“Hi I’m Mat”

 Production Process

“Minimalist Expression” – Hello Welcome Mats

•  Utilizes high-quality emulsion paint that prevents the decal from fading or bleeding over time
•  Tough coir fibers perfect for scraping dirt from shoe soles
•  Material is all-weather resistant, making it ideal for any season

Minimalist Design: While this welcome door-mat might feature a simple “Hello,” this product is anything but plain! The all-black background of the “Minimalist Expression” hello welcome-mats significantly contrasts with the light brown cursive printed on the surface. The color reversal creates an eye-catching image that will delight guests with its modest greeting and classy design. This “plain” welcome mat is made from heavy-duty emulsion paint, meaning that the stark black surface of the rug will not run or fade away from wear and tear or weathering.

Superb Shoe-Scraping Powers: This durable-coir welcome outdoor-mat excels at removing dirt and debris from shoes. Its rigid bristles easily reach into shoe grooves—extracting dirt, debris, and excess moisture. The trapped filth remains below the mat’s surface until it is cleaned. With the sturdy PVC backing, excess moisture is contained and prevents spillage. When you want to clean your welcome rug, simply take the mat outside and shake it vigorously. For more stubborn dirt, a vacuum or a hose will provide you with a deeper cleaning.

Welcome Mat with Hawaiian Hello (Aloha)
Welcome Mat with Hawaiian Hello (Aloha)

Stylish, Decorative Door Accessories

A “Hello” entrance mat is the ultimate embodiment of hospitality at your doorstep, which will welcome guests to your personal or professional setting with a plethora of warmth and charm. We offer a range of entry mats that say “Hello” and greet people at the door with various designs that could elevate your doorsteps with elegance or whimsy, depending on your personal style preference. At Coir Mat.com, you can browse eye-catching welcome mats with polite greetings that will be ideal for welcoming guests with familiarity and joy. We also offer a wide selection of fun welcome mats with humorous designs—such as a “Hi, I’m Mat” greeting—that will add a touch of playfulness to entryways. Crafted from premium materials, our printed door mats offer excellent durability, resilience, and eco-friendliness in addition to captivating designs. Most of our novelty welcome mats are made from coir, a sustainable natural material packed with high-end features such as all-weather resilience, mold resistance, and superior scraping power. The natural brown hue of coir enhances the appeal of some of our minimalist designs, adding a sense of rustic charm to beautiful greetings. Whether you prefer sophistication or ice-breaking hilarity, our “Hello” doormats will wonderfully complement your existing décor. The coir mats can be more than just functional items— they also double as stylish, decorative accessories, effortlessly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your entryways. Our meticulously-crafted “Hello” doormats are designed for various settings—from cozy households to bustling business areas—that frequently experience heavy foot-traffic. With their resilient construction, these welcome mats are built to withstand constant usage regardless of whether you place them indoors or outdoors. Anyone can effortlessly create a warm and memorable welcome for guests with our “Hello” doormats—while simultaneously ensuring that floors remain clean and spotless.

“In Any Language It Is Still a Welcome Mat!”

•  This doormat comes in 18″ x 30″
•  These welcome mats greet guests in multiple languages
•  Moisture resistance helps with rainy weather

Eco-Friendly: If you are a lover of languages and culture, you are probably an advocate for the world that binds them. These humorous welcome mats are composed of eco-friendly coir, also called coco. Coco coir is a great natural resource that is better for the environment compared to other synthetic materials. Using natural resources also makes these welcome mats generally more affordable, giving you quality for a good price.

Tough on Dirt: Made out of coco coir, these unique doormats can do a good job handling dirt and debris. Coir bristles latch out onto outside debris, keeping it hostage. Dirt from the outside is much better off caught in one area rather than being scattered throughout your entryway and house. Coir entrance mats are great for keeping dirt trapped for easy disposition. When you need to clean your doormat, simply brush or wash it using a hose.

Hello Goodbye Welcome Doormat in front of door
Hello Goodbye Welcome Doormat in front of door

Minimalist Designs

The entryways are the focal points of contact for guests entering your home or office. A classic welcome mat is the ideal solution to offering a cheerful greeting for guests upon entry while keeping your floors reliably clean from common nuisances like dust and mud. We offer a number of traditional welcome doormats with cordial greetings to upgrade your entryways with tasteful décor. The classic “Hello” doormat features a simple—but meaningful—greeting like “Welcome” or “Hello.” A “Hi” doormat is perfect for pleasantly greeting guests, even if you are not at your home or office. Minimalist and inoffensive, the classic “Hello” doormat will seamlessly blend in with your décor without disrupting the existing style. Our “Hello” doormats are designed to make a strong visual statement. The greetings are printed in bold, black letters of different fonts that perfectly complement a thematic motif. Additionally, some of our welcome mats are embellished with attractive borders— such as floral, geometric, or striped patterns—that further enhance the overall visual appeal of the greeting. The coir surfaces adorn our traditional “Hello” doormats with earthy, brown hues that exude warmth, comfort, and effortless sophistication. The simple designs—with a focus on practicality—will evoke a sense of timeless elegance regardless of where you place the mat. We recommend our classic welcome doormat options for those who prefer subtle décor but still want to make a good impression. The combination of thoughtful design elements and high-end functionality makes our classic “Hello” entrance mats the perfect accessory for conveying a sense of hospitality when guests arrive.

“Hi I’m Mat”

•  Door mat is available in 18″ x 30″ for a single entryway
•  Made with eco-friendly coco coir for eco-conscious consumers
•  Funny doormat adds to your home’s front entryway décor

Mat Loves Surfacing: It is not sure if this funny welcome mat likes getting stepped on. Either way, Mat loves to give a helping hand when it comes to providing a little bit of floor protection for your sensitive surfaces. Having an extra layer of coir lined with PVC can aid in the upkeep of your floor’s condition during oncoming foot traffic and other flooring stressors.

Mat Doesn’t Mind Moisture: Mat does not mind moisture or moist environments. He absorbs moisture fast enough to hold back the growth of mold or mildew, meaning you can leave Mat out in damp environments like in the rain or snow. Don’t worry about bringing this funny doormat inside. Mat can handle it!

“Island Greetings”

Husking Coconuts

A minimalist Expression just Hello doormat
A minimalist Expression just Hello doormat

Puntastic Greeting at the Door

For those seeking a departure from traditional “Hello” doormats, our collection offers a refreshing array of non-classic doormat designs that are sure to make a statement. We have awesome door mats with funny, seasonal, and alternative greetings that will welcome guests with the same sense of affable hospitality as the classic welcome mat, but with more arresting designs. Our “Aloha” welcome mat can infuse your entryways with exotic charm that will remind guests of tropical getaways and carefree relaxation. The “Aloha” doormat would be well-suited for those who want a classic-style greeting but with a charming twist. You can add comic relief to your entryways with the “Hi, I’m Mat” mat, which could be a great conversation starter. This “Hello” doormat showcases the “puntastic” greeting inside a chat bubble in a hilarious visual feast that will surely leave an impression on guests. Similarly impressionable, the “Hello, Goodbye” doormat features head-spinning greetings that welcome guests as they arrive and bid them farewell as they leave. A doormat can be more than a barrier against debris. You can use our decorative welcome mats to express your individual preferences and personal style, setting a unique tone for your entryways. Businesses, too, can complement the look and feel of a brand with cool welcome mats strategically placed at entryways that receive customers and visitors. Our “Come in” entry mats are ideal for accessorizing spaces with a touch of charm without breaking the bank. Featuring minimalist greetings to match most kinds of settings, these welcome door mats will enrich your living or working spaces without taking up too much space. Whether you prefer eclectic art, muted prints, or exuberant vividness, our “Hello” doormats will help you create standout entrances that set the tone for an extraordinary welcome right from the moment guests arrive.

The Durability of Coco Mats

Harvesting Coconuts

“Island Greetings” – Aloha (Hello) Welcome Mat

•  Composed of durable, natural coir for protection against moisture, sunlight, and mold
•  Contains a thick PVC backing to hold the mat together while preventing slips
•  Excellent for scraping dirt from your soles and keeping your home clean

All-Natural Materials: The “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat is made from all-natural coir—a fiber derived from the husks of coconuts. This resilient material gives the tropical welcome-mat its remarkable resistance and ability to scrape debris from shoes efficiently. The robust fruit and its byproduct are resistant to physical abrasions, sunlight, moisture, ozone, and mold growth. Not only is coir amazingly robust, but it also makes a fantastic shoe scraper! The short and tough coir fibers are perfectly suited for reaching into the ridges of shoe soles and extracting particles and dirt to ensure it does not enter your home.

Prevent Slip-and-Fall Accidents: Discourage hazardous incidents from occurring on your doorstep with this aloha front-door mat. The PVC backing secures the coir in place while ensuring that the rug does not slide around during use. When guests are wiping their feet on this beach coir-doormat, you do not want the item to slide out from under them! Additionally, the PVC backing prevents moisture from leaking through the rug and sullying your entryway. If soggy shoes step onto the beach outdoor door-mat, the PVC back will prevent any puddles from forming underneath—decreasing the likelihood of slip-and-fall accidents. Keep your household safe and fun with beach-themed front-door mats!

Coir Door Mat declaring It's a mat
Coir Door Mat declaring It's a mat

Made from Coconut Husks Called Coir

The “Hello” door mats featured on CoirMat.com are made primarily from coir, a natural fiber packed with premium features. Extracted from coconuts, coir fibers are known for their durability, weather resilience, abrasiveness, absorbency, non-toxic nature, and biodegradability. Abrasiveness is an essential feature of high-quality door mats, and coir offers remarkable scraping power to “Hello” doormats. The rough exteriors of coir fibers can trap dirt, dust, grime, mud, slush, pet hair, some pollen, and various other particles that make floors dirty and at risk for damage. The fibers are versatile and somewhat flexible, which allows the dense bristles to move into the grooves of the undersides of footwear to effectively remove debris trapped within. As coir can remove pet hair and some pollen stuck to footwear, the material is an excellent choice for households concerned about allergies. Coir-based welcome mats are ideal for use during inclement weather because of the high absorbency rate of the fibers. The dense coir mats can efficiently trap moisture from mud, rainwater, snowmelt, and similar sources, keeping your floors free from muddy footprints and unsightly smudges during bad weather. Moisture can cause floors to be slippery and possibly damage certain flooring materials. Having a coir-based welcome door mat can significantly reduce the risk of such problems caused by moisture being tracked indoors. Coir is significantly resistant to different weather patterns, which makes the “Hello” doormats suited for use in exposed areas. Coir can resist mold and mildew, making the welcome mats ideally suited for use in exposed or damp areas. Coir-based “Hello” door mats can withstand heat, cold, and moisture relatively well without succumbing to rapid deterioration, fading, or degradation—making the entry mats usable during any season. Coir mats will experience some signs of wear with extended use but, thanks to the exceptional durability of the material, the “Hello” doormats can last much longer than products made from comparable synthetic fibers. Because coir is derived from a natural source, the fibers are sustainable and eco-friendly. Coir fibers are extracted from coconuts using mostly traditional methods that are less reliant on fossil fuels than synthetic fibers, which makes coir mats a good option for buyers concerned about the environmental impact of consumer products. With the extensive range of advantages coir offers, you can enjoy exceptional functional benefits with our “Hello” welcome mats that go beyond the aesthetic appeal.

Coir Cottage Industry

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

“Hello, Welcome Goodbye Doormat”

•  UV and ozone resistance helps prevent any immediate sun damage
•  Both welcomes and says goodbye to your guests!
•  Doormat coir makes these products eco-friendly

Good Bye Dirt: This two-message mat will be saying one good bye to the dirt and debris under your shoes. Made of coir, a rough and tough but also flexible fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells, your shoes are can get a thorough cleaning. Outside particles get stuck between the doormat’s bristles, waiting for you tell them goodbye for good by simply brushing, shaking, or washing them. Keeping outdoor particles trapped in this doormat keeps it stuck in one area and easy for disposing.

Good Bye Moisture: Coir’s natural origin enables this doormat coir to endure during various weather conditions, especially moist weather. This gives them the ability to brush the moisture under your feet and help with keeping it outside, aiding in the prevention of a dirty and slippery floor. These door entrance mats are great for moist environments like beaches or places where it rains a lot. This coir matting says goodbye to moisture!

Welcome in many different languages splayed on a brown mat
Welcome in many different languages splayed on a brown mat

Easy to Clean Entry Mats

Some of our coir-based “Hello” welcome mats have vinyl, technically called PVC, undersides that increase the traction of the entrance mat. The vinyl undersides reduce the risk of falls, which makes these options perfect for use on slippery or wet floors. Coir mats with backings are recommended for use in outdoor areas, where exposure can make entryways slippery and unsafe. PVC can effectively add friction to smooth flooring, which will additionally prevent the mat from moving around when guests wipe their feet. Both coir and vinyl materials are easy to clean as well. You can keep your coir-based “Hello” doormats hygienic with regular vacuuming— or the occasional rinse with the hose—that will take no time at all. Similarly, vinyl requires very little cleaning and you can hose down the mat if the vinyl underside requires cleaning. Overall, cleaning the mats is completely fuss-free and easy.  When you buy mats from CoirMat.com, you get the benefits of high-quality materials and construction, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliable performance. The durability of our coir mats will reduce the need for replacement in the long run, and contribute to sustainable values. Our “Hello” doormats offer an impressive array of benefits that make them the perfect accessory for maintaining clean and safe floors. By adding one of our “Hello” doormats to your entryway, you can effortlessly create memorable and inviting first impressions while enriching the overall ambiance of your living spaces. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, our “Hello” doormats provide an easy and effective way to elevate the appearance of your premises.