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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a book. Get the lowdown on all of CoirMat.com’s products by browsing our YouTube channel or by using the videos below. Check out our YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

While our YouTube channel contains many more videos than the ones shown above, we thought we’d show you these ones: They are the ones we think our customers would be most interested in. Among our videos are how-to guides, product showcases, and media features. Each set of videos is geared toward resolving certain issues. Our how-to guides help customers install or modify their entryway products after having bought them. For example, if you need to adjust the size of your doormat to fit a new, smaller entryway, our how-to guide on modifying doormats gives you simple, step-by-step instructions on adjusting your product. While altering your product is highly DIY-friendly, it never hurts to have a helping hand. These how-to guides are that extra layer of assistance that you might need.

We also show you how coir is made. In doing so, we hope you can see why we love coir so much. It’s highly versatile, hand-processed, and—best of all—all-natural. Our product showcases highlight individual products and product kits, showing you their advantages and how they look once installed. In these videos, one of our expert staff members may break down what makes a product noteworthy—including its material composition, methods of installation, and ideal applications. Finally, our media features show footage of our products being used by both laymen and professionals through a commercial platform.

Browse our video gallery to get a more detailed analysis of our products and how they function in real-world situations. These videos will help you understand our coir doormats, boot scrapers, rubber floors, plastic flooring, and other flooring products more clearly. We hope that our video library—in addition to our detailed descriptions and high-quality photographs—helps you make the best decision possible as you explore CoirMat.com’s online storefront.

How to Cut a Doormat

It should come as no surprise to discover that doorways and entryways come in all shapes and sizes. For this reason, there’s virtually no such thing as a “one size fits all” doormat. Fortunately, it is completely possible for essentially all coir mats to be cut down to size. Coir mats possess a great number of inherent qualities that make them superior to other types of doormats, and this modifiable feature makes a coir doormat the perfect option for nearly any locale or doorway!

The Durability of Coco Mats

Coir Mat.com specializes in eco-friendly doormats made from 100% natural coconut fiber. Because coconuts grow in harsh climates, their protective husks must be very thick, and the tough husk, which is extracted and processed into coir, offers strong natural resistance to weathering. Check out this video and see how these sustainable, naturally produced coir doormats are the ideal all-season matting material! Then browse our collection of durable coir doormats!

Coir Fiber Separation

Coirmat.com’s all natural, sustainably produced doormats are made from thick, durable coconut fibers. These fibers, which are valued for their all weather durability, are called coir. Coir is harvested from the outer husk of the coconut fruit, and has to be treated before it can be made into useful products. It has to be soaked in water to loosen the fibers, and then it has to be separated. The separation process is done with a large rotating drum fitted with sharp steel bars, which separates the coir into long, medium, and short fibers. The length of the fiber then determines what type of application it’s used for.

Soaking Coconuts

All of our Coirmat.com doormats are made with 100% coconut coir. These fibers are the product of entirely eco-friendly, sustainable production processes that take place on small cottage industries. Coconuts are harvested on the village plantations, and de-husked by hand. One of the most important steps is retting, where the coconuts are soaked in water to encourage microbe growth fiber separation. After retting, the fibers are drained, cleaned, dried, and prepared for the next step of the coir mat production process.

Husking Coconuts

CoirMat.com’s doormats are made of 100% natural coconut fiber. This sustainable, eco-friendly material is extracted from the husks of coconuts, through a process that is done entirely by hand. Coconuts are picked from tall palms by skilled workers, who climb up the palms to cut down ripe coconuts. The thick, fibrous husk has to be separated from the edible inner seed. This is done by driving a sharp machete into the coconut, and then splitting the husk. This method of manual extraction is eco-friendly, because it only uses manpower and saves the energy that would have been used to power de-husking machines.

The Coir Cottage Industry and the Production of Coco Mats

Coir Mat.com invites you on a tour of our cottage industry production sites in India and Sri Lanka, where the small-town industrial feel is entirely different from today’s modern mass-producing factories. The coir industry here is run largely by manpowered machines and tools. Specific steps of the coir production process take place in specialized facilities located right on site, next to the workers’ homes. Here, we reveal the unique sustainability of the coir industry community.

The Coconut Tree, A Wealth of Resources

Coir Mat.com knows that durable coconut husk fiber isn’t the only useful part of a coconut tree! Because coconut trees grow in harsh climates, their trunks, branches, and leaves must be able to survive extreme heat, moisture, and inclement weather. As a result, various parts of the coconut tree are frequently used as building materials and in other applications. Watch this video to learn more about the ways coconut trees contribute to the homes and businesses of many natural coir mat producers.

The Coco Mat Production Process

At CoirMat.com, we supply only the highest quality coir door mats, decorative mats, and boot scrapers. Rubber-Cal recently took trips to India and Sri Lanka to bring you glimpses of the sustainable processes by which our natural coir doormats are made. Every one of our coir mats contains 100% natural coir fiber that is harvested from coconut husks and transformed into a tough, weather-resistant fiber material. Check out this video to learn more about the process! This video will take you from coconut harvesting to the formation of durable natural fiber mats of different types.

The Many Eco-Friendly Uses of Coconuts

Coir Mat.com’s doormats are made from durable coconut husk fiber, but the useful nature of the coconuts themselves doesn’t stop there. We traveled to India and Sri Lanka to uncover the many ways coconuts are used in door mats, brushes, natural rubber harvesting, and more! Because coconut fiber is a durable and natural material, it is a great eco-friendly alternative for synthetic fibers. Watch this video to learn more about the versatility of coconuts as eco matting material.

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

Coir Mat.com’s eco-friendly doormats are made with sustainable rubber and natural coir and are handcrafted by skilled workers without polluting or harming the environment. Check out this new video to learn about the natural and sustainable resources that are used in our coco mats, rubber door mats, and rubber runners. These eco-friendly sources include natural coconut husk fiber, natural rubber, and recycled rubber tires.

Harvesting Coconuts for Coco Mat Production

Coir Mat.com’s natural fiber mats contain 100% natural coconut husk fiber. Every one of our eco mats is produced by small producers in cottage-style industry. Check out this video to learn about the sustainable, labor-intensive process of harvesting coconuts from trees, de-husking them for coir fiber, and producing eco-friendly coco mats, ropes, brushes, and other consumer products.

Coco Mat Production, From Coconut Husk to Coir Fiber

All of Coir Mat.com’s sustainable coir doormats are made from 100% natural coconut husk fiber. Made and sold by small producers, these natural fiber mats are made through sustainable traditional processes that result in little to no pollution. Check out this step-by-step video to learn how coconuts are harvested, de-husked, and dried to produce various types of coir fiber — the same natural fiber that is used in our coco mats and other eco-matting products!

The Product of Natural Rubber, An Eco-Friendly Matting Resource

We traveled to Sri Lanka to uncover the process by which natural rubber material is produced for our eco-friendly mats. Watch this video to learn the process by which small producers and their families harvest natural rubber sap from rubber trees on plantations in places like India and Sri Lanka. The cottage industries that produce the natural rubber used in our sustainable rubber door mats and coco mats is just one example of how we can utilize natural resources in an eco-friendly way.

“Its Summer!” Beach Nautical Doormat

Get ready to sail into the sunset with our “It’s Summer!” nautical doormat. This captivating coir mat is designed to bring the essence of a wonderful sailing trip right to your doorstep. In this video, we will take you on a virtual journey showcasing the vivid colors, charming motifs, and exquisite craftsmanship of the sailor-themed mat. You will be able to see the vibrancy of the colors and the allure of the artwork in a real setting.

Meow Welcome Mat” Cat Doormat

Take a virtual tour of our adorable “Meow” cat doormat—the ultimate welcome mat for cat lovers! The beautiful coir mat features the silhouette of a cat, sitting on its hind legs, possibly up to no good. You can check out the bristly coir surface, the minimalist design, and the overall integrity of the construction in this video.

Modern Landscape Contemporary Doormat

See how our “Modern Landscape” novelty doormat really looks like in a sunlit setting. A picture speaks a thousand words, but this video will show you the exquisite artisanship that went into the coir mat in three dimensions! You can check out the rubber underside that gives the coir mat its remarkable anti-slip grip, and enjoy the minimalist artwork that will leave guests guessing!

“Stars and Stripes” Patriotic Coir Doormat

Show off your love for America with a patriotic doormat. This classic design is inspired by the iconic stars and stripes of the Star-Spangled Banner—leaving no doubt as to where your loyalties lie. This video shows the red, white, and blue surface of the mat in a daytime setting. You can see for yourself the thickness, the rubber underside, and the overall sturdy construction of the mat. In the Land of the Free, keep your floors clean!

A Gift! Merry Christmas Doormat

Christmas is best celebrated with a beautiful, coir doormat. Take an exciting video tour of our Christmas welcome mat that looks like a gift-wrapped present. Unwrap the delicate details of the minimalist design that features eye-catching colors. The sunlit setting will highlight the colors and the texture of the coir surface. The mat will enrich any doorstep with festive cheer, welcoming your holiday guests with charm and warmth.

“Field of Red Daisies” Doormat

Ever wonder what designer doormats actually look like on your doorstep? This virtual tour will give you a glimpse of how our “Red Daisies” flower doormat might look in your home or office. You can get a close-up view of the surface that shows a detailed view of the coir texture and the vivid colors. The minimalist design is intended to complement any décor—now you can decide which of your entryways is best for the mat.

“Kitty Welcome Mat” Cat Doormat

Enjoy a 3-D view of our designer cat mat featuring a kitty lounging stylishly over a polite “Welcome” greeting. This video shows how the minimalist design looks during the daytime on an actual doorstep. Made from coir, our kitty doormat is durable, absorbent, abrasive, and eco-friendly! The non-toxic construction will be “purrfect” for households and offices with or without cats.

“Purple English Lavender” Doormat

Adorn your entryways with the serene visuals of lavender flowers swaying in the breeze. How well does our flower welcome mat compare to the real thing? You can check out the captivating design in this video and decide for yourself. The doormat is made from coir—an all-natural fiber known for its durability and weather resilience. The mat comes with an anti-slip rubber underside, which you can view in the video.

“Living for the Weekend” Beach Doormat

Let your guests know your priorities with our “Living for the Weekend” beach doormat made from coir. It is decorated with colorful motifs that evoke the relaxing spirit of a dreamy getaway. You can enhance your entryways with laid-back charm and greet guests as if you are always on vacation! The coir construction will keep dirt, debris, and sand off your floors. The sturdy and durable build will outlive the summer and last throughout the year.

“Happy Holidays to All” Doormat

Take a closer look at our “Happy Holiday” doormat that will introduce a deluge of charm and warmth to your doorsteps. The mat features a simple greeting in a cheerful font to match the spirit of the festive season. The minimalist design will seamlessly blend with your existing holiday décor, no matter how colorful. This video tour will show you the bristly coir surface and the rubber underside that increases the slip resistance on any type of flooring.

“A Polite Kiss Goodbye” Go Away Doormat

Who says you have to always be polite when greeting guests? You can give guests a sassy welcome with this “Go Away” doormat. Bold designs accompany the saucy greeting printed in big, block letters that no one will miss. Guests will be either taken with the design—or taken aback! This unforgettable coir mat will be ideal for creating unconventional entryways that shine with character and charm.

“Welcome Aboard” Nautical Door Mat

Get on board to go on a virtual tour of our “Welcome Aboard” nautical doormat, designed especially for sailing enthusiasts. This simple and colorful design of the coir mat will evoke the feeling of being on a sailboat, enjoying the swaying waves. The mat effortlessly combines a great aesthetic with amazing functionality. You can expect excellent durability, scraping power, traction, and absorbency levels. This charming mat will keep your floors clean, spotless, and in—ahem—“shipshape.”

Gone Shopping Novelty Doormat

The “Gone Shopping” doormat is perfect for fashion-loving people who don’t mind letting out their inner sass once in a while. This coir-based funny door-mat features a cheeky greeting accompanied by artwork of a woman who has obviously been shopping. This coir mat will keep your entryways clean and enrich them with unique character and style. Jokes aside, the coir construction is highly durable and can withstand exposure. You can clean the mat without a hassle and use it in both indoor and outdoor areas.

Come In Welcome Doormat

The “Come In” welcome mat features a delightful design that will charm guests, visitors, and residents alike. Elegant and sophisticated, this novelty door-mat features a playful font that will warmly greet anyone who comes to your doorstep. The simple design is great for matching with any interior décor. The doormat is made from coir, a sturdy natural fiber extracted from coconuts. It has a rubber underside to increase traction on any surface. You can check out these features in the video.

“Deciduous Tree” – Modern Door Mat

Add a touch of mystery and Gothic flair to your entryways with our coir mat featuring a gnarly tree. Its twisted branches curl into macabre shapes, creating a foreboding atmosphere. This mat will be great to use as a Halloween doormat to create spooky entryways that capture the imagination. Made from coir, this doormat is great for use during any season to keep entryways clean during heavy foot-traffic.

Leave Doormat

Make your preferences as clear as a spotless floor with our “Leave” doormat. Designed to keep dirt, grime, dust, moisture, and unwanted guests away, this mat will be ideal for those who love cheeky humor. The mat is made from coir and features a minimalist design on an undyed surface. It has a rubber underside to increase traction on any entryway. You can take a closer look at these features in this video.

I Will Not Be A Doormat! Funny Doormat

Add a touch of hilarity and irony to your doorstep with a funny doormat that declares “I will not be a doormat!” The whimsical design repeats the message that will surely add personality and charm to your entryways. This video will show you what the typography, the coir surface, and the anti-slip grips look like in a real setting. The mat is constructed to be durable and endure exposure in outdoor areas.

“Red Daisy” a Flower Door Mat

Enrich your entryways with a vibrant burst of color with our “Red Daisy” flower doormat. This stylish mat takes minimalism to a new level by featuring only a single red daisy. The vermillion hue of the flower starkly contrasts with the rustic coir background, creating a visual extravaganza that immediately catches the eye. You can see the specific hue of red we used in this video, alongside the intricacies of the design and the coir texture.

Brown Streaks Modern Door Mats

See for yourself the dazzling burst of color and modernist design featured on our “Brown Streaks” novelty doormats. The mat depicts a striking arrangement of swirls that will remind guests of abstract artwork. We used earthy hues to tone down the overall vibrancy so the mat can seamlessly blend with any décor. This coir mat will be ideal for those who want to spruce up their entryways with sophisticated elegance.

Hi I’m Mat Coir Door Mat

Give guests a good chuckle with our “Hi, I’m Mat” doormat. This coir mat features an intentionally tacky design (including a chat bubble surrounding the greeting) to draw laughs and set a lighthearted tone for entrances. It can be a hilarious addition to both homes and offices. The coir-based construction can withstand heavy foot-traffic, and the rubber underside (as shown in the video) will greatly increase traction on any type of flooring.

Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat

This is the ultimate cat welcome mat for households ruled by fierce kitties! Made from coir, our popular “Beware of Cat” doormat is a hilarious riff on the commonly seen “Beware of Dog” signs. It features a cute black-and-white cat trying to look menacing next to the “cautionary” greeting. The mat will be perfect for introducing your pet to your guests! Moreover, the durable coir can capture pet hair and largely resist clawing.

Live, Laugh, Love Novelty Doormat

Lighten up your entryways with beauty and positivity with our “Live, Laugh, Love” doormat. It is ideal for sending good vibes and keeping your floors clean in any season. The mat depicts the greeting in an arresting font, accompanied by charming floral artwork. This simplistic design will suit many occasions and different styles of décor. This video tour will show you the hues, the tone, and the overall construction of the coir mat.

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

This adorable paw mat will be perfect for pet owners and animal lovers who want to create entryways with heart-melting charm. This unique coir mat shows the shape of a heart, made out of paw prints, accompanying a classic “Welcome” greeting. The design is printed in black against the naturally-rustic coir surface. The bristly texture of the mat can efficiently capture dirt, mud, dust, and moisture, ensuring your floors remain clean. The video will give you a good view of the texture and the anti-slip underside of the mat.

“Wildflower Meadow” Welcome Flower Doormat

Imagine stepping into a meadow of beautiful wildflowers every time you walk out the door. Our flower door-mat may evoke a similar feeling. This coir mat features a minimalist design that depicts blossoming flowers and plants that look like they are swaying in the breeze in untouched wilderness. The “Welcome” greeting at the top will warmly receive visitors even when you are not there. You can see for yourself the sturdiness and the texture of the mat in the video.

Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer Holiday Doormat

This Christmas doormat has an arresting burgundy surface that beautifully captures the festive spirit of the holiday season. The design displays the elegant artwork of a reindeer dragging a Santa sled. The mat is made from coir and has a rubber underside. The surface is completely dyed and does not show any of the natural hue of the coir. From afar, it will look like a stunning piece of art placed at your doorstep. Up close, the mat will show a meticulously-crafted surface, as you can see in the video.

“Built on Courage” – An American Doormat

One of our popular patriotic door-mats, this coir mat features an iconic embodiment of the American spirit—the noble bald eagle. Accompanied by stars and stripes inspired by the Star-Spangled Banner, this is the perfect doormat to proudly display your love for everything American. Just as America is built on courage, this doormat is built on sturdiness and durability to ensure long-lasting performance.

“Sunflower Welcome Mat”

Infuse your entryways with brightness, happiness, and cheeriness with our charming sunflower mat. Featuring light hues reminiscent of a lovely summer morning, this mat will enhance any entryway with warmth and beauty. Made from coir, it has an off-white surface that is significantly lighter than most other coir mats. The artwork is minimalist and includes a polite “Welcome” greeting. The durable mat can be used in both hot and cold weather. The coir surface is resistant to mold and mildew, making the mat great for use in wet weather.