“Affection! Owl Doormat”

Husking Coconuts

“Loved Themed” Doormat Kits

  • Both products are 18” x 30”
  • Doormats utilize heavy-duty emulsion paint so that designs don’t bleed or fade
  • Feature thick PVC backing to prevent slip-and-fall hazards

Adorable and Loving Entry-Mats: Décor that expresses your affinity for adorable creatures or romance can be found in our “Loved-Themed” doormat kits. A love doormat like the ones featured can be utilized throughout the seasons or for special occasions. The “Affection! Owl Doormat” illustrates two owls snuggling together on a tree branch, while the “Red Hearts Doormat” showcases a smattering of hearts. Either of these mats can make the perfect Valentine’s Day door-mat! Employ this Valentine doormat for holidays, anniversaries, or year-round. Celebrating love while keeping floors clean with a heart doormat or loveable owl doormat is never a bad idea.

Dirt-Trapping Fibers: This adorable heart welcome-mat can trap errant grime that clings to the bottom of footwear and hinder it from passing over the threshold. Everybody loves a clean home, so what is there not to like about a lovable door-mat with heart shapes that helps keep areas tidy? The dirt-trapping bristles retain the particles until the heart outdoor-mat is cleaned. Luckily, maintenance is a simple task! Easily shake the dirt from the surface of the Valentine’s coir doormat or use a hose or vacuum to get rid of any deep-set debris. Convenient cleaning, adorable designs, and incredible function make the love doormats in the “Loved-Themed” doormat kits the ideal addition for any season!

Owl Doormats with Small Owl & tree branch
Owl Doormats with Small Owl & tree branch

Shop Distinctive and Stylish Owl Doormats

Our range of high-quality owl doormats features colorful, beautiful, and absolutely adorable avian artwork on coir, designed to keep your floors clean and leave guests impressed. An owl welcome mat will be ideal for bird enthusiasts, nature aficionados, and those seeking alternative options for the usual mammal-centric animal designs. Each owl doormat captures the mysterious birds in a truly mesmerizing manner, highlighting their piercing gazes and graceful postures. Cute but emotionally distant, owls carry deep symbolism associated with various cultures and religious traditions. Nocturnal by nature, and considered sacred by some faiths, owls are regarded as wise, perceptive, and intuitive animals. Their nature as creatures of the night gives these unique birds a sense of intrigue and, therefore, depictions of owls on doormats can symbolize protection and guardianship, creating a sense of security for those entering your building. Whether you like owls for their deific associations or just think they are cute, an owl door mat will serve as a delightful introduction to any living area.

“Hooo’s There? Owl Doormat”

The Durability of Coco Mats

“Affection! Owl Doormat”

  • Comes in 18″ x 30”
  • Easy to clean, simply shake and brush!
  • Moisture resistance helps keep mold and mildew away

Dirt’s Downfall: These cute doormats might appear to be adorable, but do not doubt their dirt scraping abilities! Each owl doormat is made of rough and tough coir, making it the perfect candidate for scraping all of that unwanted dirt off the bottom of your feet. Having these little owls around will help prevent your guests from bringing in dirt and debris just after you have just swept your home clean!

Eco-Conscious Mat: These owls want to ensure their home environment stays safe! This “love themed” coco doormat is made out of coir, a natural byproduct extracted from the outer husk of coconut husks. Using a natural material such as coir helps make a more cost effective product. Doormat coir is also a great ingredient for those who have an eco-conscious mentality. Go “Green” and make sure these little forest owls are still happy!

Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door
Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door

Supremely Abrasive Coir Mats

All our owl doormats are primarily made from coir, a highly durable natural fiber that packs serious scraping power. The dense and bristly surfaces of these coir mats will capture dust, dirt, mud, grime, debris, moisture, pet hair, and pollen. The flexible natural fibers can reach into the grooves of footwear to remove debris that might otherwise get tracked indoors. Moreover, coir fibers are wonderfully absorbent. Therefore, our owl doormats will effectively soak up water droplets from mud, rainwater, snowmelt, and slush that typically make indoor areas unsightly and unclean. Our coir-based owl doormats can significantly reduce the need to constantly clean your floors, especially during inclement weather. Furthermore, coir mats are resistant to mold, mildew, and UV rays, making them excellent for use in exposed areas. Coir is also flame retardant. You can make safety a priority with our coir-based owl doormats without losing functionality or visual appeal.

Loving “Owl Door Mat” Kit

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

“Hooo’s There? Owl Doormat”

  • 18″ x 30″ in size
  • Coir helps prevent the build up of mold or mildew
  • PVC backing provides a little floor protection

Beautiful Colors: Vivid colors of this doormat bring the adorable owl on this coir doormat to life. Warm and vibrant colors are used to bring this coconut mat a vivid appeal unique to this mat. Brown, red, and white can add an autumn feel to the front of your home or patio door.

Keeps Watch Over Dirt: This little owl is sure to keep watch for dirt and debris. This coir doormat is made from fibrous material extracted from the outer husks of coconut shells. Coir results in a very strong bristle that will take care of heavy-duty dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles beyond your doorstep. This owl doormat is sure to keep watch day and night to help keep your entryway clean!

Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door
Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door

Find Vibrant Designs for Any Entryway

The welcome mats are crafted to match different style preferences and aesthetics in various settings, featuring eye-catching colors. The artwork of our owl doormats displays the majestic creatures perched on tree branches, mostly in nighttime settings. Each mat displays a rich color palette that will vividly enhance your entryways. Our mats retain the naturally brown hue of coir, which will seamlessly blend into any décor style and complement a wide range of color schemes. These decorative welcome mats will be ideal for those who want a minimalist style that is not entirely devoid of flair. Just like their silent and wise inspirations, our owl doormats will quietly guard your entryways against dust and dirt, all the while captivating guests with eye-catching charm.

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Owl Doormats with Small Owl & tree branch
Owl Doormats with Small Owl & tree branch

Make Busy Entryways Slip Resistant

Our owl doormats come with PVC undersides to improve traction at your entryways. Moisture, moss, and smooth surfaces can make areas slick and hazardous, increasing the chance of slip-and-fall accidents. You can minimize this risk with an owl doormat supported by a PVC backing, which will hold the entry mat in place as guests wipe their feet. The underlay will keep your mat in place even if it is exposed to rain and snow. The owl entry mats are also unlikely to scrunch up or fold when in use, thanks to the underside. The coir mats will be ideal for outdoor use, but you can use them in any entryway to increase anti-slip grip and overall safety.

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Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door
Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door

Clean without a Hassle

You do not need to spend hours cleaning an owl coir doormat to keep it looking its best. You can speedily remove loose dirt and debris by giving the coir mats a few shakes or run a vacuum nozzle over the mats for a more thorough cleaning. Brushing the doormat works, too, if you do not want to use the vacuum. Some coir mats may accumulate dirt and mud over time, especially if the owl door mats are placed in busy areas. In this case, rinse the mats with a garden hose to keep the surface area clean for guests to wipe their feet. The PVC undersides do not require any special cleaning. If necessary, you can rinse the undersides same as the coir surfaces, to maintain optimal hygiene. Coir mats will not add to your existing cleaning load and might even save you the time spent vacuuming and mopping your floors.