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Choose from the many different styles of coir-matting we offer—from beach-style coir-mats to European-inspired entry-mats. Every style offers its own, unique qualities that differentiates it from the other styles of products available.
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How Are Coir Doormats and Boot Scrapers Made?

Coir is derived from the husks of coconuts. Over time, coconuts evolved to have extremely resilient, fibrous exteriors. Coconuts are the seeds for future generations of coconut trees, and these seeds travel throughout their local geography by floating on ocean currents. Thus, coconut husks are naturally water-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. But, how are coir products produced?

First, coconuts are de-husked. This part of the process is typically done by hand. Then, these husks are soaked in freshwater or briny water for a prolonged period of time—in a process known as “retting,” which makes the husk’s fibers easily separable from their pith. Afterward, once the coir is separated from its pith, it is milled to yield clusters of individual coir fibers. By now, the material takes on certain properties that better suit it for applications such as coir matting. The fibers become harder and bristlier, which makes them great for making a robust, scraping surface.

Consumer Reports Herringbone Coir Doormat

Best Sellers

These best sellers represent the perfect blend of style, functionality, and quality that CoirMat.com is known for. From classic designs to modern aesthetics, these tried-and-true favorites have stood the test of time and continue to adorn homes with their unique charm.

Doormat Videos

Browse our library of videos which spotlights individual products or show you how our products are produced. These videos are intended to give you a clearer idea of what your purchase goes toward.

“Obscure Dimension Modern Doormat”

Dyed through eco-conscious processes, this vibrantly colored exterior door mat is wonderfully painted with a liquid-like look into another dimension: perhaps, one where floors are eternally free of dirt and other debris.

How to Cut a Doormat

There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” doormat, but it is completely possible for essentially all coir mats to be cut down to size to fit the size of your home entrance. The fact that you can modify the size of your coir doormat makes it the perfect option for nearly any locale or doorway!

Welcome “Floral Door Mat” Kit

This doormat kit is ideal for creating elegant home décor while also working to create a safe and non-slip home atmosphere. With 3 gorgeous floral area rugs, it is easy to interchange styles so that your front door never gets boring!

The Coco Mat Production Process

We took trips to India and Sri Lanka to show you the processes by which our natural coir doormats are made. This video will take you from coconut harvesting to the formation of durable, natural fiber mats of different types.

Seasonal Picks: Anti-Slip Floor Mats for Home

Since this is the time to make New Year’s resolutions, we can help you start with a pretty easy one: make your home a safer place! Whether it is your kitchen, basement, bathroom, or front door walkway, you have every reason to use reliable and high-quality anti-slip flooring and matting in your home. The types of floors often found in a home, such as tile, hardwood, and vinyl, are very popular because they are attractive options. But they do not offer much in terms of slip-resistance, especially after they get wet. Rubber anti-slip mats can fix this problem. Whether you need functional kitchen runner mats or aiming for a safer non-slip bathroom, the inherent anti-slip properties of rubber make it the ideal choice for such situations. Rubber provides the necessary toehold and traction for both bare and covered feet, helping to greatly reduce the chances of someone losing their footing. Your home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable place. Don’t let a slick floor ruin the sanctity of your home and invest in rubber anti-slip floor mats.

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“Super-Grip Scraper” Rubber Matting

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Corrugated Composite Rib Rubber Runner Mats

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Corrugated Wide Rib Rubber Runner Mats

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Goodyear Rubber “Fishbone-Pattern” Rubber Flooring


Why Use Absorbent Carpet Matting?

Carpet matting is known to safeguard the surfaces of interior spaces by providing a place for moisture and debris to be scraped off before guests continue forward and further into your home or business. A carpet mat is also available in several sizes, colors, and styles, offering a wide range of options that will help ensure that your interior décor is properly complimented.

By employing an outdoor as well as indoor carpet mats you can successfully reduce the total amount of debris that is brought into your building. The richly textured surface of a carpet mat works to capture and trap any lingering dirt, moisture, and muck that may remain on the soles of guest’s shoes, thereby preventing it from entering your home or business!

To continue functioning properly, you’ll have to keep your carpet mat clean—especially as it begins to accumulate more and more debris. These mats are easy to clean, requiring little more than a vacuum or a broom to brush off accumulated dust, dirt, and grime. Best of all, our carpeted mats are incredibly fast drying, meaning that more thorough cleanings won’t put them out of commission for very long.

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Nottingham Rubber Backed Carpet Mat

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Wellington Rubber Backed Carpet Mats


Welcome Mats

Welcome mats are an inviting feature that receives friends and family at the door. Our Welcome mats are made with a coir surface and a PVC bottom lining. The top surface of the mat is designed with elegant designs and colors and since the winter season is upon us, a doormat is a definite go to product for any entryway. In addition to a beautiful appearance, welcome mats have a useful function when it comes to keeping your home clean. The thick coir fibers on the entrance doormat’s surface can scrape away any dirt or debris that may be stuck onto your shoes, keeping all the mess trapped within the coir and away from your home’s interior areas.
Beige Doormat with red heart designs
Long Lasting Love, Love the Environment, Keeper of a Clean Home

Red Hearts Doormat

Get Free Shipping when you order this doormat. Nothing quite exemplifies a Valentine doormat quite like this simple but stylish red heart doormat. Made from natural coir material, these coir doormats are great at removing dirt and debris from shoes or boots. This can help keep the inside areas of your home clean and free of outside contaminants. With its simple heart design, this outdoor entrance mat will be a warm reminder that home is always where the heart is.

Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door
Dirt’s Downfall, Eco-Conscious Mat, Protect Your Flooring

Affection! Owl Doormat

Like the Red Hearts, this doormat is also shipped ion us. Another excellent gift option for a Valentine doormat, these coir doormats feature a cute picture of two affectionate lovebirds enjoying a relaxing evening under the moon. Despite their adorable appearance, these coir mats are very tough. They can scrape outdoor debris off from incoming footwear and can survive for long periods of time in harsh weather conditions.


We offer a plethora of different themes of coir-matting. Animal- and holiday-themed doormats are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the variety of themes we offer. We're sure that, at CoirMat.com, there is a theme of matting that meets your expectations.
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Beach doormat in front of door
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Coir Mats vs Rubber Doormats

If you’ve browsed through our inventory for even a short period of time, you’ll have no doubt figured out by now that we carry a huge selection of doormats. During your search you probably saw that some doormats seem different from others. Our doormats are primarily made from one of two materials, coir fibers or rubber. A doormat made from coir is going to have a few key differences from a doormat made entirely from rubber. If you are not sure which one is the right fit for you, then take a moment to learn about what makes each type of doormat unique.

Coir Doormats:  These doormats are of the kind that can be found in front of homes across the country. They have a double layer construction. The top layer is made from coir fibers and accounts for the bulk of the mat. Coir, also known as coco, is a thick and rough fiber that is extracted from the outer husk of a coconut. This material is ideally suited for use in home doormats because it is all-weather (UV and moisture resistant) and can scrape away dirt and debris from incoming shoes. If you scrape your dirty shoes over the coir bristles, they will act as a scraper to remove any outstanding debris particles stuck to your shoes before that footwear enters the interior area of a home. The coir fibers rest on a bottom layer of black vinyl. The vinyl backing helps keep the mats in place while also providing a stable frame for the coir. The coir surfaces on these doormats are always designed with a theme. Whether it is simply the word “welcome” or a stylized pattern of the fleur-de-lis, the design is stencil painted onto the coir fibers for a natural look. 

Rubber Doormats:  Unlike their coir counterparts, rubber doormats are composed entirely out of rubber from start to finish. We use eco-friendly reclaimed rubber in the construction of these doormats. This type of rubber is physically durable and can accommodate varying levels of foot traffic. Since they are made with reclaimed rubber, they have a high level of UV and moisture resistance. Visually, rubber doormats can take a variety of forms. Some rubber doormats have a cast iron style design, which makes them very visually appealing for entryways. Rubber doormats are very useful for slip resistance. Rubber possesses an inherently high coefficient of friction, meaning that people will experience more traction and toehold as they walk across its surface.

Commercial Rubber Doormats on Sale

Heading into 2024, Coir Mat.com is offering discounts on commercial rubber doormats! As the weather turns wet and cold, floors in the workplace turn slippery with moisture, putting both employees and customers at risk of slipping and falling. You can reduce the risk of accidents by using our anti-slip matting. Placing a non-slip runner along a frequently used walkway helps to stave off the perils of slippery floors. Regardless of rain or snow, our commercial rubber doormats will improve safety for your employees. So, take advantage of these offers while you can!

“Paw-Grip” Runner: This non-slip runner mat is currently discounted this month! Featuring a grid-like pattern of rubber protrusions that help feet to grip the mat more easily, the “Paw-Grip” Runner minimizes the chance of slippage. Each “cell” in the grid features a drainage hole, allowing liquids to drain under the mat. Both colors are made from nitrile rubber, which resists grease and oils in addition to water. This makes these commercial rubber mats particularly useful in industrial applications with frequent grease spills. Each 34-inch-wide mat is available in lengths of 3-foot, 6-foot, and custom-cut lengths up to 50 feet.

“Dura-Scraper Wave” Door Mat: These commercial rubber mats are made from an eco-friendly combination of natural and reclaimed SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber). The wave-pattern on each rubber door mat provides your business’s entrance with an aesthetically appealing first impression, and the ridges help scrape dirt off your shoes before entering. SBR is a very durable material, and this anti-slip matting is sure to last a long time.

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