“Shiraz” Coir Welcome Mat

“Herringbone” Coir Door Mat

“Caspian Sea” Coir Entrance Door Mat

•  Ideal outdoor mat for home doorways
•  Aesthetically pleasing design a unique decorative accent
•  Brush, shake, or hose down this mat for easy cleaning year round

Natural Boot Cleaning Fibers: Tough coconut husk fiber is the secret to this boot cleaner scraper’s power. The coco coir fiber harvested from naturally grown coconuts is durable and long lasting. In addition to being made from natural materials, the “Caspian Sea” coir outdoor mat is bristly enough that it naturally scrapes dirt and debris from the soles of shoes. Place this half round doormat in front of a front door, garage door, or other busy doorway and keep that dirt out of your home! By scraping debris from incoming foot traffic, this coco coir doormat keeps entryways clean and dry no matter what kind of weather you’re experiencing.

Long-Term Safety and Security: This coir outdoor mat is especially helpful because it provides a safe, non-slip surface for areas that may be slick or slippery during the rainy months. Prevent dangerous slips and falls with a coco coir doormat that provides a natural traction surface without breaking the bank. This half round doormat won’t crack or mold in extreme weather, ensuring that it will last longer than doormats made from other materials. Don’t worry about replacing your “Caspian Sea” doormat every couple of months; this boot cleaner scraper will stick with you through rain, sleet, snow, heat waves, and more.

Best Selling Boot Scraper Herringbone pattern place to keep both the shoes
Best Selling Boot Scraper Herringbone pattern place to keep both the shoes

Durable Dirt-Trapper Doormats

Our eco-friendly dirt trapper doormats offer a blend of high-end functionality and aesthetic appeal that will ensure your entryways remain clean and looking good. Keeping your floors spotless on a daily basis can be a challenge, especially on bad weather days. Our dirt-trapper mats can effectively capture and contain common nuisances that ruin pristine floors, such as dirt, dust, mud, sand, grime, and debris. Placing a dirt-trapper mat will considerably reduce the need to vacuum or sweep your entryways, cutting labor cost, as the doormats will do the work for you. Our doormats are constructed to handle high foot-traffic, making them ideal for busy households or offices. Furthermore, some of the dirt trappers have holes in their design to facilitate draining, so your floors will remain dry without unsightly puddles. In other words, they trap moisture!

The highly durable coir construction makes these coir mats excellent outdoor mats that can tolerate rain, sun, snow, and rainy weather. The abrasive nature makes the mats excellent mud scrapers for shoes that can also provide a degree of stability and safety at entryways. You can buy our efficient dirt trappers in a range of stylish designs that will enhance your entryways with charm and sophistication. We offer eye-catching designs, inspired by classic styles, which will not fail to impress guests. With our , you can maintain a clean and inviting environment while protecting your floors from the damaging effects of debris and moisture.

Polygon Cocomat

The Durability of Coco Mats

“Valencia” Coir Door Mats

•  Ideal for use outside homes and small businesses
•  Naturally abrasive and longer lasting than other door mats
•  Protects entryways from dirt, mud, rain, and snow all year long

Additional Drainage and Safety: This coir entrance mat is also designed with large holes that allow moisture to seep through the surface of the mat. By allowing water to drain through the mat, this boot brush prevents puddles from forming in entryways and protects your friends and family from slips and falls that can cause serious injury. The “Valencia” door mat is a great way to prevent these accidents. No more slippery doorways—these boot cleaners will keep your front step dry and your family safe throughout the long, wet winter months.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: These boot cleaners are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, making them a cost effective door mat option for every home. Coconut husk fiber does not wear out easily or develop mold in wet conditions. Simply brush or shake these coco mats to keep them looking clean and presentable. With its unique design and eco-friendly coconut coir fiber, this coir entrance mat can last longer than most other front door mats. Rather than replacing your door mat multiple times a year, a boot brush like the “Valencia” will provide tougher floor protection, last longer than other door mats, and save more money in the long run.

Herringbone Coir Doormat
Herringbone Coir Doormat

Resilient Coir Door Mats

Some of our dirt trapper doormats are made by integrating coir fibers into a frame made from metal wires, creating a robust and efficient system for dirt removal. The wire frame provides structural stability and durability to the dirt-stopper mat, ensuring it can withstand heavy foot-traffic and constant use. The coir fibers—derived from the husks of coconuts—are excellent scrapers due to their flexibility and high absorbency. The coir bristles are rough and bendy, so each fiber can reach inside the recesses in the undersides of footwear to thoroughly remove particles that might otherwise end up on your flooring. The combination of coir with a sturdy frame allows the dirt trapper to stay in place while guests scrape their shoes. The weight of the frame allows the dirt trapper a moderate degree of friction, so it does not easily move out of place when guests vigorously wipe their feet. These doormats made from coir are available in a 18” x 30” size to suit almost any entryway. The coir dirt trapper doormat are available in square shapes for typical entryways as well as in beautiful half-moon shapes suited for curved or arched-top entryways. Wherever you place them, our Coir Door mats are designed to provide exceptional performance and longevity, making them the ideal solutions for keeping indoor spaces clean and spotless.

The dirt trapper mats at CoirMat.com come in a variety of eye-catching designs that will complement any décor. Some of the designs take inspiration from trendy artwork and designs of the past. The dirt-stopper doormat does not faithfully recreate the traditional art but displays a modernist take on some of the more recognizable patterns. The drainage holes look like a part of the design and do not stand out in a manner that disturbs the beautiful aesthetic. The coir dirt trappers retain the natural brown color of the coir fibers, which gives them a rustic, natural look that will easily blend with any style of décor. Our coir doormats will look stunning while they clean muddy boots and keep moisture off your floors.

Door Scraper Commercial Entrance Mats

  • Moisture-resistant rubber doormats prevent mold formation
  • Easy to clean product with hose and simple household soaps
  • Very professional and adaptable aesthetic suitable for places such as corporate offices and retail stores

Efficient Dirt-Scraping Surface: These rubber doormats live up to their name thanks to the numerous little rubber scrubbers on their surface. These finger-like protrusions will dig into those hard-to-reach crevices in shoes to flush out any debris particles stuck there. This includes clumps of dirt, bits of gravel, loose mud, and more. Dirt-scraping capabilities are very important to have in commercial entry mats because it will help keep interior areas nice and clean. It can go a long way in helping you save money and time on cleaning costs.

Raised Edges: These rubber doormats feature raised, or beveled, edges. The purpose behind these edges is twofold. For one, it helps prevent people from tripping on the edge because it allows easier access for both human feet and wheeled equipment. Secondly, the raised edges form a tray that allows the mat to contain excess liquids, which protect the floors where these commercial entry mats are placed.

Dura Scraper Drainage
Black color Eco-Friendly and Durable Drainage Doormat

All Season Doormats

You can use our dirt-trap mats during any season. The coir fibers possess a number of remarkable features that make our dirt trappers durable and resilient to many different types of weather patterns. Coir is extracted from coconuts, where the fibers surround the vulnerable seed of the fruit. The function of the coir is to protect the coconut seed from harsh elements, exposure to seawater, and microorganisms. As a result, coir is highly absorbent, resists microorganism growth, withstands UV rays, and can endure hot and cold weather without rapidly deteriorating. Coir retains these inherent properties even after processing. Therefore, they can be used in exposed areas without worrying about quick decay and degradation. You can leave the coir or rubber dirt trappers out in the rain without concerns about the coir mats falling apart from moisture-related damage. In fact, the mats will effectively absorb moisture and any excess will be flushed out through the drainage holes. Our rubber or coir dirt trapper mats are perfect for use during rainy or wet weather, as they will keep muddy footprints, slush, or snowmelt at bay. Coir resists mold and mildew, making these door mats ideal for use in damp areas of a building. Furthermore, the rubber or coir dirt-trapper mats can withstand exposure to harsh sunlight for a prolonged period without fading or losing function. As with anything, these all-weather mats will show some signs of age over time. However, you can expect long-lasting functionality thanks to the highly durable nature of coir. Regardless of whether they are placed indoors or outdoors, our dirt trappers can be reliably used for many seasons.

Corrugated Composite Rib
Corrugated Composite Rib Rubber Runner

“Shiraz” Coir Welcome Mat

•  Coir scraper mat is available in 1” x 18” x 30”
•  A simple shake or rinse can do the trick when it comes to cleaning this doormat
•  Dirt trapping bristles keep outdoor debris together, making it easy to dispose of

Weather Resistant Doormats: The coir of this outdoor doormat is an enduring material and capable of withstanding the weather, hot or cold. The moisture resistance of this doormat coir slows down moisture from building up, due to its ability to absorb it. This means mold and mildew are not likely to have a hospitable environment to support their growth. Not only do these doormats handle moisture, they also have ozone and UV resistance, protecting them from immediate sun damage. These doormats are made for the seasons!

Keeps your Home Clean: Keeping your home clean is easier when you have an extra barrier to help dirt from getting inside. The coir entrance mat has a texture that is strong and tough, good for getting that nasty dirt hiding in the crevices under your shoes. Wiping your feet on an outdoor doormat prevents your home from getting some, if not all, of that that unwanted outdoor debris inside, keeping it outside where it belongs.

“Caspian Sea” Coir Doormat

Husking Coconuts

Renewable, Eco-Friendly Coir Mats

Our dirt trappers are not only highly functional but also environmentally friendly, as coir is a sustainable and renewable resource. Coir offers an array of eco-friendly benefits that make it an ideal choice for dirt removal applications. Coir is derived from a renewable resource—coconut trees!—that abundantly grows in tropical regions, which ensures that coir-based products are not depleting a finite natural resource. Moreover, coir is biodegradable, which means that once the dirt trappers have fulfilled their purpose, the coir mats will naturally decompose without leaving behind pollution-causing waste. Coir is an excellent alternative to certain synthetic fibers that end up in landfills and contribute to environmental pollution. Compared to the manufacturing of synthetic fibers, the coir production process is less dependent on fossil fuels. This is primarily because many stages of coir production are still reliant on manual labor and traditional methods. For example, the natural mesh that contains coir fibers has to be plucked from coconuts by hand, as there is no machinery that can do that. Additionally, the coir “curing” process is done according to traditional methods that do not use machines. Furthermore, the cultivation of coconuts for coir production has positive impacts on the environment. Coconut trees thrive in diverse ecosystems, including coastal regions, where they contribute to soil stability and prevent erosion. The cultivation of coconut trees minimizes use of pesticides and fertilizers, making it a more sustainable option compared to synthetic fibers. This eco-friendly manufacturing process reduces the carbon footprint associated with coir production, ensuring that our dirt trappers only have a minimal environmental impact. Therefore, coir-based dirt trapper doormats are a safe and reliable option for buyers concerned about the environmental impact of consumer goods.

“Dura-Scraper Wave” Rubber Door Mat

  • Perfect for messy wet conditions
  • Easy to clean with a water hose and household soap
  • These rubber door mats protect sensitive surfaces from scuffs and other types of damage

Good for Wet Areas: These rubber door mats were designed with wet conditions and climates in mind. This is evident by the drainage holes arranged linearly throughout the body of the mat. Thanks to these holes, they filter through excess liquids and prevent such buildups from forming. Those drainage holes can also drain through any solid debris particles small enough to fit through them, such as pebbles and miscellaneous dirt.

Anti-Slip Wave Design: This commercial entry mat gets its name from the wavy ribs that run across the surface. In addition to looking cool, these ribs help improve grip and traction while you walk across the surface of the mat. Reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents occurring at your entryway is a smart idea for any business owner. They also help in knocking away any excess dirt or mud that may be stuck onto your shoes.

Corrugated Ramp Cleat Rubber Runner
Corrugated Ramp Cleat Rubber Runners

Coir is the Perfect Dirt Trapper

Our coir-based dirt trapper mats are nontoxic and contribute to creating allergen-free environments. The abrasive coir surfaces can remove and retain pollen stuck to the undersides of footwear, thereby reducing the risk of potential allergens being introduced to your abode. Coir fibers are generally safe to use in households with kids and pets. The natural fiber does not emit harmful particles like VOCs (volatile organic compounds), ensuring safe and healthy living spaces for you and your loved ones. Coir is a safe and highly effective material that will contribute to the overall hygiene of your floors, rather than cause harm. In many ways, coir is the ideal material for dirt trappers due to its superior scraping power, durability, and eco-friendliness. When you have one of our dirt trappers at an entryway, you will get to enjoy cleaner floors that require less vacuuming. Alongside its many functional benefits, our coir-based dirt trappers will additionally help you reduce your carbon footprint, making them perfect for households and offices with sustainability commitments.