this welcome mat, like our other coir mats, a great design element at your front door entry.

Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mats

  • Easily cleaned with brush or hose
  • Improves your doorway’s aesthetic appeal
  • Affordable eco-friendly alternative to 100% synthetic products

Two Size Options: You can get this coir mat in two different sizes depending on the dimensions of your entryways. It is available in an 18” x 30” version, which is the standard doormat size, and a 24” x 57” version, which is the large doormat size. The benefit of having large coir doormats is that they can cover a much larger area than their standard counterparts. This means that your double-door entryways will benefit from the dirt trapping and scraping protective qualities of a coir fiber doormat without you having to make do with a smaller doormat.

Coir Mat Traps Dirt: One of the biggest benefits of having a coconut mat is that it can help keep your indoor areas clean by trapping outdoor debris particles. The outdoors may be pretty, but it contains a lot of things that can ruin the cleanliness of your home. Dirt, mud, sand, gravel, and even loose pieces of plastic can get stuck on the underside of footwear and be tracked inside your home. A coir fiber doormat is a great first line of defense against these outdoor contaminants because the coir fibers are very thick and effective at flushing out unwanted debris particles from incoming footwear. The fibers of the door entrance mats then keep the particles trapped on the coir mat until they are cleaned away.

“Estate-Style” Welcome Doormat

“Rouge Contemporary Floral Doormat”

The Clovis Legend Inspired French Mat in Brown and Black in front of double white doors
The Clovis Legend Inspired French Mat in Brown and Black in front of double white doors

European Design Sophistication

Our mission at Coir is to help you, as best as we can, to realize your fabulous abode’s fulfill potential. This generous selection of estate-style décor may certainly be one crucial step in maximizing your home’s potential. Our European doormats are made to bring out the grand atmosphere of a house, making them great for turning a plain entryway into one that exudes elegance and charm. Within this European-themed collection, our luxury front-door mats add a tasteful, European-inspired touch to your entrance, distinguishing your doorway—and consequently, your home—as one that stands out from the rest. As we stated earlier, monarchs and nobles have used the symbol of the fleur-de-lis for centuries to complement, as well as highlight, the grandeur of their mansions. This stunning and remarkable symbol can do the same for your own residence. Not only will the adornments of these luxury door mats complement your own home’s splendor—they will greatly help to unlock some of that beauty that every home has the potential to have. And if, for one reason or another, the symbol of the fleur-de-lis is not to your liking, do not worry: we have a vast assortment of European doormats for you to choose from.

Contemporary Welcome Home Mats

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • This welcome doormat is tough on dirt
  • Works as an outdoor patio mat

Ingredients: Made of coir, a rough and tough fiber pulled from the outer husk of coconut shells, these door entry mats are “Green”. The coir used for each welcome doormat is a marvelous material that has been in use for centuries because of its tough nature. This coir mat also has a base made out of PVC, so you can wipe your feet on a stable doormat provided with structure.

Good Bye Dirt: Just because this outdoor welcome mat welcomes you home, it does not mean it will welcome all of that dirt under your shoes! The coir composition of these home welcome mats makes them a strong tool for catching outside debris. The surface of each coir entrance mat is also able to keep dirt and debris from the outdoors trapped between the bristles lining its surface. Keeping dirt under control in one area outside your doorstep makes it easily disposable when you are ready.

Modern-Style Front Doormat with a picture of a tree at front porch
Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mats

Touch of Modern European Luxury

Luxury door mats like our “Deciduous Tree” modern doormat—while lacking the fleur-de-lis symbol—displays a brilliant illustration of a deciduous tree. This abstract yet simple interpretation of such a majestic plant has a similar effect on guests and your home as does the fleur-de-lis symbol: it complements your tastes and displays your sense of style. In addition, we at Coir know that some homes, especially ones that are styled after European homes, have large, double doorways. These larger entrances make a residence’s entryway stand out, radiating a sense of grandness and splendor. However, a lot of the time, the problem that these homeowners face is that few doormat suppliers offer European doormats that are made to fit their larger entrances. Coir, however, has this consideration in mind. Some of our European doormats come in an enormous, 24” x 57” size to fit a larger, double doorway. Their larger sizes make each big, French welcome-mat stand out, and they add to the extravagant glamour of any estate-style home’s appearance. And even if your home is not modeled after a European style, implementing doormats such as French door mats at your home’s entryway can bring notes of estate-style charm to your home’s exterior. What better way to impress your arriving guests than with these massive and noble looking European doormats at one of your house’s doorways? It is obvious that these luxury door mats are made with a high degree of presentation in mind.

French Coat of Arms

The Clovis Legend

Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • Easy to clean: Simply shake, brush, or wash!
  • Coir doormat is eco-friendly!

Made for Variety: If you have a double entryway, it is not a problem! These French doormats come in 24″ x 57″ for your double entryway. Having a wider surface, this coco coir doormat catches more dirt and offers more protection. This natural doormat also comes in 18” x 30” for single doorways. This coir doormat has a matching aesthetic to its large doormat counter part, providing you with a doormat for a matching patio or other entryway. Having two sizes for this fleur de lis welcome mat increases the possibilities for its uses and gives you more variety for your home décor.

Strong Ingredients: This fleur de lis welcome mat is made of coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is a tough fiber taken from the outside husks of coconut shells. Coir is an all-natural material, making these mats eco-conscious. Not only is this coco coir doormat made up of natural coir, it has a strong backing made of PVC. These French mats are made of strong ingredients and provide you with a quality doormat.

Estate Style Welcome Doormat
Estate Style Welcome Doormat

Eco-Conscious Style and Construction

But, none of this is to say that these elegant door mats falter in terms of functionality. After all, because so many of our options are made of coir, they bring the level of all-weather durability and scraping power that any good doormat demands. Coir, a naturally occurring material, has been use in centuries, and it is well-known for its ability to handle extreme elements. Placed outdoors, it fares excellently amidst wet and sunny conditions alike. Furthermore, coir bristles are highly abrasive, which makes them one of the best materials for scraping off unwanted debris from people’s footwear. You can expect that these doormats will not degrade prematurely, even after constant, rugged use. After all, what good would a doormat be if it fell apart quickly? Likewise, the rubber, cast-iron doormats in this collection are similarly durable and effective. As a material, rubber is naturally water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, impact-absorbent, and weather-resistant, making it an excellent material for applications within highly hostile environments. Thus, even if you opt for one of our European doormats not made of coir, you can expect a superlative degree of durability and quality.

Looking for the right French welcome-mat product can be tough. Fortunately, we offer products made out of incredible ingredients in order to bring quality to your doorstep, giving your search an ending and your newfound love for our products a fresh beginning. These European doormats are not just made of the highest-quality materials—the materials used to make them are, for the most part, eco-friendly. As we have mentioned, many of our European doormats are made of coir, a natural material. The processes that go into harvesting and producing coir also incur little damage onto the environment. This makes many of our products environmentally friendly, and not just effective. Plus, because these eco-friendly materials are more inexpensive to produce than their synthetic counterparts, we can bring you the best entry mat products at the most cost-effective prices. What about our rubber doormats? Many of our French welcome mat products are made out of a heavy-duty rubber material. And while, at first, this may make them seem harmful to the environment, that is not the case. Whenever we can, we use recycled or reclaimed rubber materials in our rubber products. This practice helps us ensure that we play our role in minimizing the amount of environmental harm caused by the rubber industry. And because recycled or reclaimed rubber materials are typically repurposed from discarded car tires, the same resilient qualities that we find in car tires can also be found in our rubber products. Thus, our eco-friendly practices bring a variety of benefits—all of which are core to our philosophy as a company.

“Rouge Contemporary Floral Doormat”

  • Coir is an eco-friendly material
  • Features both practical benefits and pretty aesthetic
  • UV resistance prevents any immediate sun damage

Made of Coir: These front door mats are made of coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. It is a rough and durable fiber that makes for a great doormat. These Coir mats also have backing made of PVC for structure and support. The PVC backing of these painted floor mats provides an extra layer of protection for flooring and keeps the coir separated from the floor surface.

Dirt Killer: Whether you are coming home from the office or a hike, the bottom of your shoes are going to be carrying debris and all sorts of dirty undesirable guests. Having one of these front door mats can assist with getting this junk off the bottom of your shoes. The coir of these painted floor mats means business when it comes to dirt, mud, debris, and other unwanted outside visitors. Coir bristles are great for scraping the bottom of those shoes, helping you keep a clean entrance and a clean house!

French Coat of Arms
French Coat of Arms Doormat

Entrance Mats are A Friendly Nudge to Wipe Those Shoes!

Good looks and superior ingredients are not the only incredible things about these entry mats. When it comes down to the main function of a fleur-de-lis door mat or any other kind of entrance mat—for the matter—the main purpose is to ask guests to wipe their feet before they enter your home and unintentionally track in all sorts of unwanted outdoor dirt and waste stuck to the undersides of their shoes. What better way to tell your friends and family to brush their boots and shoes than with these helpful European inspired entrance mats? Having an accommodating and productive reminder can help prevent your visiting guests from feeling bad or guilty about making your freshly-cleaned home filthy, and it can save you from having to mop up your recently cleaned floors all over again. This European-inspired décor is made for complementing your place of residence using both a pleasant visual design and high-quality ingredients. Not only will our estate door mats look grand, but they will also help remind your arriving company to wipe their feet so you are less likely to have to give them a friendly nudge. When selecting an entry mat, highly consider getting a French welcome mat from!