“Welcome to the Luau!”

Husking Coconuts

“Chillin by the Shore”

  • Embrace relaxing beach vibes with this welcoming tropical door-mat
  • Keep dirt out of your home with an effective coir doormat that traps dirt and debris
  • Crafted from durable coir fiber, this mat can resist all types of weather conditions

Seaside Vibes: The ultimate pastime for some might consist of swinging from a hammock by the oceanside with a drink in hand and a cool, salty breeze sweeping past. While you might not be able to transport yourself to your happy place at the end of the day, coming home to our “Chillin’ by the Shore” beach welcome-mat can remind you of better times. This fun, beach doormat illustrates a hammock suspended between two palm trees. The word “Welcome” is displayed underneath, tempting guests indoors for a relaxing kickback session. This charming tropical welcome-mat can enhance the living space of any beach-goer with its quaint design and functionality!

Effective Dirt Remover: This beach outdoor-mat excels as a shoe scraper thanks to its coir fiber construction. With thick and rigid bristles, it effortlessly removes dirt and mud from footwear. The coarse bristles reach into shoe grooves, extracting filth and trapping it beneath the mat’s surface. The mat’s PVC backing ensures mud and moisture remain contained until cleaning time. Cleaning is a breeze—just take the “Chilling by the Shore” mat outside and shake it vigorously to dislodge dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, hosing down or vacuuming the tropical outdoor-mats can remove more persistent grime.

Pineapple Doormats for Homes with a Tropical Decoration
Pineapple Doormats for Homes with a Tropical Decoration

Shop Tropical and Beach-Themed Designs

You can find a vast range of alluring entry mat designs inspired by seaside motifs and exotic charm here at Coir Mat.com—all available at affordable prices. Our tropical doormats feature evocative artwork such as intricately detailed pineapples, majestic coconut trees, and hammocks tied between swaying palms—among other similar designs that will bring relaxing beach vibes to your living spaces. You can choose elegant entrance mats where pineapples are the centerpieces of the design—or go with a more whimsical style that displays a “Welcome” greeting flanked by lines of pineapples. Moreover, you can create a carefree atmosphere reminiscent of serene sunsets—and the gentle sea breeze—right at your front door with any of these thoughtfully crafted entrance mats. The streamlined designs will make it easier to harmonize the motifs with your existing décor to create the ideal ambiance you have in mind. Additionally, a pineapple door mat can make your entryways intriguing and symbolically meaningful—possibly leading to interesting conversations! You can even use a pineapple mat at an office or a store if the design suits your brand. The high-end construction of the mat will easily tackle high foot-traffic at both indoor and outdoor entryways. Wherever you decide to place them, these mats will provide excellent cleaning while sprucing up the looks of your living and working spaces!

“Pineapple Welcome Mat”

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

“Coastal Decor” Doormat Kit

  • “Coastal Décor” Kit includes two pineapple door-mats and a boot scraper
  • All are crafted from durable coir fibers
  • Resists mold, mildew, ozone, UV rays, and moderate abrasions

Tropical Allure at Your Doorstep: Enrich your entryways with the exotic charm of a coastal getaway with two beach-themed doormats plus a boot scraper. The tropical doormats feature whimsical artwork of pineapples accompanied by a warm “Welcome” greeting. One pineapple welcome mat features an intricate, black-and-white depiction of the aforementioned fruit, while the other showcases a quirky border made out of blue pineapples. The captivating artwork will infuse your entryways with a carefree ambiance reminiscent of sun-soaked vacations.

Keep Sand off Your Flooring: Effectively keep dirt, grime, mud, dust, pollen, pet hair, and—not to mention—sand off your pristine floors with the combined power of the beach doormats and the boot scraper. The highly-abrasive coir fibers will retain a myriad of particles that would otherwise cause unsightly stains. The pineapple-adorned beach welcome mats will hold onto any mud and moisture scraped off the undersides of footwear, and the boot scraper will efficiently capture grime from the sides of shoes. The “Coastal Décor” kit will help you preserve the laid-back vibes of your entryways by preventing muddy footprints or unsightly stains from ruining your floors.

Chillin by the Shore doormat
Chillin by the Shore doormat

Made with Coir—a Coconut By-Product

The pineapple door mats are primarily constructed from coir, a material that—just like pineapples—is sourced from tropical plants. Coir is extracted from the husks of coconuts using mostly traditional methods that rely very little—if at all—on environmentally harmful practices. As a result, our entrance mats are considerably eco-friendly! Coir fibers are known for their durability and resilience. The material can maintain its integrity even under heavy foot-traffic without easily losing shape or fraying. One of the main advantages of our coir mats is their longevity. These mats are unlikely to prematurely show signs of fraying or fading, allowing you to use them to their fullest potential for an extended period of time. While a tropical welcome mat eventually shows signs of wear and tear, coir lasts much longer in comparison to fibers of similar shape and function. Plus, the coir bristles in this collection—for the most part—retain their natural brown hue, giving each pineapple door mat a certain rustic charm and thereby adding an extra layer of allure to its beach-themed artwork.

“Return to Relaxation” – Beach Themed Welcome Home Mat

  • Charming, beach-themed welcome mat perfect for homes anywhere
  • Painted in high-quality emulsion paint to ensure the design does not bleed or fade
  • Efficient dirt-scraper due to natural, rough coir fibers

Calming Beach Designs: If the perfect day for you involves lounging on the beach in the shade of a palm tree, the “Return to Relaxation” beach-themed welcome-home mat is the ideal mat for you. Express your innermost desires and remind yourself of your happy place whenever you cross your threshold! The tropical door-mat contains the image of a lone palm tree with the words “Welcome home” scrawled along the bottom border. The natural brown coir background even reminds one of the trunks of palm trees, evoking further reminders of relaxing shorelines. Truly, the “Return to Relaxation” beach-themed welcome-home mat can transport you to your happy place: home!

Kick Back and Relax: This beach outdoor-mat is constructed of coir fibers—also known as coco fibers—that contain exceptional characteristics. The fibers are sourced from the ever-durable coconut, making coir one of the most robust natural materials! Coir doormats like this tropical welcome-mat can withstand significant amounts of sunlight, impact, and moisture. They can even endure extreme temperatures and mildew. This allows the beach coir doormat to weather virtually any environmental conditions, regardless of the season. Rain or shine, this beach doormat can handle tough settings without much fuss.

“Beach Decor” Doormat Kit

Soaking Coconuts

welcome to the luau pineapple in front of door
welcome to the luau pineapple in front of door

Fight Dirt at the Front Door

All of our coir mats have excellent dirt-scraping power to keep your entryways reliably clean. Pineapples have an infamously prickly exterior that gives the fruit its unique appearance. Coir fibers—though not as sharp to the touch—have a similarly rough texture, making the material highly abrasive. Coir can effectively take and keep in various types of particles that soil flooring, such as dirt, dust, mud, grime, pet hair, pollen, and moisture. The coir fibers are rough and flexible, allowing the bristles to reach inside the recesses of footwear to remove particles that may otherwise end up on your pristine floors. You can effectively keep your floors clean and reduce the need to constantly vacuum with these pineapple door mats. Our coir mats do not require time-consuming maintenance or chemical treatment either. Though the coir mats will retain a lot of dirt and dust, they are relatively easy to keep clean. Vacuuming these coir entrance mats is usually enough to maintain their overall hygiene. If you are particularly short on time, you can simply shake the welcome mats to dislodge dust and dirt. In case there is stubborn grime clinging to the coir bristles, rinse the mats under a garden hose and let them air-dry. With such hassle-free cleaning, you will have plenty of spare time to enjoy the beautiful ambiance the entry mats create.

“Pineapple Welcome Mat”

  • Non-bleached coir surface
  • Made using traditional methods
  • Coir fibers absorb moisture to prevent mold formation

Made of Strong Coir Fibers: The surface of this pineapple mat is made entirely out of coir fiber material. This rough and thick material is harvested from the outer husks of coconuts. Throughout the centuries, this material has primarily been used for making ropes. It is now popular for making outdoor welcome mats. Coir fibers are strong enough to endure constant exposure to outdoor weather elements. You will be glad to know that coir is also a very eco-friendly resource, making these products cost-effective.

Dependable Anti-Dirt Protection: Thanks to the coir surface of this pineapple themed patio mat, your home can be a lot cleaner. Coir does not allow outdoor debris particles like dirt, mud, or sand to be tracked inside. The coir fibers of this pineapple welcome doormat have the ability to flush out unwanted debris particles from incoming footwear. The fibers will then keep the debris trapped on the doormat’s surface until the doormat is cleaned. This simple feature can go a long way in keeping the inside areas of your home clean and presentable for your guests.

Return to Relaxation
Beach themed welcome home mat with picture of tree in front of white double doors

Wipe Shoes at Entryways

The bristly, rough-textured coir surfaces of our welcome mats are perfect for thoroughly wiping mud and moisture from dirty shoes before entering an indoor area. The exceptional scraping power of these entry mats is not only great at keeping particles at bay—it also helps to effectively remove moisture from the undersides of footwear. Coir’s natural abrasiveness makes coir mats excellent at keeping rainwater, snowmelt, and slush from being tracked indoors. Coir entrance mats easily reach the crevices of your footwear, scraping out all of that accumulated debris before it can contaminate your home’s floors. Therefore, you can reliably use a coir-based tropical door mat to protect your floors from unsightly stains and footprints during the bad weather days. Moreover, coir fibers can completely resist mold and mildew growth, making coir mats perfect for use in exposed, damp, or wet areas at risk of microorganism growth. Better yet, you can increase the cleaning power of your coir mat by including a boot scraper in your entryway setup. Unlike a doormat, a boot scraper can reach the grime clinging to the sides of footwear, ensuring optimal cleaning. Some of our pineapple welcome mat kits include a boot scraper that will be ideal for placing at entryways where you keep your Wellingtons and work boots.

“Tropical Decor” Doormat Kit

Harvesting Coconuts

“Tropical Pineapple Doormat”

  • Affordable eco-friendly product
  • Painted pineapple design
  • Simple brush, shake, or rinse with water to clean

Great for Tropical Weather: True to their name, these pineapple welcome mats can be placed in the outdoors throughout the year. Made of fibers from the outer husk of a coconut, mats such as these have the ability to ward off the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to ozone, UV rays, and moisture. The coir fibers on this home welcome mat have a buffer against cracking or fading under the heat of hot summer days. They also do not allow moisture to linger long enough to maintain an environment supportive of mold and mildew. Place these doormats at your front door and leave your worries behind.

Keeps Dirt Out: This pineapple doormat will greet your guests with a tropical flair, but it won’t extend the same greeting to the dirt and mud on your guests’ shoes. Not that you want dirt and mud from the outside coming in to ruin your pristine home. The coir material that makes up these pineapple welcome mats is naturally efficient at scraping away unwanted outdoor debris from incoming footwear. Once the muck and grime is off the shoes, it remains trapped in the thick fibers of the home welcome mat, not going anywhere until the doormat is washed off.

chillin by the shore beach welcome mat
chillin by the shore beach welcome mat

Pineapple Door Mats Made with Taste

Our tropical doormats are adorned with charming artwork that will transform your entryways into blissful getaways, sure to remind guests of sunbathing on white-sand beaches with piña coladas in hand. The coir mats feature motifs commonly associated with escapist beach vacations—such as swaying coconut trees, hammocks, and, of course, pineapples. The pineapple is a central motif in this collection because—other than being an irresistible fruit—it is a famous symbol of hospitality and welcome. Historically, when pineapples were a rare find in North America, displaying one was considered a gesture of warmth, friendliness, and open-heartedness toward guests. You can recreate the same effect by placing a welcome mat decorated with pineapples at your residential or professional entryways. In some cultures, pineapples also symbolize good luck, friendship, and prosperity. Placing a pineapple doormat, therefore, might mean bringing good fortune and new friendships into your abode (fingers crossed). Whether you want to enrich your living spaces with deep significance or simply upgrade your existing décor, these coir mats will offer a number of options to match varying tastes and styles. You can go with polite greetings and minimalist designs to blend your pineapple mat seamlessly with the existing décor. The mats feature a subdued color palette that puts focus on the greetings and the accompanying artwork. This streamlined approach enhances the sophistication and timeless appeal of this tropical theme, allowing you to create truly memorable entryways.