“Welcome to the Luau!”

“Return to Relaxation”

“Living for the Weekend! Beach Doormat”

  • Painted with vivid blue and red
  • Easy to clean, simply shake or brush!
  • Moisture resistance makes these doormats great for the beach!

Dirt Trapper: Do not let dirt and sand put a damper on your weekend! Thanks to coir’s rough and tough texture, it does an amazing job of scraping dirt and beach sand from under your shoes before you bring it inside. The bristles latch onto outside debris, keeping it trapped between the bristles of this coco coir doormat. The fibrous bristles of these unique doormats can help keep your home clean, giving you more time for fun on the weekends!

Ingredients for a Great Design: Each coco coir doormat is made using natural coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is a tough fiber taken from coconut husks and provides these front doormats with the durability for holding up against weather. Each beach doormat is also provided with a backing made of PVC, giving each coco coir doormat an extra level of sturdiness.

Welcome Mat with Hawaiian Hello (Aloha)
Welcome Mat with Hawaiian Hello (Aloha)

Stylish Hawaiian Welcomes

Our aloha and beach door mats combine sleek graphics with a hardy material to effortlessly enhance your entryways. The word “aloha” might conjure images of pristine, sunlit beaches, shaka hand signs, and warm greetings, but this Polynesian term amounts to more than just a welcome or a goodbye. The greeting goes deeper than a simple “hello,” and conveys love, gratitude, affection, and compassion. Aloha even extends to emotions like pity and grief. What may seem like a simple sentiment actually carries a great deal of significance and an abundance of history—just like our aloha doormats! Sophisticated, functional, and oozing tropical charm, they will be perfect for both front doorways and the doors leading to your backyard. Once you place them in an entryway, you can kick off your shoes at the door and relax, knowing that our feature-rich mats will take care of the dirt and the grime.

“Chillin by the Shore”

  • Embrace relaxing beach vibes with this welcoming tropical door-mat
  • Keep dirt out of your home with an effective coir doormat that traps dirt and debris
  • Crafted from durable coir fiber, this mat can resist all types of weather conditions

Seaside Vibes: The ultimate pastime for some might consist of swinging from a hammock by the oceanside with a drink in hand and a cool, salty breeze sweeping past. While you might not be able to transport yourself to your happy place at the end of the day, coming home to our “Chillin’ by the Shore” beach welcome-mat can remind you of better times. This fun, beach doormat illustrates a hammock suspended between two palm trees. The word “Welcome” is displayed underneath, tempting guests indoors for a relaxing kickback session. This charming tropical welcome-mat can enhance the living space of any beach-goer with its quaint design and functionality!

Effective Dirt Remover: This beach outdoor-mat excels as a shoe scraper thanks to its coir fiber construction. With thick and rigid bristles, it effortlessly removes dirt and mud from footwear. The coarse bristles reach into shoe grooves, extracting filth and trapping it beneath the mat’s surface. The mat’s PVC backing ensures mud and moisture remain contained until cleaning time. Cleaning is a breeze—just take the “Chilling by the Shore” mat outside and shake it vigorously to dislodge dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, hosing down or vacuuming the tropical outdoor-mats can remove more persistent grime.

welcome to the luau pineapple in front of door
welcome to the luau pineapple in front of door

Natural Entrance Mat Materials

Coir mat.com’s aloha doormats are composed of coir, a natural fiber extracted from a tree that abundantly grows in Hawaii: coconuts! Coir fibers are the willowy strands of brown hair found on the outside of the coconut seed. Though coir production most likely originates in South Asia, Native Hawaiians have used coconut fibers for centuries to make a similar twine called “sennit,” which bound their famous canoes. It is said that Maui, the trickster god (yes, the same one from the animated movie), used a sennit rope to capture the sun! Amazingly, the process of creating coir has not changed much since ancient times. The early stages of coir production still rely on manual labor, which considerably reduces the need to use fossil fuels. As a result, coir is considered an eco-conscious alternative to synthetic fibers. There is no better material than the environmentally friendly coir to capture the affectionate spirit of the aloha greeting that celebrates both humanity and nature!

Tropical “Aloha Doormat” Kit

Husking Coconuts

“Island Greetings” – Aloha (Hello) Welcome Mat

  • Composed of durable, natural coir for protection against moisture, sunlight, and mold
  • Contains a thick PVC backing to hold the mat together while preventing slips
  • Excellent for scraping dirt from your soles and keeping your home clean

Tropical Vibes: The simple and chic design of the “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat will greet guests with a subtle acknowledgment of the lush and exquisite Polynesian islands that we know and love. Utilize this minimalistic tropical door-mat to discreetly elevate your entryways. The refined and uncluttered design will not clash with any existing decorations you have, allowing you to place the mat anywhere you desire. You also do not have to worry about the decal fading away, as the emulsion paint is incredibly durable and will not bleed or rub away.

All-Natural Materials: The “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat is made from all-natural coir—a fiber derived from the husks of coconuts. This resilient material gives the tropical welcome-mat its remarkable resistance and ability to scrape debris from shoes efficiently. The robust fruit and its byproduct are resistant to physical abrasions, sunlight, moisture, ozone, and mold growth. Not only is coir amazingly robust, but it also makes a fantastic shoe scraper! The short and tough coir fibers are perfectly suited for reaching into the ridges of shoe soles and extracting particles and dirt to ensure it does not enter your home.

Beach Doormat for Those With a Relaxed Lifestyle
Beach Doormat for Those With a Relaxed Lifestyle

Coir is the Ultimate Scraper Mat

Coir—other than adding a dose of tropical charm to your aloha welcome mat—is a highly abrasive fiber that offers excellent cleaning function. When you have a coir mat in place, you will not have to worry about tracking sand or water inside, even if you bring the entirety of the shore home with you. The stiff and rough coir bristles of the Hawaiian doormats are wonderfully effective debris trappers, capable of removing all sorts of particles, including mud, dust, pollen, and pet hair. Once you are done wiping your feet on these coir mats, your footwear will be dry and free of grime. As a fiber that evolved in the tropics, coir is resistant to the corroding effects of seawater. Therefore, if you do use your beach door mat in a coastal area, salt water from shoes or atmospheric vapor will not damage the coir surfaces. Plus, the fibers can fully resist microorganism growth. That means you will not have to worry about mold or mildew affecting your aloha door mat, even if you leave it out in a damp area for an extended period.

“Return to Relaxation” – Beach Themed Welcome Home Mat

  • Painted in high-quality emulsion paint to ensure the design does not bleed or fade
  • Efficient dirt-scraper due to natural, rough coir fibers
  • Features PVC backing to trap excess moisture and prevent slip hazards

Calming Beach Designs: If the perfect day for you involves lounging on the beach in the shade of a palm tree, the “Return to Relaxation” beach-themed welcome-home mat is the ideal mat for you. Express your innermost desires and remind yourself of your happy place whenever you cross your threshold! The tropical door-mat contains the image of a lone palm tree with the words “Welcome home” scrawled along the bottom border. The natural brown coir background even reminds one of the trunks of palm trees, evoking further reminders of relaxing shorelines. Truly, the “Return to Relaxation” beach-themed welcome-home mat can transport you to your happy place: home!

Kick Back and Relax: This beach outdoor-mat is constructed of coir fibers—also known as coco fibers—that contain exceptional characteristics. The fibers are sourced from the ever-durable coconut, making coir one of the most robust natural materials! Coir doormats like this tropical welcome-mat can withstand significant amounts of sunlight, impact, and moisture. They can even endure extreme temperatures and mildew. This allows the beach coir doormat to weather virtually any environmental conditions, regardless of the season. Rain or shine, this beach doormat can handle tough settings without much fuss.

Beach Door Mat with Pictures of lighthouse in front of door
Beach Door Mat with Pictures of lighthouse in front of door

Minimalist Design

Our aloha doormats feature streamlined designs that focus attention on the greeting. The uncluttered and uncomplicated artwork perfectly captures the laid-back and welcoming spirit of aloha. Additionally, the simplified design will seamlessly blend with any existing décor you have, beautifully complementing your style without disrupting it. You can easily entertain visitors with a modest aloha doormat that will enhance any doorway. These elegant tropical doormats will not fail to remind guests of sandy shores, the soothing sea breeze, and beachside bars selling pina coladas. Each design exudes its own unique charm, much like Hawaiian culture. Our aloha welcome mat features the greeting in an arresting calligraphic font, ideal for welcoming visitors with the essence of tropical hospitality and charm. You can adorn your living spaces with tranquil vibes using our “Return to Relaxation” entry mat, which displays swaying palm trees and a heartwarming “Welcome Home” greeting. There is even a cute heart placed between the words “Welcome” and “Home” to let guests know just how much you are anticipating their visit. Other than the designs, the coir surfaces of our welcome mats are undyed to retain the rustic hue of the fibers, which makes the aloha welcome mats all the more exotic and stunning. Each of our aloha artwork cuts straight to the point, greeting visitors with a simple phrase that encapsulates the emotion of a warm greeting. Friends and family will look down on these beach welcome mats and know that their presence is met with gratitude and lots of love!

Summer “Beach Doormat” Kit

The Production Process

“Welcome to the Luau!” – Natural Coir Pineapple Doormat

  • Whimsical pineapple welcome design will thrill and excite guests entering your home
  • Features the word “Welcome” in bolded letters, with a pineapple in the place of the “O”
  • All-natural, strong coir fibers perfect for detaching dirt and debris from shoes

Welcome to the Party!: Ensure that everybody is truly welcome into your home with this “Welcome to the Luau!” natural-coir pineapple doormat. Beach-themed doormats remind visitors of relaxing on a tropical beach, creating an easy-going and serene atmosphere. With this pineapple welcome-mat, people will know precisely what you are into: fun times in exotic places! The bold welcome message is printed onto the mat with a waterproof emulsion paint that will not bleed or fade under normal circumstances. Heavy foot traffic or liquids will not alter the visage of this fun and playful welcome mat!

Stay Clean and Safe: Not only does this welcoming doormat serve as a bold first impression for adventurous guests, but it also effectively helps to keep your home clean. The stiff, rough coir fibers are ideal for rubbing grime and filth from the soles of your shoes, preventing dirt from crossing the threshold. The material can even absorb moisture, making it perfect for rainy days. The coir traps the debris and liquid within the strands, where it stays until the mat is cleaned. Cleaning the mat is as simple as shaking or whacking it until the particles come out. With minimal effort, you can keep your home clean and your entryway safe from puddles or moisture that can present a slip hazard.

chillin by the shore beach welcome mat
chillin by the shore beach welcome mat

Protection Against Ozone Deterioration

Thanks to the durability and innate resilience of coir, our aloha doormats are well protected against rapid deterioration, meaning that the entrance mats will keep their designs and integrity for a long time despite typical wear and tear. Our beach-themed doormats are extremely unlikely to shed or lose shape from constant use. You can comfortably place our coir mats at busy entryways without worrying about them losing shape due to heavy foot-traffic. If you have ever left a regular doormat outdoors, you will know that weather is the main cause of them degrading. Coir welcome mats, however, are largely resistant to such weather-related damage. In fact, they can wonderfully withstand exposure without quickly breaking apart, fading, or otherwise losing their quality. Do note, however, that coir is not invincible, as it will sustain some wear and tear over time. But coir is considerably sturdy compared to other materials and will not show signs of aging as fast as certain other types of fibers. One fascinating aspect of coconut fibers is their resistance to UV rays. As a result, designs on coir will not briskly fade when exposed to scorching sunlight. Most of our welcome mats are printed in emulsion paint, with a few having waterproof artwork. Therefore, you can be mostly assured that the aloha greetings will not quickly wash off when exposed to rain. Come summer or chilly winter, our aloha doormats will continue to offer superior performance.

“It’s Summer! Beach Doormat”

  • Looks great for a beach aesthetic
  • Painted in vibrant blue, yellow, and red
  • This beach doormat can bring summer fun all year round!

Handles Beach Moisture: This beach doormat does not have to be just for summer! Each Cape Cod doormat can hold up strong during rainy seasons because of coir’s capability to absorb moisture. Capable of drying fast, chances are slim these doormats will create an environment hospitable for the growth of mold or mildew. This nautical doormat would be great for handling even places where moisture is common such as the beach.

Keep Dirt Out: After having a fun day at the beach, keep all of that dirt and sand on the outside of your home with the help of this outdoor patio mat! The coir on this beach doormat is a rough and tough fibrous material capable of latching onto those unwanted outside intruders. They get caught between the bristles and wait until you simply shake, brush, or wash them out. It is better to take a few moments brushing your sandy feet on this nautical doormat before tracking it inside. Who wants to sweep after having a fun day at the beach?

Beach Doormat for Those With a Relaxed Lifestyle
Beach Doormat for Those With a Relaxed Lifestyle

Fuss-Free Cleaning

Our coir mats are convenient to clean and will not add to your existing cleaning burden! The entry mats will gather smatterings of mud and dirt with everyday use, which we recommend removing to ensure optimal functionality. Not to worry, the aloha doormats do not require elaborate maintenance. Simply give the door mats a good shake on occasion to dislodge any dust or other particles trapped within the coir fibers. You can alternatively brush them or run your household vacuum over to remove clingy particles. In case there is stubborn grime the vacuum suction misses, you can rinse the coir mats with a garden hose. As coir dries quickly, you can let the mats air dry after rinsing. You will not need to chemically treat the mold-resistant coir mats to fend off fungi or other microorganism outbreaks. Coir welcome mats do not require frequent cleaning, though this may depend on usage. A coastal door mat placed at a busy entryway may require more cleaning than those that barely see any foot traffic. However, if you do need to clean the entrance mats for any reason, you can do so relatively speedily without taking too much of your valuable time.

Beach themed welcome home mat with picture of tree in front of white double doors
Return to Relaxation
chillin by the shore beach welcome mat
chillin by the shore beach welcome mat

No-Slip Backing

Not only do coir mats effectively capture dirt and mud guests might track into your home, but they also offer excellent protection against slip-and-fall accidents. Most of our aloha doormats feature undersides made from PVC or rubber. Both of these materials offer remarkable traction, meaning the coir welcome mats with the undersides will not easily move when in use. Rubber and PVC undersides are somewhat flexible and have a “sticky” factor that allows them to stay firmly in place on any type of flooring. As a result, coir mats do not fold or buckle when someone vigorously wipes their feet on the surface. If you run over your aloha welcome mat in a rush, it will not slide away from the pressure, significantly reducing your risk of tripping. You can use our coir welcome mats with undersides to considerably increase friction at any entryway to minimize the risk of slipping. PVC and rubber can increase traction on floors that become slick from moisture, especially at exposed entryways in outdoor areas. With one of our mats, you can give aloha greetings with both style and safety in mind.

Our aloha-adorned beach doormats blend elegance, functionality, and eco-consciousness into one product, making them the ideal addition for homes, beach houses, apartments, small offices, and shops. Place these slip-resistant coir mats virtually anywhere to maximize the safety of walking areas and prevent dust accumulation on your pristine floors. Welcome guests—but not dirty shoes—into your home with our exceptional aloha doormats!