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Contemporary Welcome Home Mat

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Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mat

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Modern Landscape Contemporary Doormat


“Affection! Owl Doormat”

Soaking Coconuts

Modern Ribbon Script – Coir Welcome Mat

  • The design is painted with long-lasting, waterproof emulsion paint that won’t fade or wear off
  • Crafted from natural coir fiber, this doormat offers abrasion resistance and effective shoe-scraping capabilities
  • Built to last with resistance to UV rays, ozone, moisture, and all types of weather conditions

Fanciful Ribbon Script: The elegant greeting illustrated on the “Modern Ribbon Script” coir welcome-mat offers a sophisticated “Welcome” to any guest. This modern door-mat employs a fanciful script to greet your visitors with a chic and refined look. Use this modern outdoor-mat to elevate entryways to your home, business, or office—anywhere you want to extend a warm yet polished welcome. The contrasting dark font and borders pair beautifully with the light brown coir, emphasizing the natural hues of the fibers. The design uses heavy-duty emulsion paint that will remain in place without fading.

Incredible Durability: Trendy door-mats such as the “Modern Ribbon Script” coir welcome-mat are made of—you guessed it—coir! Coir, known as coco fiber, is the processed husks of coconuts—making it a plentiful and natural resource. Coir’s inherent resiliencies also make it the perfect outdoor material, ideal for our modern door-mats. Coconut fiber is incredibly strong, able to resist sunlight, moisture, ozone, harsh temperatures, and mildew growth. This is due to the coconut’s ability to travel vast distances across the ocean for propagation. We have the hardy fruit to thank for such robust and durable indoor and outdoor matting!

Modern Doormat for Contemporary Entryways
Modern Doormat for Contemporary Entryways

What is Modern Design?

Modern design was a byproduct of the industrial revolution and the ensuing productivity and wealth that North America and Europe experienced.  At this time modern design was the future of design and style. It separated itself from what was contemporary at the time. Modernity was always looking forward and claiming separation from the past. Modern design was mass produced, and it used the newly found capabilities of machinery to offer affordable décor, furniture, and architecture for consumption of the masses. Modern design was, and is, different things at every stage of its development from the late 1800’s until now. Modern décor now means minimalist lines, natural materials, earth tones, natural light, clutter free spaces, unpretentiousness, and a refute of Gothic, Georgian, and Victorian design concepts. Our modern entry mats follow the same guidelines as what is stated above. Most of the modern entrance mats have neutral color designs, with some flashy colors used as an accent colors. Since the philosophy of modernity is that less is more, you will find functional designed entrance mats that speak to clarity.

“Purple English Lavender” – a Flower Doormat

  • Can also be cleaned with a hose
  • Provides a charming floral aesthetic for any home décor
  • Scraped debris will remain trapped within the coir fibers

Eco-Friendly Construction: This flower doormat is an eco-friendly product thanks to the coir fibers that make up the body. Coir is a natural material whose production is more eco-friendly than that of its synthetic only counterparts. One of the biggest advantages of having an eco-friendly product like these unique doormats is that they are very affordable and long lasting. Plus, they help you contribute to reducing your overall carbon footprint!

Dirt Scraping Efficiency: This flower doormat is very efficient and effective at scraping away dirt, mud, and other different kinds of outdoor debris stuck on incoming footwear. The thick fibrous bristles of these coir entrance mats are designed to scrape along the nooks and crannies of different kinds of shoes and boots in order to flush out dirt and mud. These may be decorative doormats, but they serve as a useful function in keeping the interior areas of your home nice and clean.

Modern-Style Front Doormat with a picture of a tree at front porch
Deciduous Tree – Modern Door Mats

Bristle of Coconut Coir Clean Shoes

Our vast and varied assortment of modern door mats is full of incredibly creative and abstract imagery that is capable of capturing the gaze of incoming foot-traffic. Our welcome mat designs are exactly what their name implies, modern!  Richly painted with a variety of sleek and uncluttered design elements each contemporary door mat is made to make your front or patio doorway less cluttered and easier to visually navigate.

Opposite of vintage designs, modern décor is designed to be unique, fresh, and clean. These modern door mats are great for the hip and chic consumer looking to stay up to date with their home’s outdoor aesthetic. However, do not mistake our trendy door mats for mere decorations! Our welcome mats put function first.  Our welcome mats are designed to be a cleaning aid by wiping the feet of incoming friends and guests.  While the entry mat design invite guests to travers them, the bristles of coir are made to grab and clean the bottom of shoes. The bristles of coir are coarse of full of lignin, a complex organic polymer deposited in the cell walls of many plants, making them rigid and woody. This makes for a surface that is textured and natural removes contaminants from whatever glides over it.

The abstract designs of modern welcome mats truly make them art pieces, giving you a profound work of art about which you can endlessly reflect, as well as layer interpretation after interpretation. When it comes to our modern door mats, every user sees a different entry mat: this is to say that, because our modern door mats are so artistically designed, every person will view, and assess, it from a different, personal perspective.

Contemporary Welcome Home Mats

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • This welcome doormat is tough on dirt
  • Works as an outdoor patio mat

Ingredients: Made of coir, a rough and tough fiber pulled from the outer husk of coconut shells, these door entry mats are “Green”. The coir used for each welcome doormat is a marvelous material that has been in use for centuries because of its tough nature. This coir mat also has a base made out of PVC, so you can wipe your feet on a stable doormat provided with structure.

Good Bye Dirt: Just because this outdoor welcome mat welcomes you home, it does not mean it will welcome all of that dirt under your shoes! The coir composition of these home welcome mats makes them a strong tool for catching outside debris. The surface of each coir entrance mat is also able to keep dirt and debris from the outdoors trapped between the bristles lining its surface. Keeping dirt under control in one area outside your doorstep makes it easily disposable when you are ready.

“Rouge Contemporary Floral”

“Red Hearts Doormat”

Welcome in many different languages splayed on a brown mat
Welcome in many different languages splayed on a brown mat

Modern Entrance Mats Made from Agricultural Waste

Our collection of contemporary door mats is not only good-looking, but our contemporary doormats are also eco-friendly. This is because they are produced using an amazing entrance mat material called coir. Coir, also known as coco, is a coarse and resilient fiber that is found within the outer husks of coconuts. Using a natural material to create a “Green” product has a number of benefits, that synthetic door mat options cannot compete with. For starters, our eco-conscious modern door mats are made cost-effectiveness and with practicality in mind. Because coir is produced with minimal processing, it is highly cost-effective to produce. The savings that we incur while bringing coir entrance mats to our customers are directly reflected in the price point of the doormats. As always, we are committed to bringing you high-quality products at cost-effective prices. Furthermore, our use of this environmentally friendly material reflects our commitment to minimizing the amount of harm caused to our planet. After all, being a sustainable company is something that we have always valued since our founding. Each environmentally friendly, contemporary door mat is a great option for the consumer who is environmentally conscious.

“Brown Streaks Modern Door Mats”

  • UV and ozone resistance helps keep these doormats endure during bright weather
  • Easy to clean, simply shake or brush!
  • Coir doormat with a modern style for your entryway décor

Durable Ingredients: Made out of coir, a natural heavy-duty fibrous material extracted from the outer layer of coconut husks, these doormats mean business when it comes to dirt scraping. PVC is also used for the base of this coir doormat, enhancing its overall sturdiness. With both coir and PVC, this outdoor patio mat is put together using quality ingredients.

Avoid Moist Floors: You just cleaned your floor because you are having company over, but it is raining outside and you are worried about them tracking in moisture from outside. The moisture trapping ability of coir makes these walkoff mats incredibly useful for situations or whenever moisture might be involved. This outdoor patio mat is capable of brushing moisture off the bottom of shoes, keeping much of it within the coir fibers of these modern doormats outside where it belongs.

Double door kit one shaped in a tree and one with a welcome message on it
Modern Landscape Contemporary Doormat with a tree design and brown background in front of a door

Coir Entrance Mats Designed to Last!

Getting one of our modern door mats from Coir is smart for a variety of reasons. For one, they simply look unbelievably amazing. Coconut coir has a natural, earthy look that tends to have a positive impact for the overall mood of your modern home décor. In addition to coir’s naturally beautiful color, it is also a highly functional material. Coconuts have evolved to become extremely resilient since, naturally, their plants reproduce by dropping these coconuts into ocean currents. Coconuts are meant to travel by floating on these currents, reaching nearby land to eventually sprout and grow into new coconut trees. However, this journey toward nearby shores can sometimes last months. And thus, coconuts have naturally evolved to have exceedingly resilient husks. Coconut husks are incredible at withstanding a variety of hostile outdoor conditions. These harsh conditions include excessive exposure to moisture, to impact, to abrasion, and to UV rays. Thus, choosing a contemporary doormat made from coir will afford you a highly durable entry mat. Functional and cost-effective, a coir doormat will last for seasons while placed in front of your entryway. It can easily handle the variety of weather conditions it will undoubtedly become subject to. And, of course, it is highly capable of handling the large amounts of daily abuse it will receive when people scrape their feet on the entrance mat. And while most coir door mats will be subject to light moisture and extreme sunlight, they can easily handle conditions such as heavy rainfall, hail, and even cold snow. If you are worried about the precipitation of wet and clammy weather causing mold or mildew, you can ease your mind because each of these astonishing door mats has moisture resistant capabilities. Coir naturally resists the growths of these hazardous, organic organisms, making it a highly sanitary option for your entryway. If you are lucky enough to live in a comfortable place where only the sun’s heat is an issue, you will be happy to know these modern door mats are also ozone resistant. Unlike many other materials, they will not suffer from any immediate solar damage when left out in the sun’s rays. Both terrene and capable of enduring extensive periods of time in the outdoors, a coir mat from is truly the way to go for all your door matting needs.

“Hooo’s There? Owl Doormat”

“Purple English Lavender”

“Red Daisy” – a Flower Door Mat

  • Coir is an eco-friendly material
  • Easy to clean with assistance of a water hose
  • Perfect for front or back patios and entrances

Effective Dirt Scraper: To find one of the best features about a coir doormat like this, simply start by looking at the surface. Coir is a popular material for use on outdoor doormats because its thick and rough texture can scrape away unwanted dirt and mud. Shoes often have all kinds of outdoor debris stuck to them: dirt, mud, rocks, sand, gravel, etc. The coir fibers on this flower doormat have the ability to flush these contaminants out from the hard-to-reach areas of your shoes. The fibers then trap the debris within the patio mat itself, keeping it trapped there until the doormat itself is washed clean.

Meant for Outdoor Use: This flower doormat is very efficient and effective at scraping away dirt, mud, and other different kinds of outdoor debris stuck on incoming footwear. The thick fibrous bristles of these coir entrance mats are designed to scrape along the nooks and crannies of different kinds of shoes and boots in order to flush out dirt and mud. These may be decorative doormats, but they serve as a useful function in keeping the interior areas of your home nice and clean.

Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door
Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door

Doormat Kits Help Cover Multiple Entryways

And if your home has multiple entryways, which is not uncommon, you do not necessarily need to purchase multiple, individual doormats. At Coir, we offer a large variety of doormat kits. Our contemporary-doormat kits contain multiple contemporary doormats, making your choice between multiple modern door mats easier when you can easily purchase both options at a packaged price point! Our contemporary doormat collection does not only contain entry mats such as a striped doormat or entrance mats with abstract patterns. We offer doormats such as our “Affection! Owl Doormat” for those who want a modern doormat based on more realistic imagery. A modern front door mat such as this one can bring your entryway a touch of modern charm without standing out too much as an abstract piece of art. In the same vein, our “Contemporary Welcome Home Mats” feature a contemporary spin on the classic, welcome-mat design. This modern door mat displays the classic greeting, albeit with a modern variation: the text’s font is highly modernized, and its border is simple, yet bold. These entrance mats are just a few of the many contemporary doormats we offer within this collection.

“Red Hearts Doormat”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • Tan and bright red colors bring color to your doorway
  • The back of this product is lined with PVC

Long Lasting Love: This valentine doormat can make your doorway brighten up for a long time thanks to its durability, UV, and ozone resistance. Made out of coco coir, a solid fibrous material extracted from the outside layer of coconut shells, these coco coir mats are made to last outside on sunny days. The ability to not suffer from instant sun damage makes these doormats great for sitting outside all yearlong.

Love the Environment: Not only is this doormat able to bring a warm welcome to your doorstep, this valentine doormat shows care to the Earth as well. Coir is a natural product, qualifying these doormats as eco-conscious. Going “Green” helps make these doormats cost effect, perfect for the cautious consumer. Showing love to the environment has never felt so good!

Owl Doormats with Small Owl & tree branch
Owl Doormats with Small Owl & tree branch

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Here at Coir, we believe in providing the best modern welcome mats we have to offer. Each contemporary door mat has a stunning design for a fresh and new take on home decorations. Not only do these modern door mats have abstract and eye-catching charm—they are eco-friendly and have a number of functional advantages, such as long-lasting durability, all-weather resistances, abrasion resistance, and impact-absorbance. These modern door mats also retain a degree of natural, rustic charm—adding to the classiness of your doorway’s overall ambiance. The environmentally friendly, highly functional, and cost-effective products we offer here at Coir are simply a testament to our unwavering devotion to providing our customers with the best products possible, at all times. When looking for a contemporary doormat, look no further. The modern door mats we offer here at Coir are unmatched across every dimension of analysis. Take a look for yourself! We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!