“St. Germaine Fleur de Lis” Door Mat

Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mats

“Classic American Welcome Mat”

•  Available in one size: 18″ x 30″
•  Provides a “classic American welcome”
•  Coir makes these doormats eco-friendly

Ingredients for Greatness: These front doormats are made of coir, an all-natural fibrous material pulled from the outer husks of coconut shells. Each coir doormat is a good gift for those who are concerned for the care and condition of our planet’s state. One great benefit to getting one of these coir welcome mats is their affordability. Eco-conscious products are generally well priced unlike those made of completely synthetic materials, making these doormats a smart purchase.

Avoid Slipping and Falling: No one likes opening their door to an accident like watching their guest fall on the floor! The coir composition of these welcome mats gives them a rough texture on their surface. Bristles rub against the feet of yourself and your guests, giving a degree of friction and providing a non-slippery and safe surface. Increase your chances for an injury free entrance with a little help from this coco coir doormat!

Beware of Dog Doormat
Beware of Dog Doormat

Coir Doormat made with Aesthetics and Functionality in Mind

You can set the ideal tone for your entryways with our coir mats crafted with both functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. Our coir welcome mats feature classic greetings, rude messages, sarcastic humor, exotic motifs, and artwork oozing heart-melting cuteness to delight (or offend) visitors in various ways. The diverse selection of interesting and fun styles will help you make your living and working spaces look distinct and unique. Whether you prefer an animal-themed doormat to celebrate your love of furry companions, or just want to tell visitors to “Scram!” and leave you alone, you will be able to find the ideal coir doormat that matches your needs here at CoirMat.com. We also offer festive-themed options, enabling you to switch your doormat to match any holiday or season. If one coir doormat is simply not enough, you can buy two or more at a packaged price with our doormat kits, some of which include boot scrapers! You can keep dirt at bay and leave a lasting impression on visitors with any of our alluring coir doormats.

“Cat Doormat” Kit

•  3-in-1 “Cat Doormat” kit includes two adorable cat-themed doormats and a Herringbone boot scraper
•  The doormats and the boot scraper are made from durable coir fibers
•  The boot scraper is supported by a sturdy wire frame

“Meowtastic” Charm: The “Cat doormat” kit includes two cat welcome mats adorned with charming, feline-inspired designs. The black-cat doormat features the silhouette of a kitty sitting on its hind legs, with a “Welcome” greeting written beneath. The other kitty doormat depicts an artistic heart made entirely out of heart-shaped paw prints. These cat door-mats will be perfect for both households and offices ruled by feline companions. The minimalist designs will easily blend with any décor. The feline-inspired themes will surely add heart-melting charm to any entryway. These doormats will efficiently keep your living spaces clean and occasionally provide entertainment for your cat! The sturdy coir surfaces can withstand heavy foot-traffic and the occasional clawing.

Use During Any Season: You can use this cat door-mat kit during any season to spruce up your décor and keep dirt and mud at bay. The coir construction is weatherproof and long-lasting. Coir can remarkably withstand exposure, so you can safely place your cat coir mat in outdoor areas without worrying about rapid deterioration. Coir fibers are resistant to UV rays, mold, and mildew. The cute artwork on each cat doormat will not fade quickly following exposure to harsh sunlight. The mats can retain shape and design relatively well with exposure to hot, cold, or wet weather.

Resilient Grandmas Plants mat in front of door
Resilient Grandmas Plants mat in front of door

Coir is Made from All-Natural Fibers

As the name suggests, our coir doormats are made from coir, which is a natural fiber derived from coconuts. (These doormats are sometimes called “coco doormats” because of this connection.) Coir fibers are extracted from the inner husks of coconuts, where these fibers surround and protect the coconut seeds. Once removed, this bristly matting is treated in either seawater or freshwater to separate the fibers from the clinging pith. When the mushy pulp is fully separated, rinsed, and dried—voila—you have coir, a biodegradable product that does not harm the environment. Coir is considered a more sustainable and eco-friendly fiber compared to synthetic fibers. Unlike certain petroleum-based fibers, coir does not emit harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that harm human health. Coir mats, therefore, will be great for eco-conscious buyers looking for alternatives to synthetic-fiber products.

“A Gift! Merry Christmas Doormat”

•  Long lasting product
•  Resists damage from ozone and UV rays
•  A design that embodies the Christmas spirit

The Gift of Coir: Coir is the fiber that is obtained from the outer husk of coconuts. It is very thick and rough to the touch. This material is a naturally occurring resource that is eco-friendly. A coco mat’s production is pretty cost effective, making these doormats an affordable present. These holiday doormats are the perfect Christmas gift for the eco-conscious individual.

Doormat Surface Absorbs Moisture: The holidays tend to be the wetter season of the year. Many parts of country see more rain and snow during winter. The resulting moisture can be a nuisance at best and a hazard at worst. Dirty outdoor moisture can ruin the inside areas of your home, can cause slippery surfaces, and even contribute to the development of mold and mildew. Coco mats make it hard for this to happen. The coir fibers of these Christmas mats absorb moisture quickly and effectively before it can be too much of a hazard for your home. Use these holiday doormats to help keep your home nice and dry this Christmas!