An Entry Mat for Every Doorway

Every home has a unique theme that goes hand in hand with the owner’s aesthetic appeal. A welcome mat is the first thing a guest will see before walking into a home. To help with the aesthetic appeal of a home, contemporary doormats have been appearing in a variety of different themes ranging from fleur de lis décor and coastal décor, to name a few. A themed doormat will allow your guest to recognize and visualize the aesthetic appeal of your home before they walk in. Coir Mat.Com has a wide selection of entrance mats that can help enhance the entryway of a home. Elegant doormats and floral doormats are a few themed products that Coir has to offer to ensure your home has that added touch of décor.

Coir wants to make sure that your home gets that perfect added touch of aesthetic appeal it needs. These contemporary doormats are made to be an extension of the overall theme of the home. Those who find themselves in love with all things aquatic will find coastal décor doormats a very popular theme among their patrons. Beach front homes are ideal for this type of aquatic and nautical theme. Many designs can be found on these contemporary doormats such as lighthouses, aquatic life, and boats.

Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat in front of red door

“St. Germaine Fleur de Lis” Door Mat

•  Large doormats fit double entryway
•  PVC backing provides support
•  These French mats bring French aesthetic to your doorstep!

Lilies to Last: The fleur-de-lis is a symbol that has lasted a long time and this coir mat can last a long time as well. The enduring life span of coir is partly due to its ability to handle moisture. Do not worry about having to pull this fleur-de-lis welcome mat inside when the clouds look like it is going to be raining. Coir absorbs moisture and dries fairly fast, enabling this doormat to handle rainfall. This handy feature creates an environment that is not hospitable for the accumulation of mold and mildew. These coir doormats can make a long lasting investment.

Pretty but Tough: Just because this doormat is pretty to look at doesn’t mean this coir fiber mat will not be a good dirt blocker for your clean house! The coir bristles of each doormat works to brush up against the bottom of your shoes to scrape off dirt and debris before it gets close to entering your home or office, lying dormant in your fleur-de-lis doormat until you are ready to clean it. Simply shake or brush these coir doormats to get the debris out. If it is simply too dirty to get it all off, it can be washed with a hose to rinse all these unwanted particles out of it’s bristles.

Classic Fleur De Lis
Classic Fleur De Lis

Find Elegance in Classic Designs

If your lifestyle is catered to a more elegant doormat, the fleur de lis décor has been proven to be one of the top choices in elegance and sophistication. This European style has been around since Clovis adopted this floral icon to be the symbol of his empire. Ever since then this iconic symbol of elegance has been used to enhance home décor, style, and fashion. This added touch of French sophistication will enhance the visual appeal of any home. The European collection not only includes the fleur de lis décor, but cast iron rubber mats as well. These cast iron mats provide an open frame to allow for a more simplistic yet graceful touch to any front door. Not only does this style add that extra value to your home, but it gives it a sense of culture at the same time.

For those who are into a more at home feel, Coir contemporary doormats also provide a country collection. The rustic feel of the country style will allow your guest to feel more at home when walking in. The aesthetic appeal of a country style allows for a more inviting feel when guest step up to the front door. The more inviting an entryway is presented the more a guest will feel warm and cozy being in your home. Some of the many designs that are included within this style include landscapes, homes, and even the American flag for those who want a more patriotic feel. Coming home from a hectic day of work, and being greeted by a contemporary doormat that makes you feel at home is exactly what everyone needs.

Many people have hobbies that have to do with maintaining their homes that help keep them sane and at peace with themselves. One popular hobby incudes gardening, which also doubles as a way to make the outside of your home look more appealing to those passing by. A floral doormat is the best way to welcome your friends and families to come and witness all the work you put into your amazing garden. These elegant doormats come in a wide variety of different floral designs that appeal to those who have an appreciation of flora in various forms. Gardens help bring life to any landscape, and adding a floral doormat to your home’s facade will help illuminate that fact.

Purple English Lavender
Purple English Lavender

“Sunflower Welcome Mats”

•  Traps dirt within the coir fibers
•  Easy to clean with a brush or water hose
•  Ideal gift for those who have gardens or love floral designs

Defends Against Garden Dirt: If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors, whether it is in your garden or out on a hiking trail, you’re going to be bringing back a lot of dirt to your home. Outdoor dirt particles have a talent for sticking to your shoes, and once they are tracked inside your home you can expect to spend some time cleaning the mess away. These coir entrance mats can help prevent that from happening. The coir fibers that make up the surface of this sunflower mat latch onto all different kinds of outdoor debris particles and help prevent them from being tracked indoors.

Survives in Both Sun and Rain: The coir fibers that make this all-weather floor mat are very comfortable in outdoor settings. Coconuts grow in the outdoors exposed to rain and sun, so it only makes sense that the resulting coir fibers be able to endure these elements. These coir entrance mats do not provide conditions for the development of mold and mildew on their surfaces when exposed to prolonged moisture, nor will they crack under the glare of intense UV rays. These welcome mats are designed to be placed in the outdoors throughout the year.

Red Daisy
Red Daisy Doormat

Doormats as a Reflection of the Homeowner Personality

Those who have a more artistic and contemporary view on life will be sure to enjoy Coir’s modern styled welcome mats. Modern style is all about simple aesthetics, keeping up with current trends, and sleek designs that work together to help take a space to the next level. Different shapes, patterns, and colors working in tandem to make a unique piece of artwork are what many of Coir doormats have in common. Using different inspirational quotes, funny sayings, and creative variations of the two, these doormats would be the perfect addition to your front door.

The aesthetic of your house is a direct reflection of your personality, therefore making sure to have a contemporary doormat that fits the style of your home is very crucial and necessary. These elegant doormats that might contain a fleur de lis décor or coastal décor will be sure to make an exquisite addition to the front of your house. Therefore, when selecting a doormat make sure to browse through the many styles that Coir has to offer and elevate your home to the next level.

Need Directions

“Happy Home Country Door Mats”

•  PVC backing provides a base for support
•  Gives your entry way happy décor
•  This coconut doormat is also moisture resistant

Made for Sunshine: These all weather mats are made to bring happiness to your home no matter how hot! Made of coir, a heavy-duty but flexible fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, these mats are UV and ozone resistant! Coir does not suffer from any immediate cracking, giving each country doormat durability and quality. Whether the sun is just peaking out or it is an incredibly bright summer day, this coconut doormat can stay outside.

Happy Home, Happy Earth: Spread the joy not only to your home, but also to our planet! This patio mat is made of coir, a natural material, qualifying these doormats as “green”. Using eco-conscious materials is great for a number of reasons. For starters, these doormats make a great gift for those who have global warming on their minds. Second, these doormats are generally more cost effective than products created using more synthetic materials. Keep America clean!

Herb Garden
Herb Garden
Obscure Dimension
Obscure Dimension

“Rouge Contemporary Floral Doormat”

•  Coir is an eco-friendly material
•  Features both practical benefits and pretty aesthetic
•  UV resistance prevents any immediate sun damage

Made of Coir: These front door mats are made of coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. It is a rough and durable fiber that makes for a great doormat. These Coir mats also have backing made of PVC for structure and support. The PVC backing of these painted floor mats provides an extra layer of protection for flooring and keeps the coir separated from the floor surface.

Dirt Killer: Whether you are coming home from the office or a hike, the bottom of your shoes are going to be carrying debris and all sorts of dirty undesirable guests. Having one of these front door mats can assist with getting this junk off the bottom of your shoes. The coir of these painted floor mats means business when it comes to dirt, mud, debris, and other unwanted outside visitors. Coir bristles are great for scraping the bottom of those shoes, helping you keep a clean entrance and a clean house!

Deciduous Tree
Deciduous Tree