“Field of Red Daisies”

“Sunflower Welcome Mats”

Coir “Home Doormat” Kit

  • Made of sustainable and durable coir fibers perfect for scraping dirt from shoe soles
  • Features PVC backing to trap moisture, preventing the risk of slipping and falling
  • Eye-catching designs painted using industrial-strength emulsion paint to deter fading and bleeding

Modern Floral Designs: If you are a fan of contemporary art or floral designs, the coir “Home Doormat” kit features an inspiring selection of flora-themed doormats. The “Red Daisy” doormat exhibits a vivid red flower that takes up the forefront of the coir doormat. The vibrant hues of the open petals make this floral doormat an exquisite and eye-catching piece of décor for your front door. The “Deciduous Tree” doormat directly contrasts the former flower doormat, featuring a modern drawing of a tree. The branches of the dark tree end in spirals, giving the plant an intriguing and mysterious air.

Floral and Functional: If you have a floral doormat, it is probably because you love flowers—and by default—Mother Nature! Luckily, this flower door-mat is composed of sustainable and natural materials, so you do not have to worry about harming the environment. This floral coir-doormat is made from coconut fiber, sourced from the durable fruit. Coconuts are incredibly tough “nuts,” exhibiting characteristics such as resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV radiation, and mildew. This makes our floral door-mats extremely robust, able to tackle any weather conditions, and thoroughly protect your doorstep. Utilize this resilient and quaint rug anywhere: inside, outside, at your home or business. Just like wildflowers, there is no limit to where this mat may go!

Resilient Grandmas Plants mat in front of door
Resilient Grandmas Plants mat in front of door

Add All Season Flowers To Your Entryway

Here at Coir Mat.com, our selection of floral door mats consists of a large variety of bright, floral patterns to match the unique, garden aesthetic radiating from your home. Within this collection are tulip floral door mats for those who love the unique and exotic appearance of this beautiful phenomenon of the natural world. For those who are oriented towards the cheery, summer season, our sunflower door- mat is a great way to go. Our catalogue of products is generous, allowing for almost any nature enthusiast to find an entrance mat that matches his or her tastes. Making our catalog of floral door mats a great and practical place to look for adding to your home’s eye-catching design. For example, our “Field of Red Daisies” flower door mat is illustrated with beautiful, red daises. These flowers are backdropped by the natural, rustic colorway of coir, whose light-brown hue only further spotlights the vibrancy of the flora that foreground the mat. In addition, the bottom of the mat, in bright red, reads: “Welcome.” Together, these elements make for a stunning masterpiece of a floral door mat. The simplicity of the welcome mat’s design, as well as its highly artistic decorations, make for a flower mat that will leave you and your guests awed while using your home’s entryway. If your home’s exterior is already adorned with flowers, these floral door mats will further imbue your home’s atmosphere with a hint of nature’s inherent beauty.

“Rouge Contemporary Floral Doormat”

  • Coir is an eco-friendly material
  • Features both practical benefits and pretty aesthetic
  • UV resistance prevents any immediate sun damage

Made of Coir: These front door mats are made of coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. It is a rough and durable fiber that makes for a great doormat. These Coir mats also have backing made of PVC for structure and support. The PVC backing of these painted floor mats provides an extra layer of protection for flooring and keeps the coir separated from the floor surface.

Dirt Killer: Whether you are coming home from the office or a hike, the bottom of your shoes are going to be carrying debris and all sorts of dirty undesirable guests. Having one of these front door mats can assist with getting this junk off the bottom of your shoes. The coir of these painted floor mats means business when it comes to dirt, mud, debris, and other unwanted outside visitors. Coir bristles are great for scraping the bottom of those shoes, helping you keep a clean entrance and a clean house!

Coir Mat with with english purple lavender design in front of door
Coir Mat with with english purple lavender design in front of white double doors

Coir Entry Mats Made for Harsh Winters

Thanks to the resilient and heavy-duty nature of coco coir, our floral door mats have great durability, especially when left in the outdoors. These floral door mats have a number of useful defenses against a plethora of different weather conditions that would normally cause intensive damage to other products that lack such resilience. One of the most destructive consequences of weather is the rapid buildup of unnecessary mold and mildew that occurs during heavy rainfall. These off-putting byproducts of wet and clammy environments can cause wear and tear to your entry mat or home entryway. Fortunately, our floral door mats, as we have said, are made from coir. Why is coir so well-equipped to handle harsh environments? Coir is naturally derived from the husks of coconuts. Over millions of years of evolution, coconuts have evolved to become supremely durable—their husks able to withstand some of the harshest conditions in nature. Coconuts—the fruits of these plants—have evolved to travel over ocean currents, landing on nearby shores and sprouting into new plants. This journey can sometimes last months, which is why a coconut’s husk must be so durable. These husks are impervious to conditions such as excessive moisture and sunlight, naturally making coir, the material we extract from coconuts’ husks, similarly well-suited for such abrasive conditions. Thus, coir—an unassuming material—has emerged as one of the best materials for making welcome mats. Like coconuts, entrance mats must withstand harsh weather elements for prolonged periods of time. We also subject our coir entry mats to further forms of abuse—mainly impacts and abrasions. People are constantly scraping their feet and stepping on entrance mats. Most materials would not be able to handle such use. But, because of coir’s innate set of resilient qualities, coir can easily withstand these conditions. In sum, coir is not just weather resistant—it is also highly capable of withstanding all forms of wear and tear from daily abuse.

Deciduous Tree

Husking Coconuts

“Wildflower Meadow” – Welcome Flower Doormat

  • Design applied in heavy-duty emulsion paint to deter fading and bleeding over time
  • Coir fibers perfect for removing dirt, debris, and mud from bottom of shoes
  • Utilizes thick PVC backing to keep mat in place and prevent slips during use

Wildflower Meadow: Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can appreciate the look of this outdoor floral doormat on your entryways, knowing that you absolutely cannot kill it! Unlike some flora, the “Wildflower Meadow” welcome flower-doormat is exceptionally resilient—able to endure physical wear and tear along with unfavorable weather conditions. Due to the high-quality emulsion paint used to render the smattering of dark green and orange-hued flowers, you do not have to worry about the brilliant colors and design wearing away. Welcome guests enthusiastically with this sophisticated and chic wildflower mat.

Plant-Based Product: Appropriately, this floral doormat is made from plants—specifically, from coconut! Not only does this mat feature a cute selection of plant life, but the product itself is even composed of sustainable and natural materials sourced from flora. Coconuts are incredibly hardy fruits, capable of resisting water, sunlight, mold, and ozone due to their goal to traverse across oceans in search of areas to populate. Likewise, coir contains all of these inherent and amazing abilities, making coconut fiber one of the best sustainable materials to utilize for entry matting such as the “Wildflower Meadow” welcome flower-doormat.

Valencia Coir Doormat
Valencia Coir Doormat

Floral Designs That Last More than One Season!

Floral door mats from Coir Mat.com is an exceedingly valuable addition to any residential entryway. While all of our coir doormats exhibit a similar degree of resilience, our floral door mats stand out in the beauty of their designs. After all, it is difficult to argue against the simple elegance of a flower—its charm speaks for itself.  Even our elegant, summer-themed sunflower door mat can handle the heavy downpour of gorgeous but threatening summer showers. Moisture resistance is not the only additional barrier against the outdoors this flower door mat themed décor has to offer. Many variations of home décor can suffer from cracks and other forms of intensive sun damage. Luckily, the UV resistance of coco coir acts as an extra shield against the sun’s UV rays, meaning that you can leave each floral door mat outside without worrying about it suffering from extreme forms of sunlight-caused damage prematurely. Our sunflower door mat and our other floral door mats are also well-prepared to handle the would-be damaging effects of ozone. All of these added layers of protection from the outdoors give our collection of floral door mats amazing and incredible endurance when it comes to handling the wearing effects of the ever-changing outdoors.

“Herb Garden” Coir Entrance Mat

  • Cost effective and easy to clean
  • Scrapes dirt and debris from the soles of shoes
  • Unique, nature-themed design fits perfectly into any home

Affordable Entrance Matting: These coir entrance mats are some of the easiest doormats to care for when it comes to cleaning and simple maintenance. Made with all-natural coconut husk fiber, these home doormats will last longer than some doormats fashioned from man-made materials. Because it is handmade with naturally all-weather fiber, this patio mat can be shaken or brushed for easy cleaning. They are ideal for tough climates. Whether your winters come in the form of rain or snow, the “Herb Garden” flower doormat will survive countless storms and blizzards, as well as heat waves and constant sunlight. These mats last longer and provide more durable floor protection, ensuring that you do not have to spend additional money to replace them until you are absolutely ready to do so.

Eco-Friendly Floor Protection: When you invest in coir entrance mats made with natural coconut husk material, you are putting your faith and trust in a tough and sustainable product. “Herb Garden” home doormats will not put harmful chemicals into the environment; instead, they are made from natural materials and will easily protect interior flooring from damage. Place this flower doormat in any entryway to ensure that your family, friends, and guests wipe dirt and debris from their shoes before entering your home. As a result, your floors will stay clean and dry, and your loved ones will be safe from accidental slips and falls.

Handmade doormat with tulip garden design in front of light brown door
Handmade doormat with tulip garden design in front of light brown door

Adorn All of Your Entryways with Flowers

Because of the artistic splendor of our floral door mats, these beautiful products can be placed practically anywhere outdoors. They would not only be perfect for a front entryway—but for a doorway that leads to an outdoor patio. Their floral design makes them the perfect décor for complementing your patio’s overall visual appeal, especially if your patio is decorated with real, natural flowers. Floral door mats can even be a nice addition to grandma’s garden! What better way to complement such a plot of botanical miracles than with a detailed and elaborate piece of outdoor décor that represents its surrounding flora so well? Our variety of flower designs in our flower door mat catalogue makes it more than likely that you can find a welcome mat adorned with a design to match your garden’s specific and unique style. This means that a flower doormat makes for a great gift, too. Whether that special someone is a lover or a family member, you can show them your affection by gifting them a beautiful doormat adorned with flowers. For example, if the special person you have in mind grows a lot of sunflowers, a sunflower door mat will be the perfect gift to show him or her that you appreciate their tastes, and that you know that person well. If other varieties of flowers take up the majority of the person’s garden, one of our tulip or many other floral door mats will more than likely do the trick. Simply peruse our extensive collection of flower door mats and find the flower door mat that best matches that person’s preferences. After all, what better way to match a patio or garden than with matching floral door mats?

“Red Daisy” – a Flower Doormat

Modern Landscape Doormat

Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • Easy to clean: Simply shake, brush, or wash!
  • Moisture resistance helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew

Made for Variety: If you have a double entryway, it is not a problem! These French doormats come in 24″ x 57″ for your double entryway. Having a wider surface, this coco coir doormat catches more dirt and offers more protection. This natural doormat also comes in 18” x 30” for single doorways. This coir doormat has a matching aesthetic to its large doormat counter part, providing you with a doormat for a matching patio or other entryway. Having two sizes for this fleur de lis welcome mat increases the possibilities for its uses and gives you more variety for your home décor.

Pretty but Tough: Although aesthetically beautiful, these French doormats are tough when it comes to dirt. The coir used to create each fleur de lis doormat creates heavy-duty bristles capable of scraping off lots of dirt and debris. Unwanted dirt particles from the outside get stuck between the bristles, leaving them trapped before they get through your doorway!

Welcome mat with picture of a garden
Welcome mat with picture of a garden

Committed to High Quality Products & Service

Here at Coir Mat.com, we have an unwavering commitment to bringing you high-quality products at cost-effective prices. Our practice of using environmentally-friendly products whenever possible helps us ensure that—while you decorate your home—you do not cause undue harm onto the environment. Plus, because of the fact that the eco-friendly materials we use are often more inexpensive to produce than their synthetic counterparts, the savings we incur by using these materials is directly translated to the price points at which we sell our products. Thus, while we protect the planet, we also protect our customer from burdensome prices. Indeed, everyone should be able to purchase a welcome mat that fits their preferences without having to break the bank. The remarkable materials we use to create each magnificent floral door mat are unparalleled in quality and functionality. Many of our coco coir welcome mats are also backed with recycled or reclaimed PVC, giving them more functionality and durability for an excellent outdoor decoration. These rubber backings further ensure that your floral doormat will last for an extended period of time, keeping it in place, as well as keeping its coir fibers tightly bundled together. When looking for floral door mats, look no further. The generous array of floral door mats we offer will certainly fulfill all of your door matting needs!