“Turtle” Boot Scraper

“Pineapple Welcome Mat”

“Island Greetings” – Aloha (Hello) Welcome Mat

  • Composed of durable, natural coir for protection against moisture, sunlight, and mold
  • Contains a thick PVC backing to hold the mat together while preventing slips
  • Excellent for scraping dirt from your soles and keeping your home clean

Tropical Vibes: The simple and chic design of the “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat will greet guests with a subtle acknowledgment of the lush and exquisite Polynesian islands that we know and love. Utilize this minimalistic tropical door-mat to discreetly elevate your entryways. The refined and uncluttered design will not clash with any existing decorations you have, allowing you to place the mat anywhere you desire. You also do not have to worry about the decal fading away, as the emulsion paint is incredibly durable and will not bleed or rub away.

All-Natural Materials: The “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat is made from all-natural coir—a fiber derived from the husks of coconuts. This resilient material gives the tropical welcome-mat its remarkable resistance and ability to scrape debris from shoes efficiently. The robust fruit and its byproduct are resistant to physical abrasions, sunlight, moisture, ozone, and mold growth. Not only is coir amazingly robust, but it also makes a fantastic shoe scraper! The short and tough coir fibers are perfectly suited for reaching into the ridges of shoe soles and extracting particles and dirt to ensure it does not enter your home.

Welcome doormat showing anchor nautical doormat
Welcome doormat showing anchor nautical doormat

Decorate with the Hues of the Ocean, the Sand, & and Clouds

When it comes to coastal décor, we have an excellent variety of tropical beach door mats for your front or patio doorway. For all of you beach lovers out there, we offer a fun selection of coastal doormats that focus on the surf, palm trees, pineapples, and relaxation.  Neutral colors are the focus of modern beach themes, but if you’re looking for something a little more fun, try using of navy, or different hues of blues.  The colors in coastal style are drawn from the water, sand, clouds, the sea, and the vegetation (i.e., palm trees) around the tropics. With a number of special and different designs that are available in rich and fun colors, our welcome mats will inspire you to have fun in the sun! For those who are inspired by more nautical décor, a fish doormat or Cape Cod door mats should fulfill your aesthetic needs. Our large catalog has a considerable number of coastal-inspired designs that can capture the gaze of any fan of surfing or the calming ocean breeze. If a fish doormat or Cape Cod doormats are not really your style of doorway décor, you might want to try placing one of our pineapple door mats in one of your entryways. These beautiful and exquisite products have an aesthetic of their own, providing a more islander feel to your home’s doorway atmosphere. Both intricate and unique, these pineapple door mats are great—whether you love relaxing islander décor or just simply love juicy and tasty pineapples!

Coastal doormats are perfect for both residences near beaches and those which simply want to bring a bit of coastal charm to their entryways.

“Chillin by the Shore”

  • Embrace relaxing beach vibes with this welcoming tropical door-mat
  • Keep dirt out of your home with an effective coir doormat that traps dirt and debris
  • Crafted from durable coir fiber, this mat can resist all types of weather conditions

Seaside Vibes: The ultimate pastime for some might consist of swinging from a hammock by the oceanside with a drink in hand and a cool, salty breeze sweeping past. While you might not be able to transport yourself to your happy place at the end of the day, coming home to our “Chillin’ by the Shore” beach welcome-mat can remind you of better times. This fun, beach doormat illustrates a hammock suspended between two palm trees. The word “Welcome” is displayed underneath, tempting guests indoors for a relaxing kickback session. This charming tropical welcome-mat can enhance the living space of any beach-goer with its quaint design and functionality!

Effective Dirt Remover: This beach outdoor-mat excels as a shoe scraper thanks to its coir fiber construction. With thick and rigid bristles, it effortlessly removes dirt and mud from footwear. The coarse bristles reach into shoe grooves, extracting filth and trapping it beneath the mat’s surface. The mat’s PVC backing ensures mud and moisture remain contained until cleaning time. Cleaning is a breeze—just take the “Chilling by the Shore” mat outside and shake it vigorously to dislodge dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, hosing down or vacuuming the tropical outdoor-mats can remove more persistent grime.

Pineapple Doormats for Homes with a Tropical Decoration
Pineapple Doormats for Homes with a Tropical Decoration

Coir Entry Mats are the Ideal Coastal Doormats

Most of our coastal and beach themed welcome mats are made from coco coir, a coconut by-product.  Coir, a natural fiber that is capable of latching onto and scraping off outdoor debris stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Coir behaves as these entry mats’ bristles. In this form, coir is highly abrasive, making it perfect for scrubbing the bottoms of peoples’ shoes, effectively removing both dry and wet debris that you certainly do not want to enter your home.

One of the best things about getting a coir entrance mat is the help they provide in keeping your home cleaner, especially when it comes to sand and moisture. In this vein, coir, coastal doormats can easily handle a variety of debris, including dirt, mud, water, and—of course—sand.  Coir fiber has a high lignin content which makes it resilient, strong, and highly durable. Lignin is a polymer that ensures the lignification of grasses, shrubs, and trees. It fills the spaces between the cellulose fibers in the cell walls of plants, making them rigid.  This makes coir door mats extremely durable even when in contact with dirty, grubby shoes. The sturdy nature of the coir fiber and its weather resistance allow the fibers to behave as an excellent dirt trapper and a scraper welcome mat.

Tropical “Aloha Doormat” Kit

Summer “Beach Doormat” Kit

“Welcome Aboard Mat! Nautical Doormat”

  • PVC backing provides a base
  • Can add a gorgeous aesthetic to your beach décor
  • UV and ozone resistance helps these doormats endure beach sunlight

Heavy Duty Ingredients: These coir doormats are made out of coir, also called coco. Coco is a valuable material that has been used for generations and has been tracked back to the old days of late antiquity. Each nautical doormat is also made of PVC in order to provide a durable base. These two ingredients come together to bring this quality doormat to your doorstep.

Stops Sand: Stop sand and other forms of outside debris in its tracks before it gets through your entryway and invades your home’s cleanliness. Coir is densely packed in this nautical doormat, giving it amazing dirt and sand trapping abilities. Having a helping hand can be useful after a day at the beach, when sandy feet are likely to walk through your entryway. Once this doormat gathers enough outdoor invaders, simply shake or brush this doormat to clean it. Getting rid of debris is easy and simple!

Welcome Mat with Hawaiian Hello (Aloha)
Welcome Mat with Hawaiian Hello (Aloha)

Reduce Cleaning Costs with a Coir Entry Mat

Indeed, after having a fun day at the beach, the last thing you want is to have to clean your home’s precious floors. Even if you do not visit the beach, protecting your home’s floors from sand and other everyday contaminants is a high priority for any homeowner. Unfortunately, it is easy to track in a bunch of sand or dirt into your home after a day at the beach or a day at work, creating a nasty mess and possibly causing unattractive damage to your home’s existing flooring. Our coastal doormats at Coir Mat.com are great at providing your home with an extra barrier of protection from unwanted contamination. After all, thoroughly wiping feet is much easier than having to wipe down your home’s flooring. Not only will having beach door mats help keep your home clean; by reducing the amount of time you spend cleaning your home, you have more time to do more important things—like spending time in nature and with family.

“Seaside Shell Shack” – Welcome Aboard Doormat

  • The “Seaside Shell Shack” welcome-aboard doormat brings a delightful coastal ambiance to any doorstep
  • Constructed from robust coir fibers that can withstand unfavorable weather conditions
  • Utilizes a thick PVC backing to trap moisture and decrease slip-and-fall accidents

Nautical Beach Vibes: Transform your doorstep into a seaside retreat with the charming “Seaside Shell Shack” welcome-aboard doormat. Crafted from natural coir, it features a cheery starfish and a warm welcome message surrounded by a dark border. The stenciled design—created with durable emulsion paint—ensures a vibrant and long-lasting appearance throughout the seasons. The coir fibers of this coastal door-mat are also resistant to abrasions and moisture (among other things), ensuring that normal wear-and-tear will not affect the façade of the product. With this high-quality nautical doormat, you can enjoy beachy vibes at your entryway for years to come.

Effective Shoe Scraper: Coco-fiber matting, like our “Seaside Shell Shack” nautical welcome-mat, excels at scraping shoes clean. Its rigid coir bristles effortlessly extract dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes. These short and rough fibers reach into the tiniest grooves, ensuring extensive removal. Dirt, debris, and excess moisture are trapped beneath the mat’s surface to make sure no particles are tracked indoors. As for cleaning, refreshing your coastal outdoor-mat is a breeze. Simply take it outside and give it a vigorous shake to dislodge dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, a vacuum or hose can provide a more thorough washing.

Attractive Coconut Mat with light blue color and picture of colorful fish
Attractive Coconut Mat with light blue color and picture of colorful fish

Shop Doormat Kits When More Than One Entrance Mat is Needed

Coastal doormats such as our “Living for the Weekend!” doormat or a fish doormat such as our “Aquarium” welcome mat are both great options for any beach enthusiast. While some beach lovers may prefer depictions of vibrant, marine life rather than relaxing, sandy shores—we offer entry mats for all forms of ocean appreciation. While some entry mats, such as our “Welcome Aboard!” nautical door mat, feature colorful illustrations devoid of text, others—such as a pineapple welcome mat—display text to directly communicate their points to you and your guests. Illustrations alone, such as that of a lighthouse on a Cape Cod doormat, are great for stimulating our imaginations, giving our minds a blueprint for further interpretation. Whereas text such as this on a “Welcome Aboard” mat is direct, simple, and cheeky. But this is not to say that, say, “Welcome Aboard” mats are necessarily better than other styles of matting. Ultimately, the design of your coir entrance mat is up to you: there is no right or wrong answer when selecting the aesthetics of your door mat—it is all up to your tastes, and what you like best. If you need more than one entrance mat—a situation in which many homeowners find themselves—you are in luck! While you can certainly purchase separate doormats to outfit your home’s entrances, we offer a variety of door mat kits that contain different kinds of doormats at a packaged price. For example, our “Summer Beach” door mat kit contains two coastal doormats, one “Living for the Weekend!” welcome mat and one “It’s Summer!” doormat. This package makes for a great addition to any beach-lover’s residence, whether it is you or a special someone that you have in mind.

“Tropical Pineapple Doormat”

“Return to Relaxation”

“Coastal Decor” Doormat Kit

  • “Coastal Décor” Kit includes two pineapple door-mats and a boot scraper
  • All are crafted from durable coir fibers
  • Weatherproof construction is ideal for use in outdoor areas

Tropical Allure at Your Doorstep: Enrich your entryways with the exotic charm of a coastal getaway with two beach-themed doormats plus a boot scraper. The tropical doormats feature whimsical artwork of pineapples accompanied by a warm “Welcome” greeting. One pineapple welcome mat features an intricate, black-and-white depiction of the aforementioned fruit, while the other showcases a quirky border made out of blue pineapples. The captivating artwork will infuse your entryways with a carefree ambiance reminiscent of sun-soaked vacations.

Keep Sand off Your Flooring: Effectively keep dirt, grime, mud, dust, pollen, pet hair, and—not to mention—sand off your pristine floors with the combined power of the beach doormats and the boot scraper. The highly-abrasive coir fibers will retain a myriad of particles that would otherwise cause unsightly stains. The pineapple-adorned beach welcome mats will hold onto any mud and moisture scraped off the undersides of footwear, and the boot scraper will efficiently capture grime from the sides of shoes. The “Coastal Décor” kit will help you preserve the laid-back vibes of your entryways by preventing muddy footprints or unsightly stains from ruining your floors.

Beach Door Mat with Pictures of lighthouse in front of door
Beach Door Mat with Pictures of lighthouse in front of door

Boot Scraper Entry Mats are Not Just for Boots!

While most of us usually opt for, say, coastal doormats made of coir as our way of preventing debris from entering our homes, some may find that boot scrapers better fit the bill. Coir boot-scrapers are best for—as you can guess—boots. Boots are much larger than footwear such as sneakers, and—thus—they tend to accrue much larger quantities of dirt and moisture. Plus, people who wear boots tend to wear them into environments that are dirtier than normal, such as muddy areas. Thus, this kind of footwear often demands a higher degree of scraping action. Boot scrapers do that job. While most boot scrapers are shaped in basic, non-creative ways, we offer a selection of boot scrapers that are inspired by things such as cute animals and abstract patterns. Within our coastal door mat selection, we offer boot scrapers such as a turtle boot-scraper, which is a coir boot-scraper shaped like a cute turtle. If you are a marine-life enthusiast, boot scrapers like these will surely complement your entryway well—all while keeping your home clean!

“Lighthouse on the Cape Cod Doormats”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • This doormat’s base is made out of tough PVC
  • This all weather floor mat can be left outdoors

Treat Your Environment Right: Loving the ocean, you probably care about the environment and its condition. These cape cod doormats are made partially out of coir, a natural material extracted from the outer husk of coconuts. “Green” products have a number of benefits over their 100% synthetic only counterparts. For starters, eco-conscious products are generally more cost effective. Not only more affordable, they produce less environmental harm.

Handles Moisture: Do not worry about the ocean’s breeze getting to this all weather floor mat. The coir used for its surfacing is capable of handling it. Coir’s ability to endure in moist environments makes these cape cod doormats great moisture trappers. Wiping your feet on each beach doormat will help prevent moisture from being brought inside, keeping it captive between the doormat’s bristles.

Welcome Aboard Nautical Door Mat
Welcome Aboard Nautical Door Mat

Coastal Designs Demand Eco-Friendly Door Mats

At Coirmat.com, we believe in using ingredients to make an eco-friendly product as much as possible. Fortunately, our beach door mats, pineapple door mats, and other products largely made of coir, an environmentally friendly material. Coir, also known as coco, is a natural component of coconut husks. Coir is well-suited for door matting applications because of the qualities which it inherently possesses. These qualities include water-resistance, UV-resistance, and abrasion-resistance. After all, coconuts are evolutionarily equipped to handle long periods of exposure to a variety of harsh elements. Thus, it should come as no surprise that coir fibers are great for applications which demand these properties. Coir is not just great only for its environmentally friendly and functional properties: Environmentally friendly, coir door mats are generally more cost-effective to produce than their completely synthetic counterparts. This should not be surprising, since coir is derived from such a simple, natural object and since the methods through which manufacturers procure coir are relatively inexpensive. This helps us offer you door mats for your home’s front or patio entryway at highly affordable prices. In total, our coir doormats are environmentally friendly, cost effective, and highly functional, a collection of qualities which makes a coir door mat an unbeatable choice when it comes to outfitting your residential entryway with a protective barrier against unwanted debris.

“Turtle” Boot Scraper

  • Coir fibers can trap solid debris particles
  • Fun eye-catching aesthetic for your guests, kids and adults alike
  • Weather resistant coir fibers are suitable for prolonged placement outdoors

Effective Boot Scraper: Coir fibers cover the entirety of this three-dimensional boot brush. The means the rough bristles are to found not only on the top of the mat but also on its sides and the bottom. No matter which angle from where you scrub your shoes, the fibers are going to scrape away more muck and grime before those shoes can go indoors. Coir fibers are very good at latching onto debris particles, which is why they are preferred for use as boot scraper mats.

A “Green” Turtle: This boot brush is a “Green” product, meaning that it is made with environmentally conscious materials. The eco-friendly material in question is the coir. This strong fibrous material is extracted from a natural source: coconut husks. They are not engineered in some laboratory, but instead are harvested on coconut plantations. This gives consumers the advantage of being eco-conscious while also saving money because these “Green” products are budget friendly alternatives to their synthetically made counterparts on the market.

Tropical Pineapple
Pineapple Doormats for Homes with a Tropical Decoration

Shop Coirmat.com Large Selection of Quality Door mats

Here at Coirmat.com, we do our best to provide you with a variety of the best coastal door mats. Our Cap code doormat, as well as our other kinds of coastal doormats, are designed to provide a unique and brilliant aesthetic for your home’s entryway atmosphere. Not only visually pleasing—our welcome mats will help support your home’s cleanliness while being an eco-friendly product that does not harm the environment. You can show your love for the ocean’s beauty while using a product (such as a nautical rope doormat) that promotes its health! If you want to give your home a coastal-like theme, start with your doorways. Coastal doormats are the perfect addition to any beach-lover’s home. It shows your guests just how much you love the ocean!