Doormats Filtered Based on Their Functions

When it comes to quality entry door mats, Coir has a huge variety to meet your specific needs. From our fun boot scrapers to our commercial entrance mats for business, we have the goods for your front doorway. A decorative and charming residential entryway mat might be all you are looking for, or maybe you want a simple runner for a longer pathway. Whatever your home or facility needs, we have the entry door mats for the job. But with so many choices, how do you know you are picking the right entryway mat for you? They all have so many marvelous and helpful functions that it can get a little confusing. Let Coir help you decide what is best for your home or business by breaking down some of the key points of each entryway mat category so you know how to make your front walkway the best it can be!

Boot Scrapers
Eco-Friendly Boot Scrapers Black

“Bunny” Boot Scraper

•  Friendly, bunny-shaped boot scraper that endlessly delights
•  Tough, coir bristles provide unbeatable scraping action
•  Naturally sourced and produced: 100% eco-friendly product

Perfect for Shoe Cleaning: Chances are very likely that most of the footwear coming into your home is dirty to some degree. The mud and dirt tracked indoors is what leads to stained floors. At best, this is a minor nuisance. At worst, you are looking at a very expensive repair bill. These boot scrapers are designed to clean away the muck and grime on your shoes and boots, greatly minimizing the amount of debris tracked into your home.

Moisture Resistant Coir: Moisture can be a real hazard when left unchecked. It can lead to both slippery surfaces and the formation of microbial hazards like mold and mildew. Coir helps to prevent that from happening. It absorbs moisture at a fast rate, effectively rendering it useless as a potential hazard. The coir fibers on these boot scrapers are capable of surviving in the outdoors exposed to rainfall and snow for extended periods of time.

Functionally Designed Doormats

We specialize in boot scrapers and welcome mats for your residential home. These entry door mats are usually made of coco coir, a tough material that is an expert at brushing dirt from the bottom of your shoes. Not only will they rid your feet of outdoor debris, these coco welcome-mats and boot scrapers are capable of latching onto filthy particles and keeping them trapped, adding a little extra protection from mud and filth for your home’s cleanliness. These entry door mats also do a good job of adding to your home’s fashionable décor for the entertainment of guests. We have several different themes for these products, all capable of adding a unique appearance to your front or patio walkway. From our animal inspired door mats to our European category of entryway mats, we have enough styles to fit the fashion of most individuals. We even have some half-moon designs for a unique and different visual appeal. One of the best things about these entryway mats is their durable and ingenious design. They are made to handle the outdoors, rain, or shine. Coir is both UV and moisture resistant, giving many of our superior door mats the resources they need to endure when left out in the open. If you are looking for a product meant to stay outside your private home, our coco coir boot scrapers or welcome mats are for you!

Black color checkered pattern Economical and Eco-Friendly Rubber Doormat top bottom view
Black color checkered pattern Economical and Eco-Friendly Rubber Doormat at front door
Commercial Entry Mats

Door Scraper Commercial Entrance Mats

•  Moisture-resistant rubber doormats prevent mold formation
•  Easy to clean product with hose and simple household soaps
•  Very professional and adaptable aesthetic suitable for places such as corporate offices and retail stores

Efficient Dirt-Scraping Surface: These rubber doormats live up to their name thanks to the numerous little rubber scrubbers on their surface. These finger-like protrusions will dig into those hard-to-reach crevices in shoes to flush out any debris particles stuck there. This includes clumps of dirt, bits of gravel, loose mud, and more. Dirt-scraping capabilities are very important to have in commercial entry mats because it will help keep interior areas nice and clean. It can go a long way in helping you save money and time on cleaning costs.

Raised Edges: These rubber doormats feature raised, or beveled, edges. The purpose behind these edges is twofold. For one, it helps prevent people from tripping on the edge because it allows easier access for both human feet and wheeled equipment. Secondly, the raised edges form a tray that allows the mat to contain excess liquids, which protect the floors where these commercial entry mats are placed.

Doormats made with Traction in Mind

Those looking for adding to their professional environment will be happy to know we have entrance mats for business. This collection of entry door mats is meant to be a nice addition for areas where loyal customers and hardworking employees are passing through on a frequent basis. Many of our commercial mats are made to help prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring. Our rubber entryway mat products provide a lot of grip and traction to create friction between each footstep, enhancing your walkway’s overall safety. If providing a place to wipe your feet is more of a concern, we have some products lined with synthetic fiber designed for this very function. If you have a long walkway, and need longer entrance mats for business, we have a variety of runners, some of which can be custom cut by the foot to fit a variety of different lengths.

Elegant Coir Entrance Door Mat with a Stylish Design
Dirt Trappers

Polygon Cocomat

•  Ideal for outdoor use
•  Unique geometric pattern a great decorative accent
•  Easy to remove for cleaning and transfer from doorway to doorway

Eco-Friendly Durability: Unlike your typical door mats, these coco mats are made from all-natural coconut fiber that is both environmentally friendly and extremely durable. Wrapped around a tough wire frame, this coconut coir fiber is one of the purest, most eco-friendly materials available. By investing in eco-friendly weather mats made with natural materials, you can help the environment as well as your home. And because these dirt mats are made from a tough, natural resource, they last longer and won’t hurt the environment when you finally replace them.

Tough Shoe Scraping Action: Coconut coir fiber is naturally rough and abrasive, and that’s what makes these coco mats the perfect way to keep dirt and mud out of your home. Place the “Polygon” door mat in front of your home, outside your garage, or in your mud room to provide an easy place for people to scrape the dirt and debris from the soles of their shoes before they enter your home. This mat is a tough and sturdy boot and shoe scraper that would fit perfectly into any home. is You one Stop Shop!

At Coir, we try to meet the needs for any residential or commercial setting that needs entryway mats. For the residential setting, our boot scraper, coco coir welcome mats, and others, are all great for your home abode. These are attractive, weather resistant products that come in a variety of artistic styles for your personal doorway. When it comes to entrance mats for business, we also have a variety of goods to fit your specifications. Whether you are looking for something to prevent slips, keep dirt outside, or simply add to your office’s aesthetic, our entry door mats are made for fantastic functionality. These are only a few descriptions of what we have to offer, so take a look at what we have to offer in our inventory. We ask you to remember that at Coir, we want to supply you with the best!

Polygon Coirmat
Polygon Coirmat
Non Slip Mats
Dura Scrape rWave
Dura Scraper Wave

Diamond Plate Roll Rubber Matting

•  Good for use in outdoor settings
•  Easy to install with double-sided carpet tape
•  Can be used as full wall-to-wall flooring for larger areas such as gyms

Non-Slip Floor Runners: No one should ever have to suffer a painful and embarrassing slip while walking. In order for this product to be an effective anti-slip runner, it is designed with numerous protrusions on its surface to help improve grip and stability. The layout of the ridges provides more grip around all corners of the feet so that the overall risk of losing your footing is greatly reduced. These industrial entrance mats can help keep both customers and employees safe from harm.

Excellent Floor Protection: Flooring damage is very expensive to repair. Whether your walkway is made of wood or cement, cracking and chipping damage is sure to appear eventually. The cost to repair such damage can often be prohibitively high. To minimize the risk of this happening, using these industrial entrance mats is a smart and cost-efficient way of protecting your floors and saving money in the long run. These non-slip floor runners are made of a very durable type of rubber, SBR, which is capable of absorbing physical shock and impact.

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Corrugated Composite Rib Rubber Runner Mats

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Corrugated Ramp-Cleat Rubber Runners

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Tuff-n-Lastic Anti-Slip Flooring

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Corrugated Fine Rib Rubber Runner Mats

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Corrugated Wide Rib Rubber Runner Mats

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S-Grip PVC Drainage Mats

Corrugated Fine Rib
Corrugated Fine Rib