Husking Coconuts

Heart Shaped Paws

“Warning, Vicious Puppy Inside! Dog Doormats”

  • PVC backing provides a supportive base
  • Both UV and ozone resistance helps these doormats hold up in the sun
  • Provides a fun doggie aesthetic!

Moisture Resistant: Rain, snow, or even a wet dog will not likely damage this doormat dog. Moisture resistance helps these doormats endure during moist weather. You might be bummed the next time your dog tracks in water, but at least these doggie mats are up for the challenge. Coir does not provide an environment suitable for the growth of mold and mildew, making these doormats easy to maintain.

Environmental Puppy: The puppy on this coir doormat might look tough, but he has a soft spot for the environment. This doormat dog is partially made out of coir, a natural fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. Using coir, the production of each fiber doormat brings you a more cost effective option than their 100% synthetic counterparts. Using coir also makes for a finished product more suitable for those more eco-conscious consumers.

Wipe Your Paws Dog Doormat
Wipe Your Paws Dog Doormat In Front Of Door

Alert Visitors about Your Canine Companion

As man’s best friend, it only seems fair that we have a whole series of welcome mats dedicated to our loyal companions. Whether your dog is a certified good boy/girl or not, there is a doggie door mat at Coir for them! Use our dog doormats to forewarn guests about your four-legged pets. A doggy door mat can provide the same function as a “Beware of Dog” sign, except it has the dual purpose of protecting your entryways. The additional features of a dog welcome mat make this accessory vital for any pet owner! Give guests a conversation starter with cute or funny dog doormats. People visiting your home will immediately know how important your dog is to you if you have an entire doormat devoted to them. Even if you do not have a dog, an entry mat for dogs will allow people to know how much you love canines and that they are always welcome in your home.

We have a vast selection of unique dog welcome-mats. Peruse our assortment of coir products to find a suitable doggie door mat for you. If you are looking for a piece of décor for your husky, pug, or dachshund, doormat options are plentiful on our website. For a dirty pup, a “Wipe Your Paws Dog Doormat” is the best entrance mat for dogs that like to get into trouble on walks. This cute and silly welcome mat features a caricature of a dog doing exactly as the mat prompts, wiping his paws.  The entrance mat is bordered by adorable paw prints surrounding the phrase “Wipe your paws!” Celebrate (or shame) your messy puppy while reminding others to brush down the bottoms of their soles on this cheerful mat. The smiling dog featured on this dog front-door mat is sure to bring a grin to anybody’s face. Additionally, the light coir background of the rug contrasts the dark drawings exhibited, giving the renderings a great contrast. This allows the pictures to truly stand out and catch the eyes of any visitors! Those who want a striking dog door mat that will not clash with any existing outdoor décor can benefit from the “Wipe Your Paws Dog Doormat!”

“Wipe Your Paws! Doormat”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a base for durability and support
  • UV and ozone resistance helps this doormat hold up outside throughout the year

Keeps Dirt Outside: Most pet lovers are used to dirt finding its way inside. Thanks to this dog doormat, you can provide extra precautions to help make sure your home stays cleaner. Made of coir, a heavy-duty fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, these doggie mats do a thorough job trapping all that dirt under your pet’s paws or the feet of guests. After coir bristles latch onto dirt and debris, they simply wait between the bristles of this outdoor patio mat until you are ready to clean them by simply shaking, brushing, or washing the doormat. Wipe your feet and keep dirt out with ease using a little help from this dog doormat.

Works In Moist Environments: Thanks to the moisture resistant properties of coir, you can wipe your paws all year long! Coir absorbs moisture, giving it the ability to handle moist environments well. This means these doggie mats can withstand heavy rainstorms or snow storms and don’t need to be brought inside. Not even your wet dog trying to escape after a bath will ruin this outdoor patio mat.

bring 5lbs doormat 1
Bring a 5lbs. Steak! Dog Door Mat

Ideal Product to Use for Outdoor Purposes

If you are looking for a colorful and sophisticated option, then the “Beware of Dog Door Mats” will surely meet your expectations. This piece is simply delightful, with an endearing image of a dog with a police hat pictured in a yellow “Warning” sign. With such a cute pup displayed on the mat, visitors will not be sure whether or not the warning is genuine. But they will surely know you are keeping them from greeting an adorable dog! For alternative options, inform guests about your sharp-toothed companion in a hilarious manner with the “Beware of Dog Welcome Mat.” This mat depicts a robber dressed in all black scurrying away from a snarky pup with the words “Beware of dog!” placed below. Whether you are warding off potential home invaders or simply giving your friends a good opportunity to laugh, this “beware of dog” entry mat is a quirky addition to any entryway. We also stock many other types of painted dog-doormats so that you can settle for a piece that truly embodies your pup!

“Doggie” Shoe Scrapers

  • Coir fibers trap dirt particles
  • These boot scrapers provide fun visual appeal for dog lovers
  • Debris particles can be washed out of the coir with the help of a water hose

One Tough Dog: The coir fibers of this mat are supported by a metal wire. It serves as the “skeleton” for these boot scrapers. This helps ensure that this mat will stand up to physical abrasions on a long-term basis. The action of scraping footwear can be quite abrasive. The repetitive physical stress can cause some products to fail, but since these coir boot cleaners have a wire frame they are much better suited to coming into contact with this physical stress.

Takes a Bite Out of Dirty Shoes: You might not realize it right now, but all the dirt and other outdoor debris stuck onto your shoes will ruin your home’s clean floors. One way to minimize or outright prevent that from happening is by placing this little guy at your door. These boot scrapers may look adorable, but they are very tough on dirt, mud, rocks, and other types of outdoor debris. The coir fibers on these boot cleaners are very effective at reaching into the nooks and crannies of your shoes and flushing out those particles. Thanks to the three-dimensional shape of this boot scraper, it is also ideal for cleaning off the sides of your footwear! This helps make sure that any shoes coming in from the outdoors will be cleaner by the time they reach your nice wood or tile floors.

The Coir Cottage Industry

The Durability of Coco Mats

Beware of Dog Doormat
Beware of Dog Doormat

Made from Coco-Coir, A Coconut By-product

All of our dog-related doormats are composed of durable coir fibers, which make for excellent outdoor entry-mats. Coir, otherwise known as coco fiber, is sourced from the ever-reliable coconut. As we all know, coconuts are an incredibly hardy fruit, infamous for their tough shells. Coconuts shells can be utilized as cups and bowls, but did you know that you can also reuse the fiber from these husks? These fibers are called coir and are popularly employed for products such as twine, bedding, and dog entry mats! They are commonly used for outdoor applications due to their extra-resilient nature. Just like the coconut, coir fibers are extremely durable—able to resist fungal growth, physical abrasions, moisture, and sunlight. This makes them the ideal product to use for outdoor purposes. You may not have realized, but coconuts are heavily resistant due to their tropical origins. To propagate on fertile shores a coconut must endure long voyages across choppy waters. Along the way, the coconut must withstand adverse temperatures, blistering sunlight, seawater, and mildew that can give way to bacteria. Therefore, coconuts have evolved over the centuries in order to endure these antagonistic ordeals. Coir contains these very resistances, making it an excellent, durable natural material.

Not only is coir fiber incredibly resilient, but it is also ecologically safe to utilize! At Coir, our goal is to utilize natural or recycled products whenever possible. Coir is one such example of a robust natural material used for our indoor and outdoor doormats. Manufacturers use sustainable methods and very few chemicals when processing the coconut husks into coir. This allows our partners to produce eco-safe goods with little environmental impact. Likewise, coir is produced by nature and does not need to be synthesized, ensuring that less toxic waste is formed. The creation of coir and its status as a natural component make it an environmentally-friendly product. If your pet uses this front-door dog mat to wipe their paws, you can rest assured that they do so on sustainable and eco-safe materials. Help the environment while also helping keep your home clean from errant debris.

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

  • Two sizes: 18” x 30” and 24” x 57”
  • Affordable solution for home entrance doors
  • Coco fiber mat can be washed with the help of a brush or hose

Eco-Conscious Heart Doormat: People are often surprised to learn that a coco fiber mat is actually an eco-friendly product. This is thanks to the coconut fiber that makes these doormats. The fiber, also known as coir, is extracted from coconut husks and processed into products like this welcome doormat. The production process of coir is much less cost-intensive when compared to 100% synthetic products made in large industrial factories.

Scrapes Dirt From Feet and Paws Alike: The biggest benefit of having a coco fiber mat is that it will help keep your indoor areas clean by scraping away unwanted dirt and mud from incoming footwear. When people run their feet over the coir surface of this welcome doormat, the coir fibers of the paw mat will flush away outdoor debris particles and keep them trapped on the doormat’s surface. Ultimately, this can help to keep your cleaning costs down.

Beware of dog welcome mat in front of door
Beware of Dog welcome mat in front of door

A Great Cleaning Tool

A dog coir doormat is especially well-suited for trapping mud and dirt that might otherwise be tracked into your home. If you have a pup prone to stepping through all sorts of filth, a coir doormat is the perfect outdoor accessory for keeping grime where it belongs: outside your house. Coir bristles are short and rough, making them ideal for picking particles and dirt out of the bottoms of your shoes or paws. The hard fibers can even reach into the ridges of the soles and extract deep-rooted filth. Because coir is waterproof, these dog doormats can even remove mud without hassle. The fibers will soak up the moisture without fear of mold growth, while the PVC backing of the mat further ensures that liquid will not spill out onto your stoop and create a fall hazard. You can use a dog welcome-mat throughout any season! Your coir canine rug can withstand rain, shine, or storm. You can leave your rug out for as long as you like, as sunlight will not excessively fade the design of your doggy entrance mat. If you are concerned about dust accumulating on your outdoor mat, do not fret—it is quite easy to clean! Dust off your doormat by shaking out the loose particles. This may not unseat all the debris contained by the coir, but giving the mat a good thumping can dislodge any larger pieces. If all else fails, hose down the surface to wash away any clingy grime. Leave the mat to dry in an undisturbed area, and you have successfully cleaned your coir mat with minimal effort. Easy maintenance and superior durability make these coir entry mats for dogs a great addition to any home, business, or office!

Harvesting Coconuts

“Beware of Dog Doormat” Kit

“Beware of Dog Welcome Mat”

  • Prepares visitors for your canine family member!
  • UV resistance makes these doormats outside doormats
  • Moisture resistance helps these doormats handle the rain

A Little Bit of Floor Protection: Each coco doormat gives a slight buffer against incoming foot traffic, giving your entryway’s sensitive surfacing a little floor protection. This coco coir doormat also has a base made out of PVC, providing a guard against the coir from touching your flooring.

Dirt Beware: Being a puppy lover, it is likely you are used to your furry friend tracking in outside dirt after a long walk. Coir is naturally thick, strong, and flexible, making it the perfect material for scraping under your shoes or your dog’s paws. Dirt stays trapped in these funny mats until you are ready to release them via a simple brush or shake. Let this beware of dog doormat wipe those paws and help protect your home from outside debris.

Warning sign for guest showing vicious puppy
Warning sign for guest showing vicious puppy

Shop a Wide Range of Dog-Themed Doormats

Our selection of dog doormats from can simultaneously delight and warn guests about your four-legged friends while offering your home and doorstep protection against the elements. With a wide range of dog-themed designs, pet owners can choose dog doormats that reflect their pups. If you have a little rascal that loves bothering new people, a “Beware of Dog” doormat will give guests a good warning before entering. On the other hand, if you have a loving and affectionate pup, the “Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat” will showcase your friendly and warmhearted canine. No matter what kind of dog you have or want, they deserve a lovely dog doormat.

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat
Heart Shaped Paws

“Wipe Your Paws Dog Doormat”

  • This doormat comes in 18″ x 30″
  • A backing made of PVC adds to this product’s durability
  • Adorable dog reminds you to wipe your paws on this paw mat!

Clean Paws: Get a little help getting that dirt off your dog after a walk in the park! Coir is a heavy-duty and coarse fiber, extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells. Capable of brushing those hard to reach places under shoes or paws, this paw mat loosens outdoor debris particles and holds them captive within its bristles. Dirt and debris stays trapped in this doormat, keeping it stuck in one place for easy disposal whenever you are ready to clean this doormat.

Natural: Going “Green” means providing a healthier environment for your puppy! This dog doormat is partly made out of coir, making it more natural than products using synthetic only materials. Besides being more beneficial for the environment, eco-friendly wipe your paws doormats are also affordable due to the cost effectiveness of using natural materials.

Eco-Friendly Dog Doormats

The durable coir fibers in these dog doormats ensure their longevity and resilience in outdoor environments. Coir is derived from coconut shells and is known for its ability to resist mold, abrasions, moisture, and sunlight. Just like the coconut itself, coir fibers have evolved to withstand harsh conditions. This makes them perfect for outdoor applications! Not only are these dog doormats durable, but they are also environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process involves sustainable methods and minimal chemical use, producing eco-safe wares with minimal environmental impact. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your cute door mats for dogs damaging the ecosystem! Furthermore, the coir bristles of these dog entry mats effectively scrape off mud and dirt and prevent filth from entering your home. Even if grime accumulates on your mat, it is easy to clean! Shake or hose down the surface of your coir mat in order to maintain it. With such convenient maintenance, you can utilize your dog doormat for years to come. Ultimately, our coir dog welcome mats provide a charming and effective solution to keep entryways clean while showcasing your love for dogs. Invest in a dog doormat from Coir and enjoy an immaculate, welcoming entrance while celebrating man’s best friend!