“Herringbone” Boot Scrapers

•  Unbleached coconut coir
•  Handmade using traditional methods

Effective Shoe Scraping Capabilities: Of course you do not want extra mess to clean up. Of course you want to cut down on the cost of cleaning your floors. With this boot scraper mat, you can! All you have to do is place these all-weather mats by your porch, patio, garden or balcony. Then just use it as a shoe scraper to minimize the amount of dirt and sand that enter your home by way of footwear. By minimizing the amount of dirt and mud that enter your home you will also stop the migration of microscopic parasites and harmful bacteria that are found in dirt and mud. You will also notice that the floors in your home will look a whole lot cleaner. Say “goodbye” to dirt, mud, sand, and filth.

Weather Resistant Boot Scraper mat: While these coco mats balance eco-friendliness and durability they also resist temperamental weather. These coco scrapers are extremely resilient even when they are exposed to extended contact with moisture. Water and moisture can easily dry out and crack typical doormats but because this mat is made from water resistant coco-fiber it can withstand exposure to dampness. You can even store a pair of boots on the boot scraper mat to dry without negatively impacting the effectiveness of the coir’s scraping feature. Warm sunlight can also have the tendency to damage doormats and patio furniture, but this exterior doormat can withstand the withering affects of ultraviolet rays.

“Herringbone” Boot Scrapers

“Caspian Sea” Coir Entrance Door Mat

Find the Perfect Boot Scraper

A boot scraper can give grime-covered shoes a thorough cleaning beyond simply wiping them on a doormat. When people come indoors with footwear caked in mud, slush, or grass, a bootscraper can help you and your guests remove such debris from the sides of shoes. Some of our scrapers can be used to effectively scrub dirt from boot shafts that reach above the ankles. Therefore, boot scrubbers will be handy accessories to place in outdoor entryways next to your rugged shoes, thigh-highs, or work boots. Similar to our coir mats, a heavy-duty boot scraper can keep moisture at bay, preventing unsightly stains from forming on your floors. Our collection includes boot and shoe scrapers in different styles and shapes to help you find the ideal cleaning accessory that matches your needs.

“Caspian Sea” Coir Entrance Door Mat

•  Ideal outdoor mat for home doorways
•  Aesthetically pleasing design a unique decorative accent
•  Brush, shake, or hose down this mat for easy cleaning year round

Natural Boot Cleaning Fibers: Tough coconut husk fiber is the secret to this boot cleaner scraper’s power. The coco coir fiber harvested from naturally grown coconuts is durable and long lasting. In addition to being made from natural materials, the “Caspian Sea” coir outdoor mat is bristly enough that it naturally scrapes dirt and debris from the soles of shoes. Place this half round doormat in front of a front door, garage door, or other busy doorway and keep that dirt out of your home! By scraping debris from incoming foot traffic, this coco coir doormat keeps entryways clean and dry no matter what kind of weather you’re experiencing.

Long-Term Safety and Security: This coir outdoor mat is especially helpful because it provides a safe, non-slip surface for areas that may be slick or slippery during the rainy months. Prevent dangerous slips and falls with a coco coir doormat that provides a natural traction surface without breaking the bank. This half round doormat won’t crack or mold in extreme weather, ensuring that it will last longer than doormats made from other materials. Don’t worry about replacing your “Caspian Sea” doormat every couple of months; this boot cleaner scraper will stick with you through rain, sleet, snow, heat waves, and more.

Valencia Coir Doormat
Valencia Coir Doormat

Durable and Abrasive Construction

All our boot scrapers are crafted with coir fibers wrapped around a sturdy base made from either metal or PVC to ensure superior scraping power and long-lasting performance. Traditionally, scrapers were made from cast iron, primarily to remove mud. Our modern boot scrapers are considerably more thorough at their jobs, thanks to the versatile nature of coir (also known as coconut fibers). A coir boot scraper can remove dirt, grime, sand, and various other particles clinging to shoes. Coir fibers can even keep some types of allergens at bay, mainly pollen, pet hair, and dander. Thanks to their flexibility, the fibers will have no trouble reaching into the deep crevices of shoes to ensure optimal cleaning. With a coir-based boot scraper, you can create a dedicated area for guests to thoroughly clean their footwear, reducing dirt accumulation on floors. In the long run, having a shoe scraper will help you save time and money on cleaning, and may even extend the life of your flooring!

“Doggie” Shoe Scrapers

“Turtle” Boot Scraper

“Doggie” Shoe Scrapers

•  Coir fibers trap dirt particles
•  These boot scrapers provide fun visual appeal for dog lovers
•  Debris particles can be washed out of the coir with the help of a water hose

Loves the Outdoors: These boot scrapers are best used in the outdoors. The coir fibers are perfectly suited for long term outdoor use because they can withstand the damaging effects of moisture, UV rays, and ozone. These boot cleaners can be left exposed to heavy rainfall and intense sunlight for prolonged periods of time. The coir fibers will not allow mold or mildew to form on this scraper’s body.

Takes a Bite Out of Dirty Shoes: You might not realize it right now, but all the dirt and other outdoor debris stuck onto your shoes will ruin your home’s clean floors. One way to minimize or outright prevent that from happening is by placing this little guy at your door. These boot scrapers may look adorable, but they are very tough on dirt, mud, rocks, and other types of outdoor debris. The coir fibers on these boot cleaners are very effective at reaching into the nooks and crannies of your shoes and flushing out those particles. Thanks to the three-dimensional shape of this boot scraper, it is also ideal for cleaning off the sides of your footwear! This helps make sure that any shoes coming in from the outdoors will be cleaner by the time they reach your nice wood or tile floors.

Shop Animal-Shaped Boot Scrapers

Our boot and shoe scrapers come in various animal shapes that will add plenty of flair and charm to your entryways. You can browse many whimsical shapes, including puppies, turtles, and bunnies. Each scraper is meticulously crafted to resemble an animal, including signature details like floppy ears or snouts to make it distinguishable. The animal-style boot scrapers will make your entryways more endearing, creating a more welcoming atmosphere for receiving guests. For those who prefer more traditional doorway décor, we have scrapers with classic, rectangular bodies. These designs feature a flat surface for providing comfortable footing when in use. The square-shaped builds will be most convenient for those who do not need maximum scraping-surface area. Users can simply place one or both feet on the rectangular surface, and scrape away! Whichever style you prefer, our quality boot scrapers will—without a doubt—create clean and captivating entryways.

“Traditional” Boot Scrapers

•  Eco-friendly product made with “Green” materials
•  Designed with shoe outlines to remind people to scrape their shoes
•  For the best cleaning, take a water hose to this moisture-resistant scraper mat

Coir Edges: There are three rolls of coir on this boot scraper doormat. Two are located on the outer edges and one is placed in the middle. There is a strategic reason why they are placed where they are: to maximize the amount of dirt removed from the sides of your shoes and boots. Dirt and mud does not only remain on the undersides or soles of your footwear. They can get stuck on the sides and even top sections! This boot cleaner, with its rounded and thick coir rolls, is designed to help remove all that junk before those boots go into your home. The rough coir fibers are great a latching onto these debris particles and keeping them stuck within their fibers.

Durable Rubber Frame: The coir rests on a base made from natural rubber. It is designed to be a solid support frame that gives this boot scraper doormat more durability against the high volume of physical scraping action that these products are expected to endure. The rubber portion of this boot cleaner can absorb the repetitive shock and impact of constant foot traffic while providing a nice protective layer for the existing floor underneath it.

Caspian Sea Coir Entrance Door Mat
Caspian Sea Coir Doormat

Made from a Natural Coir Fiber

The primary ingredient in our boot brushes and scrapers is coir, which is a natural fiber extracted from coconuts. Compared to synthetic fibers, coir is a much eco-friendlier, sustainable option. Thanks to its durable nature, coir is well-suited for highly demanding applications such as boot and shoe scraping. With average, daily wear and tear, these coir scrapers are unlikely to need frequent replacement, which not only saves you money but also reduces waste that often ends up in landfills. Unlike certain synthetic fibers, coir does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can cause adverse health reactions in people and animals. When you buy a coir-based boot scraper, you are not just investing in a cleaning accessory but are also demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendly purchases, ensuring that your doorstep décor aligns with your values.

“Shiraz” Coir Welcome Mat

•  Coir scraper mat is available in 1” x 18” x 30”
•  A simple shake or rinse can do the trick when it comes to cleaning this doormat
•  Dirt trapping bristles keep outdoor debris together, making it easy to dispose of

Weather Resistant Doormats: The coir of this outdoor doormat is an enduring material and capable of withstanding the weather, hot or cold. The moisture resistance of this doormat coir slows down moisture from building up, due to its ability to absorb it. This means mold and mildew are not likely to have a hospitable environment to support their growth. Not only do these doormats handle moisture, they also have ozone and UV resistance, protecting them from immediate sun damage. These doormats are made for the seasons!

Keeps your Home Clean: Keeping your home clean is easier when you have an extra barrier to help dirt from getting inside. The coir entrance mat has a texture that is strong and tough, good for getting that nasty dirt hiding in the crevices under your shoes. Wiping your feet on an outdoor doormat prevents your home from getting some, if not all, of that that unwanted outdoor debris inside, keeping it outside where it belongs.

Herringbone Coir Doormat
Herringbone Coir Doormat

Excellent Outdoor Life

Our coir scrapers are weather resistant, so you can confidently leave them outdoors and not worry about bad weather negatively affecting the functionality of the accessory. The UV-resistant coir fibers boot scrapers are less likely to be affected by solar damage, and their absorbent nature will keep moisture-related damage at bay. As each season poses its own cleaning problems, keep a boot scraper next to your doormat to make sure your indoor spaces remain spotless regardless of the sun or snow. When it pours or starts snowing outside, a boot scraper—alongside a coir mat—are the ultimate barriers preventing unwanted debris from contaminating the clean interiors of your living space.

“Herringbone” Coir Door Mat

Polygon Cocomat

“Valencia” Coir Door Mats

•  Ideal for use outside homes and small businesses
•  Naturally abrasive and longer lasting than other door mats
•  Protects entryways from dirt, mud, rain, and snow all year long

Additional Drainage and Safety: This coir entrance mat is also designed with large holes that allow moisture to seep through the surface of the mat. By allowing water to drain through the mat, this boot brush prevents puddles from forming in entryways and protects your friends and family from slips and falls that can cause serious injury. The “Valencia” door mat is a great way to prevent these accidents. No more slippery doorways—these boot cleaners will keep your front step dry and your family safe throughout the long, wet winter months.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: These boot cleaners are also incredibly easy to clean and maintain, making them a cost effective door mat option for every home. Coconut husk fiber does not wear out easily or develop mold in wet conditions. Simply brush or shake these coco mats to keep them looking clean and presentable. With its unique design and eco-friendly coconut coir fiber, this coir entrance mat can last longer than most other front door mats. Rather than replacing your door mat multiple times a year, a boot brush like the “Valencia” will provide tougher floor protection, last longer than other door mats, and save more money in the long run.

Shiraz Coir Welcome Mat in front of light brown door
Shiraz Coir Welcome Mat

Fully Resists Mold and Mildew

Coir is impervious to mold and mildew, which will let you safely place your boot scrapers in wet or damp areas of a building. Of course, this also means that you can place your scraper outside without worry that rainfall will eventually cause organic hazards to form on the mat. Absorbent fibers are often prone to attracting microorganisms. However, coir stands apart in this regard. You have the total freedom to leave your boot cleaner on a soggy lawn or a dank mudroom. When you come back, the scraper will remain free of mold that sometimes poses serious health hazards. These scrapers will help you maintain high hygiene standards for entryways, especially if moisture-related hazards are a concern.