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“Caspian Sea” Coir Entrance Door Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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“Irish Garden” Rubber Cast Iron Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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“Caspian Sea”

Coir Cottage Industry

“Caspian Sea” Coir Entrance Door Mat

•  Ideal outdoor mat for home doorways
•  Aesthetically pleasing design a unique decorative accent
•  Brush, shake, or hose down this mat for easy cleaning year round

Natural Boot Cleaning Fibers: Tough coconut husk fiber is the secret to this boot cleaner scraper’s power. The coco coir fiber harvested from naturally grown coconuts is durable and long lasting. In addition to being made from natural materials, the “Caspian Sea” coir outdoor mat is bristly enough that it naturally scrapes dirt and debris from the soles of shoes. Place this half round doormat in front of a front door, garage door, or other busy doorway and keep that dirt out of your home! By scraping debris from incoming foot traffic, this coco coir doormat keeps entryways clean and dry no matter what kind of weather you’re experiencing.

Long-Term Safety and Security: This coir outdoor mat is especially helpful because it provides a safe, non-slip surface for areas that may be slick or slippery during the rainy months. Prevent dangerous slips and falls with a coco coir doormat that provides a natural traction surface without breaking the bank. This half round doormat won’t crack or mold in extreme weather, ensuring that it will last longer than doormats made from other materials. Don’t worry about replacing your “Caspian Sea” doormat every couple of months; this boot cleaner scraper will stick with you through rain, sleet, snow, heat waves, and more.

Irish Garden Rubber Cast Iron Mat
Irish Garden Rubber Cast Iron Mat

Classy Half-Circle Door Mats

Venture out of the ordinary with our amazing half-round doormat selection made especially for arched or unusual entryways that cannot easily accommodate standard doormats. When you picture an entry mat, you might imagine a rectangular mat with the word “Welcome!” inscribed on the surface. While this is a pleasant enough greeting for most, you can add flair and elegance to your décor with a unique half-circle door mat. Adorned with eye-catching patterns, our semicircular welcome mats will offer a refreshing departure from the norm for those seeking to leave lasting impressions with their entryway décor. Unlike rectangular welcome mats, half-moon doormats are defined by soft, demilune curves inspired by classic architecture. They are ideal for sprucing up outdoor entryways with a touch of sophistication and character. Our door mats feature beautiful geometric and artistic textures that will complement modern and vintage styles. The designs focus on minimalism, so you can easily mix and match the entrance mats with your existing décor without disrupting your home’s particular ambiance. Whether you are buying them for a home or an office, our half-moon mats will safeguard your floors in style!

“Herringbone” Coir Door Mat

Production Process

“Irish Garden” Rubber Cast Iron Mat

•  Irish-inspired design delivers an intriguing rubber entrance mat
•  Easy-to-clean material makes for a long-lasting and reliable surface
•  Recycled rubber door mats prevent mold and mildew from forming

Efficient Drainage: These wrought iron door mats will help keep your entryways clean thanks to the gaps in their design. These gaps function as drainage holes. Excess amounts of liquid and loose dirt particles will seep through these holes. This is a self-regulating and effective way to keep your home clean.

As “Green” as Ireland: Nature will smile upon you if you have these recycled rubber door mats at your door. Unlike most other competing products, these mats are eco-friendly, having been made using recycled rubber. Using recycled rubber goes a long way in helping reduce the overall waste that is present in the environment. Aside from helping the environment, recycled rubber products provide an excellent level of durability and sustainability at a very affordable rate.

Caspian Sea Coir Entrance Door Mat
Caspian Sea Coir Entrance Door Mat

Ideal Welcome Mats for Compact Entryways

Half-round doormats are best for entryways with limited space that cannot accommodate a full-sized rectangular doormat. Their distinct shape allows them to fit seamlessly into areas where room is constrained—all the while adding a touch of charm and allure to your existing décor. If you live in an apartment, a half-moon doormat will bring both functionality and style. Small areas are notoriously difficult to decorate due to lack of space. For those living in buildings with arched entryways, a half-moon mat will be the perfect option, as it will be able to fit into circular entryways without looking awkward. You can prevent unintentional obstructing of entryways when your doormat matches the shape and size of your doorstep.

Soaking Coconuts

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

Polygon Cocomat

•  Ideal for outdoor use
•  Unique geometric pattern a great decorative accent
•  Easy to remove for cleaning and transfer from doorway to doorway

Tough Shoe Scraping Action: Coconut coir fiber is naturally rough and abrasive, and that’s what makes these coco mats the perfect way to keep dirt and mud out of your home. Place the “Polygon” door mat in front of your home, outside your garage, or in your mud room to provide an easy place for people to scrape the dirt and debris from the soles of their shoes before they enter your home. This mat is a tough and sturdy boot and shoe scraper that would fit perfectly into any home.

Affordable Floor Protection: Not all dirt mats are created equal—and most of them will wear out faster than others! Whereas some door mats are manufactured with cheaper, man-made materials, “Polygon” coco mats contain natural coconut fibers that last longer and provide better floor protection over a longer period of time. Due to their natural coconut coir fiber material, these mats won’t crack after a season of dry, hot weather or develop mold during the rainy winter months. They won’t need to be replaced often; in fact, you can count on these weather mats to scrape dirt, mud, and snow from incoming foot traffic for longer periods of time, saving you the cost of maintenance and replacement for a while.

Shiraz Coir Welcome Mat in front of light brown door
Shiraz Coir Welcome Mat

Excellent Outdoor Entry Mats

As we prioritize both eco-friendliness and utility here at Coir, our half-circle door mats are primarily made from coir or rubber. Though both ingredients offer excellent advantages, coir is better if you want a highly abrasive mat, and rubber is better if traction is your priority.  Since both rubber and coir are durable outdoor products, they make excellent outdoor entry mats.  Exposure to the elements only has little effect on these half-circle door mats, as the sturdy construction allows them to withstand rain, sunshine, and snow. Both rubber and coir are highly durable materials that are not easily affected by changing weather patterns. Coir is UV resistant—meaning the material will not easily degrade from exposure to harsh sunlight. Both rubber and coir can handle wet conditions remarkably well. Rubber is waterproof and, therefore, will not be damaged by extended exposure to rain or snow. In addition, rubber and coir are impervious to mold, mildew, and similar microorganisms—making them ideal for placement in damp areas at risk of fungal growth. Simply put, you can leave your coir or rubber half-circle door mat outside for an extended period—during any season—without fearing rapid deterioration. While some wear and tear will occur with time, the mats can withstand rigorous use without losing integrity for a long time.

Coir Fiber Separation

Husking Coconuts

“Shiraz” Coir Welcome Mat

  • Coir scraper mat is available in 1” x 18” x 30”
  • A simple shake or rinse can do the trick when it comes to cleaning this doormat
  • Dirt trapping bristles keep outdoor debris together, making it easy to dispose of

Weather Resistant Doormats: The coir of this outdoor doormat is an enduring material and capable of withstanding the weather, hot or cold. The moisture resistance of this doormat coir slows down moisture from building up, due to its ability to absorb it. This means mold and mildew are not likely to have a hospitable environment to support their growth. Not only do these doormats handle moisture, they also have ozone and UV resistance, protecting them from immediate sun damage. These doormats are made for the seasons!

Keeps your Home Clean: Keeping your home clean is easier when you have an extra barrier to help dirt from getting inside. The coir entrance mat has a texture that is strong and tough, good for getting that nasty dirt hiding in the crevices under your shoes. Wiping your feet on an outdoor doormat prevents your home from getting some, if not all, of that that unwanted outdoor debris inside, keeping it outside where it belongs.

Herringbone Coir Doormat
Herringbone Coir Doormat

Easy to Clean Doormats

In addition to great functionality and style, you can enjoy fuss-free cleaning with half-moon door mats. All welcome mats in this collection are easy to clean, regardless of the materials used. You can quickly shake or brush the mats to dislodge debris stuck to the surfaces. Alternatively, you can run a vacuum nozzle over the coir-based mats to quickly get them clean, ideally as you clean the rest of your house to save time. At times, excess mud or grime may cling to the coir surfaces that will not go away with vacuuming. If that is the case, you can rinse your half-moon door mat with a garden hose to get it back in working order. The rubber doormats are similarly easy to clean by rinsing because the material is waterproof. Your rubber-based half-round door mat will not get soggy or waterlogged even if you rinse it for a long time. Both rubber and coir mats dry quickly, so you can let them air-dry after washing. Cleaning time should take only a few minutes, hopefully allowing you plenty of time to enjoy better things.

Durability of Coco Mats

The Coconut Tree Resources

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“Herringbone” Coir Door Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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“Shiraz” Coir Welcome Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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Polygon Cocomat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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Irish Garden Rubber Cast Iron Mat
Irish Garden Rubber Cast Iron Mat

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly Doormats

The materials we use in our half-circle door mats—rubber and coir—are natural and eco-friendly. Coir is a biodegradable fiber manufactured using mostly eco-friendly methods. We take special care to use natural, recycled, or reclaimed rubber in these products—rather than virgin petroleum derived rubber—to ensure sustainability. Natural rubber is directly sourced from rubber trees and is not made using petroleum-based products. Reclaimed rubber is a material recycled from discarded car tires—a process that actively contributes to reducing waste. These materials are highly sustainable and durable. You can reliably use your half-round door mats without requiring frequent replacement, which will help you save money and protect the planet!