“Leave Doormat”

“Not You Again Doormat”

“Come in Welcome Door Mat”

  • Doormat available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides support and a little floor protection
  • Tells your guests to “Come In”, providing a welcoming aesthetic

Stay Out Moisture: These welcome mats are made out of coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is a heavy-duty fiber taken from the outer husks of coconut shells. This material is moisture resistant due to its ability to absorb moisture. Moisture resistance means that these doormats do not provide the basic circumstances for mold and mildew to form, helping you keep your doorway free from these unwanted growths. Coir doormats can also help prevent moisture from getting inside your home, helping you maintain a clean entryway.

Prevent Guests From Slipping: You will want to make sure your guests are welcomed year round with a safe visit. These welcome mats help with the hindrance of slips and falls. The coir make up of each door entry mat gives these doormats a rough surface texture, providing a non-slippery surface for a more safe entry.

Go away please polite kiss welcome mat in front of a door
A polite kiss go away please welcome mat

Cheekily Dismissive Greetings on Coir

Our extensive selection of “Go Away” doormats features a range of designs focused on flippant greetings—sometimes accompanied by colorful artwork—that visitors will not miss. These “offensive” welcome mats creatively subvert the traditional welcome mat by replacing the classic “Welcome” greeting with tongue-in-cheek messages that are unabashedly crude or offensive. Expect the rude door mats to boldly challenge the conventional notions of hospitality, allowing you to embrace a playful and eccentric approach to welcoming guests. The rude door mats may appear confrontational from the outset—until the guests get the punch line. With seemingly cutting messages—like “Oh No, Not You Again,” “Leave,” and “Scram!”—they will serve as humorous filters for your entryways, setting a relaxed tone for visits from guests. On the other hand, you can place a deliberately “unwelcome” mat to subtly signal unwanted visitors that they might be better off elsewhere. Rude door mats are ideal for making a statement at your doorstep in a distinctive manner that will leave a lasting impression on all who come by to visit. A doormat that says “Go Away” can serve as a conversation starter or simply make passersby smile. The irreverent greetings and chuckle-worthy art displayed on “Go Away” doormats will be wonderfully suited for home settings. However, you can place a “Go Away” entry mat in a professional setting to highlight the unique characteristics of your brand. These entrance mats will be great for employee-only areas of a business building to enhance the ambiance with lighthearted humor so that workers feel at home. Our selection of rude door mats offers high-end functionality on top of attention-grabbing designs. Made from quality-assured materials, these “offensive” doormats are durable, resilient, and resistant to changing weather patterns. Our “Go Away” doormat collection will protect your entryways from dirt, mud, moisture, and Debbie Downers during any season.

“Come in Welcome Door Mat”

Rude “Leave Door Mat” Kit

“Go Away! Scram! Leave! Humorous Door Mats”

  • Welcome your guests with a humorous message
  • Doormat quotes different ways of saying scram!
  • UV and Moisture resistance make these all weather doormats

Nice to Flooring: These coir doormats provide an extra layer of protection for your entryway flooring. The soft texture of coir aids with modest impact reduction, supporting your front doorway with oncoming foot traffic. Also, these coir doormats have a base created out of tough and durable PVC. PVC lining adds a little more protection for your doorway and prevents the rough texture of the coir from rubbing against your flooring.

Earthly Doormats: Partly made of coir, these funny welcome mats are eco-friendly. Coir is a natural material that provides these doormats with the qualities of a “Green” doormat. Eco-conscious doormats are generally more cost effective than other doormats completely made of unnatural ingredients. These rude doormats can satisfy those more conscientious of the planet’s health.

Invite your Guests in with this Eco-Friendly Doormat
Invite your Guests in with this Eco-Friendly Doormat

Entrance Mats with Unparalleled Scraping Power

Our rude door mats are made with highly abrasive coir surfaces to ensure effective dirt-retention capabilities. Coir is another name for coconut fiber, which is a natural material extracted directly from the fruit. The coir surfaces make rude door mats amazingly effective at retaining a multitude of particles, including dirt, dust, grime, pet hair, sand, and mud. Coir mats can even hold onto pollen clinging to the undersides of footwear, thereby protecting your living spaces from potential allergens. The bristly surfaces are also considerably absorbent, capable of retaining rainwater, snowmelt, slush, and moisture from many sources. You can reliably use your rude door mats outdoors in exposed areas without worrying about the rain washing away the paint, or sunlight causing your scorching messages to fade. Coir is innately resilient to various weather patterns. The natural fiber can endure both cold and hot weather without quickly succumbing to deterioration. Thanks to the durability of coir, you can shock and awe guests during any season with your rude door mats. A cheeky coir mat may just be what you need during the festive and celebratory months to keep strangers away from your doorsteps. The coir fibers will not easily break from high levels of foot traffic during the busy months. Moreover, coir resists the growth of mold and mildew, making these sassy welcome mats suited for use in wet or damp conditions without risking a fungal outbreak. While coir, like all things, will not last forever, you can expect your “unwelcome” mats to last considerably longer than comparable products made from synthetic materials. You may worry about damaged egos, but you will worry a lot less about flooring damaged by dirt when you have a “Go Away” door mat in place.

“A Polite Kiss Goodbye” – Go Away Doormat

  • Get guests chuckling from the humor behind this funny “Go away” welcome mat
  • Made of durable and reliable coir fibers that can withstand unfavorable elements
  • Utilizes a PVC back to catch extra moisture and increase traction

Humorous (Non) Greetings: Demonstrate your delightful sense of humor to guests by showcasing “A Polite Kiss” go-away doormat. This “go away” door-mat courteously asks guests to depart when they step inside, ironically making friends and family reconsider their welcome. The bold kiss-shaped stain on the mat attempts to improve the situation, making this welcome mat that says go away amusing and funny. The design is meticulously applied using durable, waterproof emulsion paint to ensure it remains intact regardless of fading, bleeding, or wear and tear. Feel free to leave this welcome “go away” mat on your porch for extended periods without fear of excessive damage!

Sustainable Materials: The comical “A Polite Kiss” go-away doormat is crafted with the environment in mind and utilizes renewable resources such as coir fiber. Coir is derived from the husks of coconuts, known for their remarkable durability and resilience. These coconuts thrive in challenging tropical environments—necessitating shells that can withstand abrasions, moisture, ozone, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. By utilizing coconut-derived materials, our “go away” door-mats inherit these resilient qualities—offering a robust and environmentally-friendly product that can withstand various weather conditions.

Doormats for Those with Crude Senses of Humor
Doormats for Those with Crude Senses of Humor

Coir Mats with Arresting Designs

The extensive designs on our “offensive” welcome mats can range from quirky to sassy to somewhat offensive. You can let go of all subtlety and place a doormat with “Leave” printed in big, block letters—leaving no room for misinterpretation. To further emphasize the message, the coir mat features a border of barbed-wire loops, adding an extra layer of visual impact and making the message impossible to overlook. You can embody a no-nonsense approach to welcoming guests with our coir mats that pointedly say “Bye-Bye” or “Beat It!” with edgy artwork that will set an unforgettable tone for an entrance. You can deliver the same message in an impactful—but less-serious—tone with a colorful “Go Away” doormat featuring a medley of phrases. In addition to the prominent titular phrase, these rude door mats also tell visitors to skedaddle, scram, shoo, vanish, run along, vamoose, and get lost, and plenty of other not-so-welcoming messages. The colorful arrangement and the eloquent choice of phrases will indicate to visitors that maybe you are not that serious about the messages. The “Not You Again” doormat is recommended for those who want to welcome visitors with low-key humor that is unlikely to be misinterpreted. This particular design has the potential to upgrade your living spaces with a touch of amusement that will not cross any boundaries, ensuring a warm and cheery welcome for all who approach your doorstep. Our seemingly polite “Go Away, Please” coir mat is a dramatic blend of congeniality and crassness that will not fail to turn heads. The artwork of a red-lipped kiss makes the welcome mat an eye-catching centerpiece for a truly memorable entryway. If you do want to push the envelope, you can greet guests with a brazen “Nice Underwear” door mat that could either leave them clutching their stomachs from too much laughter—or clutching their pearls. For a more refined approach to ironic fun, we recommend the “Gone Shopping” doormat that will spruce up your entryways with unapologetic sass. Rude door mats will not fail to keep your entryways clean, though whether this is from the impact of the abrasive build or the message will be somewhat difficult to say.

“A Polite Kiss Goodbye”

Soaking Coconuts

“Leave Doormat”

  • Shows a great sense of humor
  • A great gift for both family and friends
  • Eco-friendly coir material makes for sass at an affordable price

Resists Moisture Damage: Of all the environmental hazards to watch out for, moisture is particularly problematic. Enough moisture over a long enough period of time can stain certain materials. Moisture can even cause the development of mold and mildew, which are both hazardous to health. Fortunately, these are doormats with an attitude against mold and mildew. The coir fibers on these doormats absorb and negate moisture before it can linger for an extended period of time on the doormat.

Prevents Slips and Falls: This coco mat comes with a bottom section made from PVC material. The PVC backing on the “Leave” doormat will help keep the mat in place. If your mat has more stability, so will you. Even if an insufferable relative is leaving your home, you do not want them to suffer a nasty slip and fall accident. The weight of the PVC material plays a roll in keeping the doormat in place, providing a safer entryway.

Humorous Go Away Mat in front of brown door
Humorous go away mat in front of door angled shot

Waterproof Lining

Many of our coir-based welcome mats come with PVC undersides to ensure that excess moisture remains on the mat and not on your flooring. The water-repelling undersides additionally offer traction to these unique welcome mats, making sure they do not move around when people step on them to wipe their feet. On slippery floors, rude door mats with vinyl backings provide slip protection, reducing the risk of accidental falls. PVC-backed coir mats are recommended for use on smooth flooring where friction is hard to maintain. PVC or vinyl has a very high coefficient of friction and can remain in place even on the slickest of surfaces. Just like coir, PVC is resilient and durable. PVC undersides will not incur damage from moisture, and the versatile texture can largely resist cracking. The durability and effectiveness of our rude doormats can reduce your replacement and cleaning costs while possibly ensuring the longevity of flooring by protecting them from damage caused by moisture and abrasive particles. In addition, you will not need to spend much time cleaning these coir mats. Coir is very easy to dust off with a few shakes. A regular vacuuming session will be sufficient to keep your rude door mats clean and hygienic. The vinyl undersides dry quickly and do not require cleaning. If you do need to clean the backing, you can rinse the entry mat with a garden hose and let it dry.

“Not You Again Doormat”

  • Eco-friendly and affordable
  • Comes with PVC backing for durability
  • Easy to clean with the assistance of a brush or water hose

Cheeky to Guests, Very Rude to Dirt: Your guests will surely understand the harmless humor behind the “Not You Again” doormat, but that humor might be lost on the dirt stuck to their shoes. The coir material that composes these funny mats is very efficient at scraping away outdoor debris particles. Whether it is simple dirt flecks, pebbles, or mud, the brush-like coir fibers will flush them out and keep them stuck on the doormat. Think of it as a nice way to keep your home nice and clean while letting outdoor contaminants discover the real meaning of an unwelcome mat.

Good For All Weather: These rude doormats are perfectly comfortable in the outdoors. Due to their coir construction, they are designed to be placed outside of your home entryway. The coir material in these funny mats is very well suited to surviving in the outdoors when exposed to ozone, UV rays, and moisture. Coir will not discolor or crack under intense summer sunlight, nor will it provide environmental conditions supportive for the development of mold and mildew during rainy conditions.

Un-Invite all Guest with this Eco-Friendly Funny Doormat in front of door
Un-Invite all Guest with this Eco-Friendly Funny Doormat in front of door

Minimizes Environmental Waste

The resilient properties of vinyl and the enduring nature of coir ensure that our rude door mats can mostly withstand the test of time, providing eco-conscious buyers with purchasing options that align with commitments to reduce waste and protect the environment. Coir and vinyl are durable and biodegradable materials that can be recycled and reused. The long-lasting nature of these two materials significantly enhances the sustainability of rude door mats, reducing the need for frequent replacements. You can save money and help reduce the consumption of natural resources by investing in a coir mat.