“Floral Garden”

“Field of Red Daisies”

“Live, Laugh, Love Novelty Doormat”

  • These coco mats are UV and ozone resistant
  • Moisture absorption does not provide an environment suitable for mold and mildew
  • These coco mats are 18” x 30”

Love the Earth: Loving isn’t just about loving one another, but loving your home. Give your entryway flooring a little bit of a shield from incoming foot traffic using one of these floral door mats. These cute doormats are lined with PVC, giving these doormats a little bit more of a buffer for working against floor damage.

Doesn’t Love Dirt: Just because this doormat loves, it doesn’t mean it loves a dirty home. In fact, it laughs at it thanks to the easy job it has getting rid of it! Coir is incredibly rough and tough but flexible, enabling it to do a heavy-duty scraping job under your shoes when passing over it. The coir fibers on these cute doormats scrape away debris like mud, sand, pebbles, and more. Keeping this novelty door mat in front of your entryway provides an extra buffer against filth from invading your home, aiding you in your home upkeep.

Doormat with fall colors & welcome sign
Doormat with fall colors & welcome sign

Country and Western Designed Styles

Western interior design and country interior design styles are similar. Western design focuses on tougher, harder, masculine elements and country design is more about landscapes, flowers and softer elements. One thing they both have in common is a focus on the outdoors.

At Coirmat.com, we believe in providing our customers with a variety of different and intricate aesthetic styles. That is why we offer a wide selection of country door mats, also known to many as western door mats. Many of our entrance mats have warm and welcoming illustrations adorning their surfaces, making them some of the best entrance door mats for those whose focus—when it concerns their entryways—is to give a kind welcome as guests enter their homes. These country door mats are decorated with a number of different elegant but simple designs—from bright and colorful floral designs to simple but sophisticated patterns typical of western decor. The stunning, eye-catching appeal of these attractive and exceptional products makes them incredibly fantastic for homeowners looking to upgrade their entryways with a touch of classic charm. Their natural country look can even complement and add to your home’s patio décor. This just goes to show just how versatile a coir doormat is! Especially since country door mats—by the nature of their designs—fit so many settings so well, you can place these welcome mats nearly anywhere around your home. But, since coir is an outdoor-centric material, we recommend that you opt for coir doormats when looking to place a doormat outdoors. For indoor door-matting applications, we recommend that you browse our selection of carpet mats, which are generally better-suited for indoor uses. In any case, when decorating your country home with country-themed, doorway decor, make sure to take a thorough look at our generous selection of western door mats. Given that we have so many designs available, you can rest assured, knowing that there is a western door mat that fits your needs. Welcome mats are a staple of many American homes. The classic, welcoming country designs that adorn these entry mats are certainly here to stay.

“Estate-Style” Welcome Doormat

  • Available in 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • It is not just a welcome mat, it is “the” welcome mat
  • Easy to clean, simply shake, brush, or wash

Quality Ingredients: Make sure you are decorating your home entryway with one of these welcome mats, made out of superior materials. Created using coir, a natural fibrous material gathered from the outer husk of coconut shells, this outdoor entrance mat is tough. Uses since ancient times, Coir, or coco, is an exceedingly functional fiber. Under these estate door mats is a layer of heavy duty PVC for basing. These two ingredients make a doormat that radiates excellence.

Double Entryway: Do you have a single entryway or a double entryway? Whichever you have, this coir welcome mat comes in two sizes for either! The 18″ x 30″ coir fiber mat is sized for single entryways, making this home doormat great for even patio entryways. These welcome mats also come in a larger 24″ x 57″ size if you have a double entryway. Having a larger entryway doormat provides more surface area for more floor protection and dirt collection. Whether you have an estate style home with a double entryway or a single entryway, these doormats have you covered.

Coir Mat with with english purple lavender design in front of door
Coir Mat with with english purple lavender design in front of white double doors

Shop Welcome Mats made from Coco-Coir Fibers

Getting a coir entry mat has a number of benefits to you and your home, making them some of the best kind of welcome mat products out there on the market. Coir, also known as coco, is a rough, tough, and abrasive fibrous material that has been in use by many cultures across the globe for centuries. Harvested from the husks of coconuts, these fibers start off relatively soft but sturdy, meant to protect the coconuts from becoming damaged by harsh environmental conditions. Manufacturers produce coir by, first, separating coconuts from their husks. Then, these husks are soaked in water for an extended period of time. This soaking process makes the individual fibers of coir easier to separate from each other. Once these fibers are separated and dried, you have coir. In this form, the fibers are much more brittle, making them better for tough, scraping action. When bundled together, coir is incredibly durable and resilient, making it perfect for applications such as door-matting—which requires an abrasive surface that can withstand prolonged periods of rugged treatment. Thus, the coir surfaces of these country door mats provide them with an incredibly resilient surface that is capable of providing a strong and rough shoe-scraping for you and your visiting guests. Giving the bottom of your feet a thorough wiping on a western door mat made of coir enables its bristles to latch onto and trap outdoor dirt and debris, helping you keep it from ruining the beauty of your home’s interior flooring. Coir mats are not only efficient at handling outdoor gunk and other particles stuck on the bottom of your shoes—they also have a look and design that can beautifully complement your home’s aesthetic appeal. First off, by itself, coir has a rustic brown color that already radiates a kind of natural charm. But because coir can be so easily painted with a variety of colors, a coir doormat can be transformed into a unique, artistic piece that matches a homeowner’s niche preferences. While synthetic door-matting options can be decorated in similar ways, they are no match for coir in terms of versatility and cost-effectiveness. In sum, it is clear that coir is one of the best materials for making doormats. Country door mats made of coir, then, are perfect for any homeowner looking to upgrade a home’s entryway in terms of aesthetics, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness. In addition to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of southwest door mats made of coir, these welcome mats are also environmentally friendly. Coir is a completely natural material, and the processes that go into producing it are minimally harmful to the environment. This fact also makes coir highly cost-effective to produce—especially in comparison to entry mats made of synthetic materials.

“Sunflower Welcome Mats”

Husking Coconuts

Traditional Fleur de Lis French Mat

  • Comes in two sizes: 18″ x 30″ and 24″ x 57″
  • Easy to clean: Simply shake, brush, or wash!
  • Coir doormat is eco-friendly!

Made for Variety: If you have a double entryway, it is not a problem! These French doormats come in 24″ x 57″ for your double entryway. Having a wider surface, this coco coir doormat catches more dirt and offers more protection. This natural doormat also comes in 18” x 30” for single doorways. This coir doormat has a matching aesthetic to its large doormat counter part, providing you with a doormat for a matching patio or other entryway. Having two sizes for this fleur de lis welcome mat increases the possibilities for its uses and gives you more variety for your home décor.

Strong Ingredients: This fleur de lis welcome mat is made of coir, also known as coco. Coco coir is a tough fiber taken from the outside husks of coconut shells. Coir is an all-natural material, making these mats eco-conscious. Not only is this coco coir doormat made up of natural coir, it has a strong backing made of PVC. These French mats are made of strong ingredients and provide you with a quality doormat.

Welcome mat with home sweet home picture
Bursting With Love

Welcome Guests With Soft Landscape Designs

Many of our country door mats sport simple designs—radiating a natural and welcoming charm aimed toward warmly inviting guests into your home. For example, we offer a variety of classic, welcome mats. These entry mats, as you can guess, have the word “welcome” stenciled onto their surfaces. Some of these country door mats, such as our “Classic American” welcome mat, feature the familiar greeting written in cursive. These variations of the welcome mat design are elegant, and their borders are often ornamented with simple yet beautiful patterns. Other welcome mats, such as our “Contemporary Welcome Home” door mat, are visually simpler—in the spirit of the bareness of many modern designs. But, this is not to say that they are more rudimentary or lack the beauty of their more heavily-decorated counterparts. These contemporary country door mats feature the same, familiar phrase—but often without the cursive font or without the intricate bordering. The Contemporary Welcome Home” doormat says “welcome home” in a sleek, modern font. Its borders are more stripped back, features two parallel lines that go around the edge of the mat. Taken together, this mat rivals its more classic counterpart in terms of visual appeal. Either option would be a fantastic addition to any residential entryway. Ultimately, the preferences of the homeowner determine which mat gets the honor.

“Herb Garden” Coir Entrance Mat

  • Cost effective and easy to clean
  • Scrapes dirt and debris from the soles of shoes
  • Unique, nature-themed design fits perfectly into any home

Affordable Entrance Matting: These coir entrance mats are some of the easiest doormats to care for when it comes to cleaning and simple maintenance. Made with all-natural coconut husk fiber, these home doormats will last longer than some doormats fashioned from man-made materials. Because it is handmade with naturally all-weather fiber, this patio mat can be shaken or brushed for easy cleaning. They are ideal for tough climates. Whether your winters come in the form of rain or snow, the “Herb Garden” flower doormat will survive countless storms and blizzards, as well as heat waves and constant sunlight. These mats last longer and provide more durable floor protection, ensuring that you do not have to spend additional money to replace them until you are absolutely ready to do so.

Eco-Friendly Floor Protection: When you invest in coir entrance mats made with natural coconut husk material, you are putting your faith and trust in a tough and sustainable product. “Herb Garden” home doormats will not put harmful chemicals into the environment; instead, they are made from natural materials and will easily protect interior flooring from damage. Place this flower doormat in any entryway to ensure that your family, friends, and guests wipe dirt and debris from their shoes before entering your home. As a result, your floors will stay clean and dry, and your loved ones will be safe from accidental slips and falls.

Lost? This Welcome Mat will Point Guests the Right Way
Lost? This Welcome Mat will Point Guests the Right Way

Doormats Designed to Add Warmth to your Doorway

For homeowners who prefer welcome mats with more illustration-oriented designs, we offer a variety of western door mats with exclusively images painted onto their surfaces. Southwest door mats such as our “Bartellet Pears” doormat and our “Grandma’s Plants” doormat feature artistic renditions of some of the flora and fauna typical of an American household. These entrance mats are similar in that they all excel at scraping debris from footwear. Their key differences lie in their designs. On a similar note, our “Purple English Lavender” doormat and our “Red Daisy” entry mat are both great for homeowners who have a special affinity for floral patterns. These welcome mats, while emanating elegant charm, express the homeowner’s deep love for the natural yet simple beauty of a flower. And while many of our country door mats are not designed specifically with comedy in mind, some—such as our “Need Directions? You Are Here” welcome mat—greet you and your guests with a humorous welcome. This entrance mat features an illustration of signposts at a crossroads—each one pointing a different direction. Toward the top of the mat, one large sign reads: “You are here.” While this mat evokes feelings of laughter, especially since it should be obvious that “you are here,” it also gives one the feeling that one has made it—that you’ve finally arrived home, so come on inside. Thus, while most of our western door mats have intentions behind their designs, their meanings are ultimately up to whomever uses the entry mat. This just goes to show that our mats are not only physically versatile; they are also conceptually so, permitting a variety of interpretations from a single, simple design.

“Red Daisy” – a Flower Doormat

“Home Sweet Home”

Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door
Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door

Shop With Confidence

Here at Coirmat.com, we believe that your doorway décor is a representation of you and your style, which is why your doormat deserves much of your consideration. After all, it is the first thing guests see before entering your home. When people walk up to your home’s front door, you are giving them an early impression of your individual tastes, your personality, and what makes you a unique person. Having country door mats in your main doorway can help let your guests know that you are a kind, warm, and inviting person who greets her guests in a cheerful manner. Having this western home décor in your doorway will tell your guests you care about your home and want to provide them with a clean and hospitable environment. No matter your background, these country door mats will provide your family and friends with a unique and special representation of you. Let Coir Mat.com help you decorate your doorway in your own way, helping you maintain your own unique and special aesthetic taste.