“Home Sweet Home”

Contemporary Welcome Home

“Sweet and Loving Home!” – Natural Coir Home Sweet Home Doormat

  • Features a charming drawing of a house with the words “Welcome to home sweet home”
  • Coir fibers perfect for scraping dirt, debris, and mud from shoe soles
  • Utilizes a PVC backing for increased durability and protection against slip hazards

Excellent Shoe Scraping Abilities: If you have reservations about wiping your feet against cute décor, don’t! This “home sweet home” mat is composed of durable coir fibers that can endure significant physical damage and environmental conditions. This mat is meant to take the heat! The tough bristles of the coir fibers are designed to remove any flack from your soles—mud, dirt, debris, etc. The grime remains on the doormat, preventing filth from entering your home. This “home sweet home” welcome mat may look adorable and innocent on the outside, but in reality, it is a heavy-duty, resilient entry mat. You will not have to fret about this mat losing its charming aesthetics or suffering from poor performance.

The Resiliency of Natural Coir: Not only does coir make for a brilliant shoe scraper, but the material also offers incredible outdoor performance. Coir welcome-mats are exceptionally robust due to their natural qualities, which allow them resistant to water, mildew, and sunlight. This is because coir is harvested from coconuts, granting them these advantageous characteristics. Coir is virtually weather-resistant, as it can withstand snow, storm, and sunshine! It will take significant amounts of weather and physical wear to degrade this “home sweet home” outdoor mat. Enjoy the resiliency of your “Sweet and Loving Home!” natural-coir, home sweet home doormat for years to come!

Quaint and Blissful Country Door Mat with pictures of tree and a house
Quaint and Blissful Country Door Mat with pictures of tree and a house

There is No Place Like Home

Truly, there is no place like home, where we can truly be ourselves basking in the comfort and security of people and things we love. Thinking of home, for most of us, brings a sense of belonging, happiness, and even some nostalgia. Home could be a small apartment in the city or a picturesque homestead on the prairie. Our entrance mats are stylishly designed to evoke those unique and special feelings associated with the place many of us love the most. The “Home Sweet Home” doormat exudes an irresistible appeal that instantly captures the heart and sets the tone for a warm and welcoming abode. These mats are adorned with inviting artwork—such as of homesteads and cottages—and heartfelt greetings conventionally associated with homes. The beautiful entry mats will put your guests at ease when they arrive at your doorstep, possibly reminding them of the comfort of their own homes. The novelty welcome mats are ideal for creating a cozy ambiance at an entryway that both residents and guests will appreciate. The “Home Sweet Home” doormats will perfectly suit entryways at homes, but you can use the mats in professional settings if desired. These welcome mats are sturdily built from durable coir to withstand heavy foot-traffic in both professional and residential settings. The cute welcome mats will keep your cherished living spaces free of dust, dirt, mud, moisture, pet hair, and pollen. Home is the place where we should feel safe the most. The vinyl undersides of some of our entry mats can reduce the risk of falls on slippery or wet floors, so you can enjoy being at home with fewer worries about safety. Whether you are placing the mat in a studio rental, a townhouse, or a commercial building, our entrance mat will infuse any entryway with tranquil and inviting vibes reminiscent of a happy home.

“Return to Relaxation” – Beach Themed Welcome Home Mat

  • Charming, beach-themed welcome mat perfect for homes anywhere
  • Painted in high-quality emulsion paint to ensure the design does not bleed or fade
  • Efficient dirt-scraper due to natural, rough coir fibers

Calming Beach Designs: If the perfect day for you involves lounging on the beach in the shade of a palm tree, the “Return to Relaxation” beach-themed welcome-home mat is the ideal mat for you. Express your innermost desires and remind yourself of your happy place whenever you cross your threshold! The tropical door-mat contains the image of a lone palm tree with the words “Welcome home” scrawled along the bottom border. The natural brown coir background even reminds one of the trunks of palm trees, evoking further reminders of relaxing shorelines. Truly, the “Return to Relaxation” beach-themed welcome-home mat can transport you to your happy place: home!

Kick Back and Relax: This beach outdoor-mat is constructed of coir fibers—also known as coco fibers—that contain exceptional characteristics. The fibers are sourced from the ever-durable coconut, making coir one of the most robust natural materials! Coir doormats like this tropical welcome-mat can withstand significant amounts of sunlight, impact, and moisture. They can even endure extreme temperatures and mildew. This allows the beach coir doormat to weather virtually any environmental conditions, regardless of the season. Rain or shine, this beach doormat can handle tough settings without much fuss.

Simple and Loving - Welcome Home Doormat
Simple and Loving - Welcome Home Doormat

Stylish Designs to Match your Home’s Décor

Our “Home Sweet Home” doormat selection boasts multiple design options that range from minimalist to colorful, allowing you to find the perfect match for your personal style and home décor. Whether you prefer a clean and understated look or a vibrant and eye-catching statement piece, our collection has something to suit every taste, ensuring that your entryway reflects the warmth and personality unique to your home. If you prefer a simple yet tasteful design, our classic entrance doormat—featuring the titular greeting printed in various fonts—would be an excellent option. The classic entrance mat features a welcoming greeting in typographies that range from playful to sophisticated, so you can choose the best welcome mat to complement your existing décor. Some of the mats feature geometric and intricate borders to enhance the visual appeal. Our welcome mat featuring a detailed, French-inspired design will be perfect for adorning your entryways with ritzy charm reminiscent of vintage glamor. The entry mat selection includes minimalist designs that feature artwork alongside the greetings that will enrich your entryways with varying motifs. Some of the mats depict homes emitting heart-shaped smoke rings from chimneys, pictured next to a “Welcome” greeting. The artwork invites viewers to embrace the magic of a home filled with love and to appreciate the beauty found in the simplest of moments. You can try an unconventional aesthetic with our tropical-themed “Home Sweet Home” doormat that shows a “Welcome Home” greeting next to a towering coconut tree. This design would be suited for evoking a sense of laidback relaxation that reminds guests of vacation homes and splendid beach houses. On the other hand, our colorful welcome mats with “Sweet” greetings are great for sprucing up entryways with flair and vivid hues. Featuring a nostalgic depiction of a small home on a verdant field, the “Happy Home” entrance mat will remind guests of simpler times filled with tranquility and fond memories. With their comforting designs and heartfelt messages, an entry mat could be a lovely accessory that transforms your living spaces into a cozy sanctuary.

“Welcome Home Again” Coir Rubber Door Mat

  • Safe outside against immediate UV ray damage
  • Rubber grip and traction makes it less likely to slide
  • Has an elegant design for improved aesthetic value

Made to Last: These welcome mats are made of recycled rubber and natural coir, enabling them to be moisture resistant. Coir is a substance extracted from the husk of the outer layer of a coconut shell. It absorbs moisture and quickly dries, providing an environment not suitable for the thriving of mold and mildew. This means these welcome mats are made for enduring moist weather. Whether it is snowing, raining, this doormat coir will welcome your guest no matter the condition!

Keep your Home Clean: You just cleaned and your having guests over. The last thing you want to do is clean again! Having doormat coir at your front door will help get all of that dirt and debris off any pair of shoes that pass over it. The coir on these doormats is a thick fibrous material, good for scrapping under any crevice below your shoes. Providing an extra boundary for outside debris will help keep your home free from invading dirt. These coir mats are sure to welcome your guests but not any unwanted outside debris!

Production Process

Husking Coconuts

Welcome mat with home sweet home picture
Bursting With Love

Coir Fibers Make for an Earthy Texture and Aesthetic

The “Home Sweet Home” welcome mat collection offers plenty of practical benefits in addition to the aesthetic appeal. The printed door mats are made from coir or have coir surfaces with rubber undersides. Coir is a natural fiber derived from coconuts, known for its durability, resilience, and superior scraping power. The rough bristles of coir can effectively retain various particles, including dirt, grime, mud, and moisture. The flexible coir fibers can reach the grooves and recesses on the undersides of footwear and efficiently remove debris that may otherwise end up on your pristine flooring. Coir bristles can even retain pollen stuck to footwear, potentially reducing the risk of allergens entering your living areas. One of the biggest challenges of keeping our cozy living spaces clean is preventing muddy footprints from being tracked indoors during inclement weather. The absorbent and abrasive nature of coir makes the material perfect for keeping floors clean during rainy and snowy days. Placing a coir-based entry mat can significantly reduce the need to clean floors, regardless of the weather, and also possibly extend the lifespan of your flooring by reducing the risk of damage from dirt and moisture. The resilient nature of coir makes our “Home Sweet Home” doormat collection suited for use in exposed and outdoor areas. The mats will not be at risk of mold and mildew growth in damp areas, or during wet weather, as coir is naturally resistant to microorganism growth. Moreover, the durable coir bristles can largely withstand fading from harsh sunlight and damage from wet weather. While coir is not impervious to damage that comes with extended usage, the durability of the material makes our unique welcome mats last much longer in comparison to welcome mats made from synthetic fibers. The “Home Sweet Home” doormat can withstand heavy foot-traffic, such as during the holiday season, thanks to the resilient nature of the coir fibers. You can reliably use these mats in the well-trodden areas of a building during any weather, and expect exceptional, long-lasting performance.

“Greetings from Your Humble Abode!” – Welcome Home Doormat

  • Decal is painted with emulsion paint to resist fading or peeling over time
  • Made with natural coir fibers for durable shoe-scraping abilities
  • Coir material well-suited for all-weather applications

Warm Welcoming from Your HomeEnhance your entryway with the delightful “Greetings from Your Humble Abode!” welcome-home doormat. This warm welcome doormat adds both functionality and decorative appeal to any household. Crafted with care, the simple phrase featured on the welcome mat offers your guests a straightforward yet meaningful greeting. The words “Welcome home” are written in a fanciful script, emanating elegance and sophistication. These welcome door-mats will surely complete any entrance with their functionality and wonderful aesthetic.

Durable, Long-Lasting Matting: This long-lasting welcome door-mat is crafted from durable coir fibers sourced from coconut shells. As coconuts thrive in harsh tropical atmospheres, coir itself can withstand various weather conditions. Coir welcome-doormats showcase excellent resistance against abrasions, moisture, UV rays, and other elements. The sturdy PVC backing of the mat also provides additional support—preventing the “Greetings from Your Humble Abode!” welcome-home doormat from skidding around when stepped on.

Welcome to home Sweet Home Text with a House and a smoking chimney
Welcome to home Sweet Home Text with a House and a smoking chimney

Easy To Clean, Easy to Maintain

After cleanliness, safety is a top priority for a beautiful and cozy living space where residents and guests can truly relax. With our “Home Sweet Home” doormat options that come with vinyl undersides, you can reduce the risk of falls and improve the overall safety of entryways. The vinyl backing will provide your welcome doormats with increased traction that secures them in place, even when guests vigorously wipe their feet. You can reliably place a “Home Sweet Home” doormat in outdoor areas that tend to get slippery from moisture to reduce the risk of falls. Some welcome floor-mats are notoriously difficult to keep in place on smooth flooring that has little friction. A PVC underside can effectively provide traction even on such flooring types. Just like coir, vinyl is a naturally resilient material. The rubber underside is unlikely to crack from typical usage. Rubber repels moisture, making the material ideal for placement in damp areas. During bad weather, the rubber underside will collect any excess moisture the coir surface absorbs, preventing rainwater or snowmelt from seeping into your floors. Rubber is also resistant to mold and mildew growth, and can endure both cold and hot weather without denaturing. The rubber backing is not readily visible from the topside of the mat, so the guests can enjoy the beautiful designs without hindrances. When you have a coir-based “Home Sweet Home” doormat in place, you can be assured of comforting living spaces that are lovely as well as safe.

“Cute and Curvy”

Eco-Friendly Uses of Coconuts

“American Family” Doormats Kit

  • Vibrant and minimalist designs are easy on the eyes
  • Made from a combination of natural coir fibers and PVC
  • Each mat has an anti-slip underside

Show off American Family Values: Celebrate the spirit of family and country with our American door-mats made from coir. The “American Family” doormats kit comes with an “American flag” doormat that vividly depicts the iconic colors and symbols of the Star-Spangled Banner. If you prefer less color, the modern welcome mat will adorn your entryways with minimalist elegance. Either mat will be great for sprucing up your décor with time-honored values. Just like America, the mats are durable and resilient. They will endure heavy foot-traffic and changing seasons with unwavering durability.

Make Your Floors Less Slippery: A key feature of the two All-American mats is excellent traction, provided by the durable PVC underside. PVC is a synthetic material, similar to rubber, which can “stick” to most types of flooring. The PVC backing offers exceptional traction on smooth, slick, or wet floors. These doormats will not slide or fold as guests wipe their feet on them. Placing a patriotic welcome mat is a great way to minimize the risk of trip-and-fall accidents at entryways.

Welcome Home Mats With a Minimalist Design
Contemporary Welcome Home Mats

Reduce Your Carbon Foot-Print by Using Coir Mats

Our doormat collection offers the additional benefit of eco-friendliness for those who prefer to make sustainable purchases. The mats are mostly made from coir, which is considered an eco-friendly fiber. Coir is naturally sourced, biodegradable, and processed using methods that reduce the need for fossil fuel input. The coir extraction process still employs traditional methods that have been in use for centuries, which require little to no fossil fuel input. While some steps of the coir manufacturing process do use fossil fuels, the overall production method is carried out with environmental protection in mind. The durability of coir improves its eco-friendliness, as long-lasting products require less replacement, reducing the strain on natural resources. Our entry mat collection is not just a captivating display of coziness and joy, but also a sustainable choice that aligns with commitments to environmental responsibility. With a welcome mat in place, you can impress guests with an inviting aesthetic while making a positive impact on the planet.