“Classic American Welcome”

“Meow Cat Welcome Mats”

“Island Greetings” – Aloha (Hello) Welcome Mat

  • Composed of durable, natural coir for protection against moisture, sunlight, and mold
  • Contains a thick PVC backing to hold the mat together while preventing slips
  • Excellent for scraping dirt from your soles and keeping your home clean

Tropical Vibes: The simple and chic design of the “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat will greet guests with a subtle acknowledgment of the lush and exquisite Polynesian islands that we know and love. Utilize this minimalistic tropical door-mat to discreetly elevate your entryways. The refined and uncluttered design will not clash with any existing decorations you have, allowing you to place the mat anywhere you desire. You also do not have to worry about the decal fading away, as the emulsion paint is incredibly durable and will not bleed or rub away.

All-Natural Materials: The “Island Greetings” aloha (hello) welcome-mat is made from all-natural coir—a fiber derived from the husks of coconuts. This resilient material gives the tropical welcome-mat its remarkable resistance and ability to scrape debris from shoes efficiently. The robust fruit and its byproduct are resistant to physical abrasions, sunlight, moisture, ozone, and mold growth. Not only is coir amazingly robust, but it also makes a fantastic shoe scraper! The short and tough coir fibers are perfectly suited for reaching into the ridges of shoe soles and extracting particles and dirt to ensure it does not enter your home.

Welcome mat with home sweet home picture
Bursting With Love

Welcome Friends and Family with Warmth!

Here at CoirMat.com, we strongly believe in providing your arriving guests with the best and warmest greetings. This is why we offer a large variety of quality welcome mat styles. The great thing about these excellent welcome door mats is that they actually say “welcome” on them, so your visiting guests are greeted with a friendly greeting as soon as they walk up to your front door (this is especially fantastic if you are keeping them waiting in your walkway). Not only is each welcome mat a handy way to provide a courteous greeting, they look simply beautiful. We have a variety of gorgeous and intricate designs to fit your unique tastes and to provide your entryway with the mood and atmosphere you wish to present when you greet your arriving party with a welcome door mat. The welcome mat is a classic addition to any household. No home is truly complete without a doormat that welcomes you and your guests into your home.

Modern Ribbon Script – Coir Welcome Mat

  • The design is painted with long-lasting, waterproof emulsion paint that won’t fade or wear off
  • Crafted from natural coir fiber, this doormat offers abrasion resistance and effective shoe-scraping capabilities
  • Built to last with resistance to UV rays, ozone, moisture, and all types of weather conditions

Fanciful Ribbon Script: The elegant greeting illustrated on the “Modern Ribbon Script” coir welcome-mat offers a sophisticated “Welcome” to any guest. This modern door-mat employs a fanciful script to greet your visitors with a chic and refined look. Use this modern outdoor-mat to elevate entryways to your home, business, or office—anywhere you want to extend a warm yet polished welcome. The contrasting dark font and borders pair beautifully with the light brown coir, emphasizing the natural hues of the fibers. The design uses heavy-duty emulsion paint that will remain in place without fading.

Incredible Durability: Trendy door-mats such as the “Modern Ribbon Script” coir welcome-mat are made of—you guessed it—coir! Coir, known as coco fiber, is the processed husks of coconuts—making it a plentiful and natural resource. Coir’s inherent resiliencies also make it the perfect outdoor material, ideal for our modern door-mats. Coconut fiber is incredibly strong, able to resist sunlight, moisture, ozone, harsh temperatures, and mildew growth. This is due to the coconut’s ability to travel vast distances across the ocean for propagation. We have the hardy fruit to thank for such robust and durable indoor and outdoor matting!

Welcome mat with picture of a garden
Welcome mat with picture of a garden

To Welcome is to Open Your Heart to Guests

If you desire a little bit of culture for your home’s main entryway décor, or simply think saying “welcome” is a tad bit boring, Coir Mat.com offers intricate welcome door mat products that feature a more modern or humorous twist on the welcome mat. Some give a greeting in other languages, saying “welcome” in a multitude of different ways. These products, and other kinds of funny front-door welcome mats, are perfect for any homeowner looking to spice up their entryway with a classic yet contemporary touch. Our bienvenue doormat and our bonjour doormat are both great examples of these kinds of welcome doormats. These entrance mats offer foreign greetings, saying hello to guests in a way that shows the homeowner’s respect for different cultures. Not only is a welcome mat like this visually pleasing; it is a good way to be prepared for when you have company visiting from out of the country—whether it is family, friends, or study-abroad students! When a native speaker of another language walks up to your front door, he or she will be pleasantly surprised reading your, say, bonjour doormat. Such familiar words while far from home can truly warm the heart, making your visitor feel like he or she is right at home. Even if you do not expect to receive any foreign guests, using unique welcome mats that display different languages is a great way of showing your love for different languages. Our “In Any Language It Is Still a Welcome Mat!” is a fun and easy way to say welcome in multiple ways, making it one very entertaining decoration.

“Greetings from Your Humble Abode!” – Welcome Home Doormat

  • Decal is painted with emulsion paint to resist fading or peeling over time
  • Made with natural coir fibers for durable shoe-scraping abilities
  • Coir material well-suited for all-weather applications

Warm Welcoming from Your HomeEnhance your entryway with the delightful “Greetings from Your Humble Abode!” welcome-home doormat. This warm welcome doormat adds both functionality and decorative appeal to any household. Crafted with care, the simple phrase featured on the welcome mat offers your guests a straightforward yet meaningful greeting. The words “Welcome home” are written in a fanciful script, emanating elegance and sophistication. These welcome door-mats will surely complete any entrance with their functionality and wonderful aesthetic.

Durable, Long-Lasting Matting: This long-lasting welcome door-mat is crafted from durable coir fibers sourced from coconut shells. As coconuts thrive in harsh tropical atmospheres, coir itself can withstand various weather conditions. Coir welcome-doormats showcase excellent resistance against abrasions, moisture, UV rays, and other elements. The sturdy PVC backing of the mat also provides additional support—preventing the “Greetings from Your Humble Abode!” welcome-home doormat from skidding around when stepped on.

“Welcome Aboard”

Harvesting Coconuts

Welcome in many different languages splayed on a brown mat
Welcome in many different languages splayed on a brown mat

Coir Mats are Made from Coconut Husks

Welcome mats made of coir offer an eco-friendly way to wipe dirt and moisture at the door.  First and foremost, coir entrance mats are some of the best for scraping unwanted dirt and grime from people’s footwear. Coir is highly abrasive, making it excellent for reaching and removing debris that clings to the innermost crevices of people’s shoes. The first thing people usually notice about a coir welcome mat is its unique and terrene look. Coir, also called coco, is a natural byproduct of a commonly-occurring fruit—the coconut. Coconuts are naturally brown. Once processed into coir, the fibers that cover these fruits typically retain their rustic color, giving this material a classic, natural look. This makes coir an earthy-looking fiber that can be the finishing touch to your home’s overall atmosphere. As a material, it is perfect to use as a welcome mat because of how well its color complements welcome matting. Not only aesthetically attractive and distinct, welcome door mats made of coir are great at latching onto and trapping outdoor debris such as dirt, mud, or sand. Coir is a rough material that when bundled together, creates an incredible bristly surface and a tough, coarse texture for wiping the bottom of the dirty feet of those walking through your main doorway and into your residence. Again, coir is derived from the husks of coconuts. Coconuts have evolved over time to be able to withstand a large variety of hostile, outdoor conditions. These conditions include moisture, UV-rays, impacts, and abrasions. Coconuts are meant to travel across oceans, so it should come as no surprise that coconut husks have these resilient properties. Once made into coir, coconut husks continue to retain these qualities, making coir an incredible water-resistant, impact-absorbent, abrasion-resistant, and UV-resistant material. This is why coir is one of the best materials for making entry mats such as the welcome mat—these products are expected to stay outside for long periods of time, facing all kinds of hostile weather conditions. Welcome mats are also expected to be able to handle extremely rough use—another reason for why coir is such a great material for making these products. With each footstep, the heavy-duty bristles of your bonjour doormat will fit deep into those hard-to-reach crevices under your soiled shoes, latching onto outdoor particles and keeping them trapped within each welcome door mat’s surface layer and out of your home.

“Chillin by the Shore”

  • Keep dirt out of your home with an effective coir doormat that traps dirt and debris
  • Crafted from durable coir fiber, this mat can resist all types of weather conditions
  • Experience enhanced traction and slip prevention with a thick PVC backing that secures the mat

Seaside Vibes: The ultimate pastime for some might consist of swinging from a hammock by the oceanside with a drink in hand and a cool, salty breeze sweeping past. While you might not be able to transport yourself to your happy place at the end of the day, coming home to our “Chillin’ by the Shore” beach welcome-mat can remind you of better times. This fun, beach doormat illustrates a hammock suspended between two palm trees. The word “Welcome” is displayed underneath, tempting guests indoors for a relaxing kickback session. This charming tropical welcome-mat can enhance the living space of any beach-goer with its quaint design and functionality!

Effective Dirt Remover: This beach outdoor-mat excels as a shoe scraper thanks to its coir fiber construction. With thick and rigid bristles, it effortlessly removes dirt and mud from footwear. The coarse bristles reach into shoe grooves, extracting filth and trapping it beneath the mat’s surface. The mat’s PVC backing ensures mud and moisture remain contained until cleaning time. Cleaning is a breeze—just take the “Chilling by the Shore” mat outside and shake it vigorously to dislodge dirt and debris. For stubborn stains, hosing down or vacuuming the tropical outdoor-mats can remove more persistent grime.

Welcome Home Mats With a Minimalist Design
Contemporary Welcome Home Mats

Shop a Variety of Welcome Mat Themes

At Coir Mat.com, we offer a vast array of different styles of welcome mats. For example, the “Classic American” welcome mat is, as its name suggests, a classically styled welcome mat that displays this familiar greeting in cursive. The borders of the mat are decorated with a classy pattern that gives your entryway an elegant appearance. On the other hand, welcome mats such as our “Chillin by the Shore” welcome mat display a more contemporary variation of the classic design. This mat, geared more toward beach lovers, is decorated with images of palm trees connected by a hammock. This welcome doormat shows your guests that you enjoy relaxing, and that you have a fondness for the ocean and its many beauties.  And welcome doormats such as our “Meow Cat” door welcome mat is the perfect, fun welcome mat for cat lovers everywhere. While displaying the classic greeting, this mat also depicts the silhouette of a cute cat, telling your guests—not only that they are welcome into your home—but that you also have a love for your feline friends. We also understand that many homeowners have multiple entrances to their home. In these cases, it is important to know that we offer many different doormat kits containing multiple decorative welcome mats. These packages contain multiple styles of novelty welcome mats. For example, our “Island Tropical Decor” doormat kit contains one “Return to Relaxation Door Mat” and one “Welcome Luau Door Mat.” These two, cool welcome mats are Hawaiian-themed, greeting your guests with a warm welcome while displaying your love for the tropical atmosphere and for ocean settings. And for those of us with homes that have double-doored entrances, we offer doormat kits such as our “French Estate Door Mat” kit, which contains two estate-style welcome mats—both in larger sizes to accommodate double doors. And for those that need three doormats, we even have some doormat kits that contain three welcome mats! Our “Welcome Floral Door Mat” kit is a perfect example of one of our doormat kits containing three front-door welcome mats. This kit is floral-themed: each doormat contains depictions of flowers, laden over the classic, “welcome” greeting.

“Kitty Cat Welcome Mat”

“Field of Red Daisies”

“Home Sweet Home”

  • Comes in one size: 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides durability and a supportive structure
  • Moisture resistance increases the number of places this doormat can be used

A Clean Welcome: Providing a warm welcome means providing a clean home to visit. This coir matting acts as a buffer against incoming dirt and debris, supporting you as you keep your home clean. This home door mat works by providing a place for your guests to wipe their feet, getting off under shoe gunk before it gets tracked inside.

Welcomes the Sun: What would a “Home Sweet Home Welcome Doormat” be without being able to endure the outdoors? This home door mat welcomes sunny weather thanks to its UV and ozone resistance. The coir of this home welcome mat does not suffer from immediate damage from the sun’s rays, meaning you can leave this coir matting outside for guests to see.

welcome to the luau pineapple in front of door
welcome to the luau pineapple in front of door

Add a Little Flair to Your Entryway

When it comes down to it, getting a welcome mat is a brilliant way to drastically enhance your residence’s entryway décor. Each welcome door mat can give a warm greeting to your guests the moment they walk up to your front entryway. Each welcome door mat is also great for its natural appearance and amazing dirt-scraping capabilities. When choosing your next welcome mat, carefully browse our entire selection. With so many different options available for you to choose from, it can seem daunting to settle on one. In any case, the wealth of choices available to you only allows you to better obtain a welcome doormat that precisely matches your aesthetic preferences.