“Red Hearts Doormat”

The Durability of Coco Mats

“Live, Laugh, Love Novelty Doormat”

  • These coco mats are UV and ozone resistant
  • Moisture absorption does not provide an environment suitable for mold and mildew
  • These coco mats are 18” x 30”

Love the Earth: Loving isn’t just about loving one another, but loving your home. Give your entryway flooring a little bit of a shield from incoming foot traffic using one of these floral door mats. These cute doormats are lined with PVC, giving these doormats a little bit more of a buffer for working against floor damage.

Doesn’t Love Dirt: Just because this doormat loves, it doesn’t mean it loves a dirty home. In fact, it laughs at it thanks to the easy job it has getting rid of it! Coir is incredibly rough and tough but flexible, enabling it to do a heavy-duty scraping job under your shoes when passing over it. The coir fibers on these cute doormats scrape away debris like mud, sand, pebbles, and more. Keeping this novelty door mat in front of your entryway provides an extra buffer against filth from invading your home, aiding you in your home upkeep.

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Doormat In Front of Door
Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

A Beautiful Gift for Mom or Grandma!

Whether it is a gift for a special someone or a way to express how much you love, a romantic-themed entry mat from Coir mat.com is a great way to put a smile on one’s face and happiness in their heart. If you want to add a touch of whimsy and romance to your doorstep, do so with a cute love doormat! An adorable heart doormat can remind visitors that love is always in the air, whether or not it is platonic or romantic. There is always a reason to celebrate love, and what better way to do so than to invest in love door mats? Not only is a romantic welcome mat perfect for occasions such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, but a love doormat is applicable year-round. Why celebrate your loved ones only once a year when you could do so for 365 days? A heart doormat is an excellent way to showcase your affection for your friends and family while creating a welcoming atmosphere. Guests traveling across your threshold will not have to think twice as to whether or not they are loved.

“Affection! Owl Doormat”

Husking Coconuts

“Loved Themed” Doormat Kits

  • Both products are 18” x 30”
  • Doormats utilize heavy-duty emulsion paint so that designs don’t bleed or fade
  • Feature thick PVC backing to prevent slip-and-fall hazards

Adorable and Loving Entry-Mats: Décor that expresses your affinity for adorable creatures or romance can be found in our “Loved-Themed” doormat kits. A love doormat like the ones featured can be utilized throughout the seasons or for special occasions. The “Affection! Owl Doormat” illustrates two owls snuggling together on a tree branch, while the “Red Hearts Doormat” showcases a smattering of hearts. Either of these mats can make the perfect Valentine’s Day door-mat! Employ this Valentine doormat for holidays, anniversaries, or year-round. Celebrating love while keeping floors clean with a heart doormat or loveable owl doormat is never a bad idea.

Sustainable, Durable Material: Our heart door-mat and owl doormat are made from robust coir fibers sourced from coconuts. These resilient threads are soaked, processed, and employed for our Valentines’ outdoor mat. The heavy-duty material is short and stiff, making it the ideal product for brushing dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoe soles. Additionally, coir can withstand elements such as liquid, UV radiation, ozone, and mildew growth. Place your outdoor Valentine door-mat where it belongs without fear of deteriorating under typical conditions. These inherent characteristics are taken from coconuts, making them a natural and sustainable material. Coir is one of the best textiles for a Valentine’s day outdoor-mat!

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Doormat In Front of Door
Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Doormat In Front of Door

A Functional Gift of Love for The Pragmatic

Not only is a Valentine doormat ideal for enhancing your home, office, or business, but it also acts as a barrier for protecting your floors and keeping interiors clean. But not just any Valentine door mat can provide superior fortification for your flooring. A coir entrance mat offers durability, longevity, and excellent dirt-scraping abilities, making it one of the best materials to utilize for fantastic entryway mats! At Coir mat.com, we take pride in offering love door mats crafted from the durable and resilient fiber known as coir.  Derived from coconuts, this natural material undergoes a thorough process of soaking, processing, and weaving to create entrance mats that can withstand adverse conditions. The coarse and bristly texture of these coconut-fiber mats additionally scrapes away dirt, mud, and debris from shoes, ensuring cleanliness at your doorstep. A love doormat is not only charming, but it is also incredibly functional!

“Live, Laugh, Love Doormat”

Coir Fiber Separation

“Red Hearts Doormat”

  • Available in 18″ x 30″
  • Tan and bright red colors bring color to your doorway
  • The back of this product is lined with PVC

Long Lasting Love: This valentine doormat can make your doorway brighten up for a long time thanks to its durability, UV, and ozone resistance. Made out of coco coir, a solid fibrous material extracted from the outside layer of coconut shells, these coco coir mats are made to last outside on sunny days. The ability to not suffer from instant sun damage makes these doormats great for sitting outside all yearlong.

Love the Environment: Not only is this doormat able to bring a warm welcome to your doorstep, this valentine doormat shows care to the Earth as well. Coir is a natural product, qualifying these doormats as eco-conscious. Going “Green” helps make these doormats cost effect, perfect for the cautious consumer. Showing love to the environment has never felt so good!

Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door
Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door tilted shot

Entry Mats Made from Natural Coir Fibers

Coir is a natural material that possesses inherent strength and durability due to its source: the coconut. Coconuts themselves are hardy fruits, evolved to withstand harsh factors such as salt water, sunlight, and abrasives. Coconuts must endure these unfavorable environments for long periods, as the seed must traverse long, watery distances to propagate on distant shores. Therefore, both coconuts and their byproduct—coir—exhibit exceptional durability and resistance against moisture, UV rays, and mildew. These qualities make coir an ideal choice for demanding applications, including enduring the constant foot traffic of guests and residents. Utilizing a heart door mat at your doorstep allows you to include a whimsical touch to your home and ensure a cleaner and more hygienic household.

The dense and durable coir fibers effectively trap particles that would otherwise be tracked into your home, promoting a tidier environment. Coir can be considered nature’s dirt scraper, as the rough and coarse bristles are perfectly suited for scraping dirt from the bottom of your soles. Simply stepping on the entrance mat and wiping your shoes against the surface will dislodge debris that may be clinging to the soles. Just like a toothbrush cleans your teeth, coir mats act as a brush to remove particles from your shoes. This prevents unwanted particles from entering your home or building, minimizing the need for constant sweeping and vacuuming. You will surely love the decreased amount of maintenance your love doormat provides! Additionally, coir is highly-absorbent, allowing it to leach any moisture from your footwear. If you are prone to muddy outdoor hikes or stomping through puddles, our Valentine doormat can proficiently soak up the wet dirt and mud from your soles before it can enter your home. Nothing is worse than greeting guests at the door for them only to track their sopping footprints into your foyer! Negate the need to bite your tongue for messy visitors by utilizing love door mats that can proficiently capture significant amounts of grime before it sullies your home.

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

Coir Cottage Industry

Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door
Affection owl pair sitting on branch doormat at front door

How to Clean a Coir Mat

Of course, if your Valentine door mat is soaking up all the grime deposited by guests and residents, it will accumulate filth. In order to have your doormat looking its best and working effectively, you should periodically clean it. Luckily, it is not a heart task to clean your love doormat! When cleaning your entry rug, it is a good idea to utilize protective equipment such as a mask or eyeglasses, as airborne particles will be abundant. If you have allergies or are sensitive to dust, standing downwind and wearing preventative gear is recommended. The first step to cleaning your entry rug is to shake it! Shaking the mat will dislodge the surface-level particles while beating or brushing it will loosen the fibers and remove the more deeply embedded particles. You can brush the product with a broom or beat it with any item you have on hand. After extricating the finer debris, vacuum or hose down the mat. Vacuuming the rug will suck up any errant, minuscule particles still left in the fibers, while hosing it down with water will also remove any mud or wet debris. Leave your welcome mat in a protected area to air dry before placing it back on your doorstep. Of course, extensive maintenance for your coir heart doormat does not need to be performed frequently—simply shaking the mat occasionally can sufficiently rid the product of debris. If you want to preserve the aesthetics and optimum functions of this rug, then periodic cleanings will be well worth it.

Harvesting Coconuts

The Coconut Tree Resources

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat

  • Two sizes: 18” x 30” and 24” x 57”
  • Affordable solution for home entrance doors
  • Coco fiber mat can be washed with the help of a brush or hose

Eco-Conscious Heart Doormat: People are often surprised to learn that a coco fiber mat is actually an eco-friendly product. This is thanks to the coconut fiber that makes these doormats. The fiber, also known as coir, is extracted from coconut husks and processed into products like this welcome doormat. The production process of coir is much less cost-intensive when compared to 100% synthetic products made in large industrial factories.

Scrapes Dirt From Feet and Paws Alike: The biggest benefit of having a coco fiber mat is that it will help keep your indoor areas clean by scraping away unwanted dirt and mud from incoming footwear. When people run their feet over the coir surface of this welcome doormat, the coir fibers of the paw mat will flush away outdoor debris particles and keep them trapped on the doormat’s surface. Ultimately, this can help to keep your cleaning costs down.

Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door
Brown live laugh love mat with black outline in front of white door

Charming Designs

The appearance of your love doormat is imperative when it is as charming and cute as ours! Let guests appreciate the delightful artwork painted onto our functional love door mats. Our excellent selection of romantic entrance mats can apply to Valentine’s Day or any occasion! Celebrate love daily with our “Red Hearts Doormat,” which features a simple yet adorable decal of painted red hearts. The light tan background of the welcome mat contrasts with the bright red hearts, making these figures the focal point of the design. Have visitors fall in love with your entryways with this unique welcome mat! However, the “Red Hearts Doormat” is not the only eye-catching product in our arsenal. The “Affection! Owl Doormat” is a charming centerpiece that depicts two owls sharing a tree branch in front of a full moon. This picture of endearment is sure to have guests melting with delight on your doorstep. If you do not want to choose between these two wonderfully adorable entry mats, we offer our “Loved-Themed Doormat Kits,” so you do not have to! This bundle includes both the “Affection! Owl Doormat” and the “Red Hearts Doormat,” allowing you to purchase the two love door mats at a discounted price. Instead of griping over which adorable rug you want to adorn your doorstep for Valentine’s Day, opt for an entry mat kit. The “Enduring Love” entrance mat kit even includes our “Red Hearts Doormat” alongside a classic “Live, Laugh, Love” doormat. Convey your desire to live life, laugh hard, and love harder with an entry piece that expresses your innermost passions. This iconic welcome mat exhibits the popularized phrase bordered by charming foliage and a bold, black border. Obtain the “Live, Laugh, Love Novelty Doormat” on its own or alongside the “Red Hearts Doormat” in our “Enduring Love” doormat package!

Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat
Heart Shaped Paws

“Affection! Owl Doormat”

  • Comes in 18″ x 30”
  • Easy to clean, simply shake and brush!
  • Moisture resistance helps keep mold and mildew away

Dirt’s Downfall: These cute doormats might appear to be adorable, but do not doubt their dirt scraping abilities! Each owl doormat is made of rough and tough coir, making it the perfect candidate for scraping all of that unwanted dirt off the bottom of your feet. Having these little owls around will help prevent your guests from bringing in dirt and debris just after you have just swept your home clean!

Eco-Conscious Mat: These owls want to ensure their home environment stays safe! This “love themed” coco doormat is made out of coir, a natural byproduct extracted from the outer husk of coconut husks. Using a natural material such as coir helps make a more cost effective product. Doormat coir is also a great ingredient for those who have an eco-conscious mentality. Go “Green” and make sure these little forest owls are still happy!

The Sentiment of Love

A love-themed doormat brings a sense of sentiment to any entryway. No matter the season, there is always a reason for love in the air and a Valentine doormat on your doorstep. A romantic heart doormat can remind visitors that every single one of us has someone or something they love. If it is animals you love instead of humans, we even have a “Heart Shaped Paws Welcome Mat” that features a collection of paws in the shape of a heart! This can convey your affection for pets instead of people while offering the convenient advantages of an excellent coirmat. Utilize love door mats inside or outside your home, commercial business, or office building to enhance your entrances while elevating aesthetics. Coir is a highly versatile and durable material that can withstand adverse conditions and significant physical force. These natural fibers are not only sustainable and eco-conscious, but they are also incredibly robust—able to endure harsh applications. This makes them especially well-suited for the physical wear and tear typical entryway mats must go through.

At the end of the day, love-themed entry mats are exceptionally strong and unbelievably adorable. Our coir entry-mats can keep your home clean while also protecting your doorways. Celebrate love every day of the year with a heart doormat that adds character and warmth to your doorstep. Choose from an array of designs that range from romantic hearts to animal-themed paws, and let your entryway reflect your emotions. With the durability and resilience of coir, these love door mats will endure heavy foot traffic while spreading love and joy to all who cross your threshold.