“Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat”

“Kitty Cat Welcome Mat”

“Wipe Your Paws! Doormat”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a base for durability and support
  • UV and ozone resistance helps this doormat hold up outside throughout the year

Keeps Dirt Outside: Most pet lovers are used to dirt finding its way inside. Thanks to this dog doormat, you can provide extra precautions to help make sure your home stays cleaner. Made of coir, a heavy-duty fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, these doggie mats do a thorough job trapping all that dirt under your pet’s paws or the feet of guests. After coir bristles latch onto dirt and debris, they simply wait between the bristles of this outdoor patio mat until you are ready to clean them by simply shaking, brushing, or washing the doormat. Wipe your feet and keep dirt out with ease using a little help from this dog doormat.

Works In Moist Environments: Thanks to the moisture resistant properties of coir, you can wipe your paws all year long! Coir absorbs moisture, giving it the ability to handle moist environments well. This means these doggie mats can withstand heavy rainstorms or snow storms and don’t need to be brought inside. Not even your wet dog trying to escape after a bath will ruin this outdoor patio mat.

Cat Welcome Mat with cute cat picture
Meow Cat Welcome Mats

Feline-Focused Artwork

Coir Mat.com has an immense selection of cat doormats that “purrfectly” capture the cuteness, mischievousness, charisma, and sheer magnificence of the Internet’s favorite animal! We have carefully constructed each welcome mat with beautiful feline-centric designs to celebrate—and pay homage to—cat ownership. They rule our lives so why can’t they rule our doorway décor too? Whether you have a feline companion at your place that you love to show off—or simply wish you did—a cat welcome mat will be the ideal addition to spruce up your décor and keep your entryways clean. If you live in an apartment with a no-pet policy, one of our cat door mats may fill that void in your heart. We have designs ranging from hilarious to sophisticated that will easily match any style preference. Our welcome mats featuring cats in their famously graceful poses will not fail to make your doorsteps look similarly grand. The “Kitty Kat” decorative entrance mat—adorned with many, many felines looking up or down from the borders—might be just the thing you need to unleash the full extent of your adoration for cats! You can make even the dog lovers envious with the “Beware of Kitty Kat!” entry mat, which is graced by a black-and-white cat with attitude. Not all cat doormats depict felines—some designs focus on the love and affection pet cats bring to our lives. You can effortlessly set the tone for a heartwarming welcome with a coir mat adorned with a big heart made entirely out of tiny paw prints! While a house with a cat is comforting, a home with a feline companion and a cat doormat will be a clean and incredibly charming place to live and visit!

“Cat Doormat” Kit

  • 3-in-1 “Cat Doormat” kit includes two adorable cat-themed doormats and a Herringbone boot scraper
  • The cat doormats are 18″ x 30″ and the boot scraper is 12″ x 13″
  • The doormats and the boot scraper are made from durable coir fibers

“Meowtastic” Charm: The “Cat doormat” kit includes two cat welcome mats adorned with charming, feline-inspired designs. The black-cat doormat features the silhouette of a kitty sitting on its hind legs, with a “Welcome” greeting written beneath. The other kitty doormat depicts an artistic heart made entirely out of heart-shaped paw prints. These cat door-mats will be perfect for both households and offices ruled by feline companions. The minimalist designs will easily blend with any décor. The feline-inspired themes will surely add heart-melting charm to any entryway. These doormats will efficiently keep your living spaces clean and occasionally provide entertainment for your cat! The sturdy coir surfaces can withstand heavy foot-traffic and the occasional clawing.

Use During Any Season: You can use this cat door-mat kit during any season to spruce up your décor and keep dirt and mud at bay. The coir construction is weatherproof and long-lasting. Coir can remarkably withstand exposure, so you can safely place your cat coir mat in outdoor areas without worrying about rapid deterioration. Coir fibers are resistant to UV rays, mold, and mildew. The cute artwork on each cat doormat will not fade quickly following exposure to harsh sunlight. The mats can retain shape and design relatively well with exposure to hot, cold, or wet weather.

wipe your paws doormat
Wipe Your Paws Doormat in front of brown door

Coir Fibers Survive Scratching & Wear from Human Foot-Traffic

All our cat doormats have resilient coir surfaces that will not easily get damaged by heavy foot-traffic or curious kitties looking for pedicures. As the doormats are in the shape cats love the most—rectangular—if you do have a pet feline, you can expect them to want to lounge on the door mat and occasionally scratch it. The bristly coir surface is unlikely to get damaged by a play session or two with your cat. That is mainly because coir is renowned for its durability. Also known as coconut fibers, coir is extracted from the husks of coconuts. Natural and eco-friendly, coir fibers largely retain the sturdy characteristics of the fruit from which it is produced. Coconuts are resilient, buoyant fruits that traverse watery landscapes to propagate on foreign shores. As a result, coir fibers possess an inherent tenacity, which in turn makes coir doormats long-lasting and highly functional. The rough-textured coir is the perfect material for capturing dirt, dust, sand, and other debris that soil flooring. Coir can remove some types of allergens as well, particularly pollen that cling to footwear and—of course—pet hair. The material is ideal for keeping your floors dry too, as coir will effectively sop up moisture from the soles of shoes (and paws). You will not have to spend hours scrubbing muddy shoe prints off your floors when you have a coir mat at your doorway! Plus, placing a coir mat can considerably improve the overall hygiene and safety of your indoor areas, especially if you get a door mat with a PVC backing, which increases friction. A coir mat with a PVC underside will improve traction on any surface, even when wet, providing secure footing regardless of the weather! Not only will your vinyl-backed cat doormats liven up your entryways with “pawsitive” charm, but they will also minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents!

“Meow Cat Welcome Mats”

“Kitty Cat” Decorative Door Mat

“Kitty Cat Welcome Mat”

  • Great for residential areas
  • Natural eco-friendly product
  • Charming design aesthetic for kids and adults

Good for Scraping Dirt: This cat doormat is one of the best proactive measures you can take in preventing outdoor dirt and mud from ruining the clean interiors of your home. This is possible thanks to the coir material that makes these cute welcome mats. Coir is a rough fiber with the unique ability to flush out debris particles from those hard-to-reach portions of your shoes. It does not matter if it is simple dirt, wet mud, or irritating pebbles lodged into your shoe, the coir fibers on these pet doormats can keep outdoor contaminants away from the inside areas of your home.

A Mat for All Seasons: Coir has the ability to survive in most weather conditions. Whether your day is raining or shining, the coir material of these pet doormats will not suffer from any immediate breakdown or corrosion. Coir can resist the cracking damage brought on by constant exposure to UV rays. At the same time, it absorbs moisture at quick and effective rates, rendering the potential development of mold and mildew.

Decorative Doormat with colorful cats at top & bottom edges in front of door
Decorative Doormat with colorful cats at top & bottom edges in front of door

Entrance Mats Suited for All Seasons

You can show off our cat doormats at any time of the year, during any season, thanks to the amazing weather resilience of coir. Much like highly-adaptable felines, coir mats are largely undeterred by changing weather conditions. The seafaring nature of the coconut is imbued into the coir fibers, making the material waterproof. That means your lovely coir entry mats can effectively contain any rainwater, snowmelt, slush, or mud wiped off on the surface. Placing a coir mat at outdoor entryways is a great way to keep your indoor areas dry during bad weather days. While many other types of fibers are absorbent, this feature often tends to make them susceptible to mold and mildew. Coir is an exception! Due to its nature, coir is completely immune to microorganism growth. Your coir mat will not attract mold, mildew, or other types of fungi, even if you place it in a damp area. Therefore, coir is perfect for use in outdoor areas where you want a sturdy and resilient doormat to endure exposure. Coir mats can effectively withstand the usual wear and tear that comes with prolonged use in outdoor areas. Your coir welcome mat will not last forever, but it will have a much longer lifespan compared to other fibers that endure exposure.

“Kitty Cat” Coir Decorative Door Mat

  • Perfect for outdoor applications
  • Made from natural coco coir fiber
  • A great dirt trap mat for homes and offices

Eco-Friendly Coir Fiber: If you are an animal lover, chances are you also care a great deal about the environment. This porch mat is made with all-natural coir fiber that is harvest from coconut husks and woven into a tough, coir doormat with great protective qualities. Rather than spending your money on funny mats that are manufactured with harmful chemicals, invest in an entrance mat that is made for eco-conscious customers like you. It will protect your interior floors from dirt, debris, and moisture without wasting vital natural resources.

Feline Friendly Theme: There is no shortage of cat-themed products on the market, but the “Kitty Cat” coir doormat is a unique blend of eco-friendly usefulness and aesthetically pleasing style. These funny mats are colorful and unique. Although it retains the rustic look of natural coir fiber, this cat doormat also offers a splash of bright color. It will brighten up any doorway and bring a personal touch to the doorway of any seasoned cat lover. Give your cat-loving friends a fun place to wipe their shoes as you welcome them into your home. There is no better way to announce to the world that you are a cat lover and a nature lover than with a “Kitty Cat” porch mat made from natural coconut husk fiber.

Welcome written in middle with a cat above it brown mat
Welcome written in middle with a cat above it brown mat

Designs that Resist Fading

Coir-based cat welcome mats can resist fading and hold onto their adorable designs considerably well compared to welcome mats made from other types of fibers. That is because coir fibers are mostly resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays, a well-known cause of color fading from fabrics and other materials. UV rays tend to break down the chemical bonds between surfaces and paint, which is why the designs you love disappear over time. Because of its durability, coir fibers can curb the harm from exposure to UV rays and maintain color vibrancy for long periods. Simply put, your cute cat doormat is unlikely to quickly fade if you leave it out in scorching sunlight. Do note that coir is not impervious to UV rays. Some fading will naturally occur with time, but it will not be as rapid as with other types of fibers. Therefore, coir is the best material to choose if you are looking for printed entrance mats that do not require frequent replacement. Some of our coir mats are resistant to water-based causes of fading as well. While all our coir mats feature prints resistant to moisture-related fading, some mats are printed with waterproof paint to guarantee that rain or liquid spills will not ruin the beautiful designs.

Cute “Little Kitty-Cat” Doormat Kit

Welcome “Adorable Cat” Doormat Kit

“Cat Lovers” Doormat Kit

  • Includes two 18” x 30” doormats and one 12” x 13” boot scraper
  • All products are made of durable, weather-resistant coir fibers
  • Coir fibers create excellent surfaces to remove dirt and mud from footwear

Beware of Cat: Why have a “Beware of dog” sign when you can have a “Beware of Cat” door mat? Alert your visitors to the presence of your feisty feline friend, or tell guests to wipe their paws with the cat door-mats exhibited in the “Cat Lovers” doormat kit. The cute and adorable designs of these cat doormats will have fellow cat lovers cooing with delight. Additionally, a cat-themed doormat is a great way to celebrate your pet. Adorn your home with cat décor and bring fun and whimsy to your entryways!

Dirt-Scraping Capabilities: The rough coir bristles featured on all products in the “Cat Lovers” doormat kit make excellent dirt scrapers. The short and rigid fibers are ideal for reaching into the ridges of shoe soles and removing mud and grime. If your cat front-door mat does not extract all the filth on your footwear, use the “Herringbone” scraper to excise embedded dirt. The textured coir pattern of the product allows you to rub the bottoms, sides, and tops of your shoes against the abrasive fibers. Forgo filthy floors with a cat coir-mat and a boot scraper that can remove mud before you enter your home!

Beware of kitty cat welcome mat in front of door
Remind Guest that This is a Cat Friendly Family

Easy-Peasy Cleaning

Just like cats, who require little maintenance, our coir mats do not require much effort to keep clean. Running the vacuum over your cat doormat—ideally when you are cleaning the rest of the house—is pretty much all you need to do to keep it hygienic on a regular basis. Even easier, you can shake off the dust and debris from the mats. Alternatively, using a brush can also dislodge particles from the surface, in case you are not keen on using a vacuum. Sometimes grime—mainly mud —may stick to the coir bristles that the vacuum might be unable to remove. In that case, simply rinse the mat with a garden hose to get it back in working order. Once you rinse the mats, you can let them air-dry. You do not need to use soaps or detergents to clean your coir mat. In fact, we discourage using harsh detergents as it will compromise the eco-friendly nature of these doormats. As coir will not attract mold, you do not need to use chemical treatments to protect it from a fungal outbreak. You can effectively reduce your overall cleaning hassle with a coir mat, which will wonderfully keep your entryways and living spaces clean and spotless.