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“Genoa” Rubber Cast Iron Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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“Irish Garden” Rubber Cast Iron Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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All About Rubber

Tapping Rubber Trees

“Irish Garden” Rubber Cast Iron Mat

•  Irish-inspired design delivers an intriguing rubber entrance mat
•  Easy-to-clean material makes for a long-lasting and reliable surface
•  Recycled rubber door mats prevent mold and mildew from forming

Efficient Drainage: These wrought iron door mats will help keep your entryways clean thanks to the gaps in their design. These gaps function as drainage holes. Excess amounts of liquid and loose dirt particles will seep through these holes. This is a self-regulating and effective way to keep your home clean.

As “Green” as Ireland: Nature will smile upon you if you have these recycled rubber door mats at your door. Unlike most other competing products, these mats are eco-friendly, having been made using recycled rubber. Using recycled rubber goes a long way in helping reduce the overall waste that is present in the environment. Aside from helping the environment, recycled rubber products provide an excellent level of durability and sustainability at a very affordable rate.

Genoa Rubber Cast Iron Mat
Genoa Rubber Cast Iron Mat

Shop Ultra-Durable Cast-Iron Doormats

We offer a wide range of rubber cast-iron doormats that combine long-lasting functionality with visual appeal. The rubber mats are made of sturdy, high-quality rubber that can reliably withstand the rigors of daily use. Each doormat features designs that replicate the intricate patterns commonly associated with cast iron. Their robust construction ensures that our cast-iron mats can effectively endure the pressure of heavy foot-traffic and preserve their integrity without requiring premature replacement. Moreover, these rubber cast-iron doormats are significantly cost-effective, making them excellent investments for any doorway of your building. You can make a statement of both style and practicality when you buy cast-iron mats from

Product of Natural Rubber

How To Cut Rubber

“Genoa” Rubber Cast Iron Mat

•  Unique cast iron style
•  Ideal for outdoor use in slippery doorways
•  Increased drainage and traction for all seasons

Long-Term Slip Resistance and Durability: If you live in a wet climate, keeping your home clean and dry during the winter season may be one of your biggest concerns. Luckily, these recycled rubber door mats will do just that. They are made from recycled rubber tire material that is designed to provide the best traction possible. As a result, this wrought iron door mat may be the best investment you can make for your home. Its all-weather tire material will survive wet winter storms, hot summer sunlight, and even freezing cold temperatures. This material will never mold or lose it traction.

Eco-Friendly Safety for the Whole Family: Finding the right home door mat for your family is as easy as identifying what is most important to you. If you care about the environment, these recycled rubber door mats are the answer. Because they are made from recycled rubber tires, they offer just one small way that you can help the environment by reusing man-made materials and purchasing eco-friendly items for your home. These door entry mats add amazing traction to any slippery area without putting even more harmful materials into our natural environment.

Live in Harmony Rubber Coco Entrance Doormat
Live in Harmony Rubber Coco Entrance Doormat

Discover 19th Century European Designs

The stylish motifs featured on our cast-iron doormats are inspired by classic European designs that once graced the doorsteps of mansions, castles, and many historical buildings. Our designs display the signature features of cast-iron décor, famous for its intricate ornamentation. The elegant curls and twists, floral-style patterns, and overall high level of detail make our cast-iron doormats satisfying to look at, as well as use. The mats in the collection vary in terms of shapes and styles, so you can find a doormat that perfectly aligns with your tastes and requirements. For example, if you are looking for an antique cast-iron door mat, we offer a variety of vintage designs reminiscent of turn-of-the-century European refinement. You can choose cast-iron doormats in rectangular or half-moon shapes to fit the exact dimensions of your entryway. A semicircle cast-iron mat will be well suited for arched entryways and perhaps areas with limited space. A rectangular cast-iron doormat will fit most, if not all, standard entryways. Charming and sophisticated, these vintage doormats will be perfect for enriching any entryway with creative and rustic touches.

Coir Cottage Industry

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

“Harmony” Rubber Backed Floor Mats

•  Classic rectangle border surrounds an elegant and harmonious design
•  Benefit from both coir and recycled Rubber
•  UV and ozone resistance makes this a doormat for the outdoors

Ingredients for a Harmonic Design:Things can be said to be in harmony when they function well together, just like the ingredients of this doormat. Coir, also known as coco, has been used for centuries because of its wonderful functionality and tough nature. The other ingredient used for the creation of these door entrance mats is recycled rubber material. This recycled rubber is taken from unused vehicle tires, providing them with endurance for longevity.

Less Accidents, More Harmony:Frequent falls and slips do not make for a very harmonious environment. Fortunately, these rubber doormats help in accident prevention by providing a surface rough enough to create friction, providing a non-slippery surface. The rubber base and sturdy frame of these coir entrance mats provides grip and traction, keeping these decorative door mats in place while you wipe your feet or walk inside.

Irish Garden Rubber Cast Iron Mat
Irish Garden Rubber Cast Iron Mat

Waterproof and Weather-Resistant

The rubber compositions of our doormats make them highly resilient to various weather conditions, regardless of the season. Come rain, snow, or sunshine, these cast-iron door mats will largely remain unaffected, allowing you to utilize them throughout the year. Rubber can tackle the heat and cold of the changing seasons generally well without succumbing to premature deterioration. As rubber is waterproof, the door mats will fully repel moisture droplets without absorbing rainwater or snowmelt. Furthermore, the door mats are constructed to channel moisture away from the upward-facing surface. This typically affords you and your guests a relatively moisture-free wiping surface. Additionally, rubber is unaffected by mold and mildew, reducing the risk of harm caused by such moisture-related challenges. Therefore, you can confidently place our cast-iron doormats in areas exposed to the elements and enjoy cleaner floors.

Husking Coconuts

Soaking Coconuts

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“Green Terrace” Rubber Back Door Mats 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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“Live in Harmony” Rubber Coco Entrance Doormats 18″ x 30″ Doormat

Original price was: $34.90.Current price is: $27.92.
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“Waves” Outdoor Rubber Mat 18″ x 30″ Doormat

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Live in Harmony Rubber Coco Entrance Doormat
Live in Harmony Rubber Coco Entrance Doormat

Lightweight and Easy-to-Clean Doormats

Unlike traditional cast-iron doormats made from actual iron, our rubber-based mats are considerably less heavy. Most people will be able to easily pick up the doormats to transport them between entryways or to take them elsewhere for cleaning. In contrast to metal, these doormats will not heavily weigh down on the flooring underneath. If by any chance you pick up the door mat and accidentally drop it—say on your expensive flooring—the rubber build is unlikely to create a heavy enough impact that results in dents or cracks. In addition, cleaning the door mats is considerably hassle-free. You can brush, sweep, or run a vacuum nozzle over the mats to get them clean. Alternatively, you can shake the mats to dislodge dust or dirt relatively quickly. The recommended method to clean the “all rubber” ones is washing them down with a hose.  You can use a garden hose over the mats to rinse off any grime or mud that may have accumulated on the surface. The mats will dry very quickly because rubber is not absorbent, saving you the hassle of waiting hours for the doormats to dry.  The rubber/coir combination mats can be shaken, swept and vacuumed.  You can alternatively hose the rubber/coir doormats as well, but before putting back to use please leave them to dry.

Installing Rubber Flooring

Seamless Mat Installation

“Dura-Scraper Linear” Rubber Doormat

•  Blend of EPDM and Reclaimed Rubber is perfect for outdoor exposure
•  An anti-slip black rubber mat with a dirt-scrapping surface texture
•  Commercial entrance mat can be used in settings such as schools, restaurants, offices, bars, and more

A Surface for Scraping: This commercial entrance mat is especially useful for homes and businesses because it can effectively scrape away dirt and debris from incoming footwear. One of the reasons why indoor areas get dirty so fast is due to the fact that all the dirt is tracked in from the outdoors. The fact that this can be easily prevented with a rubber scraper mat at the entryway is often overlooked. This black rubber doormat has a surface composed of numerous raised textured fingers. As shoes and boots scrape along the surface of this commercial entrance mat, the fingers will scrape off excess dirt and other particles before they can get tracked inside. Every commercial doorway should have these rubber entrance mats at their front door.

Superior Toehold: It is very important to stay safe on your feet whenever you are entering an area. Thanks to the textured surface design on this commercial black rubber doormat, your chances of slipping and falling out of place are greatly diminished. Their superior traction makes them popular for use with business and public venues because it is in everyone’s best interest to provide a safer non-slip surface for guests and customers.

Black color wave pattern Durable Commercial Rubber Door Mat texture shot
Black color wave pattern Durable Commercial Rubber Door Mat

Made with Recycled Rubber

Our cast-iron door mats are made using a combination of recycled and reclaimed rubbers, which makes them considerably more eco-friendly than rubber doormats that do not include these materials. Recycled rubber is made from scrap materials, such as old conveyor belts, gaskets, and seals. Reclaimed rubber is a specific type of recycled rubber made by grinding down old or discarded tires. Our use of recycled and reclaimed rubbers in these mats helps us minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This practice also helps us keep our price points low, as recycled and reclaimed rubbers cost significantly less to manufacture than their non-recycled counterparts. Our cast-iron door mats will be great options for eco-conscious buyers who want sustainable, quality products at the best prices.