“Stars and Stripes” Doormat

Eco-Friendly Door Mat Sources

“Built on Courage – An American Doormat

  • These American mats come in one size: 18” x 30”
  • UV resistance gives these items an extra layer of defense against the sun’s rays
  • These awesome mats are adorned with beautiful colors for artistic appeal

Courageous Against Dirt: These American mats are fantastic for scraping dirt off the bottom of your shoes before outdoor debris gets tracked inside. This is possible because of the heavy-duty coco coir that makes up the bristles of each bird doormat. Each fiber is capable of reaching into the crevices under your shoes, dislodging unwanted filth from their hiding place.

An Eco-Friendly Coco Fiber Mat: Being proud of your country means taking care of it. This is why we try to use natural ingredients whenever we can for the production of each bird doormat. One of the materials we use, coir, is extracted from the husks of Mother Nature’s coconuts, meaning each coco fiber mat is an eco-conscious product. These awesome mats are great for the “green” consumer who is always thinking about reducing their overall carbon footprint. Each bird doormat is a much better choice than their 100% synthetic counterparts.

Red, White, and Blue! Patriotic Doormats
Red, white, and blue Patriotic doormat representing the American flag in front of light brown door

Celebrating America

At CoirMat.com, we firmly believe in showing off your pride for America as best as we know how: with patriotic door mats! Our carefully curated selection of coir mats is great for Fourth of July bashes, Memorial Day parties, President’s Day get-togethers, or whenever you feel like celebrating your devotion to the United States. Each patriotic coir doormat is rife with iconic American symbols that resonate with the essence of the nation, such as bald eagles, stars, stripes, and stylized “Welcome” greetings. We offer vivid, eye-catching designs that embody the unity, freedom, and values that define America, allowing you to extend a warm and symbolic welcome to all who enter your abode. Many of our patriotic door mats are inspired by the Star Spangled Banner and will instantly spruce up your entryways with a burst of red, white, and blue hues to make Uncle Sam proud. Our American flag welcome mat is perfect for placing alongside the actual flag or for displaying in place of one. If you prefer more color and vibrancy, the “Red, White, and Blue” welcome mat— surrounded by a stunning red border and featuring all fifty stars of the American flag—will wonderfully enrich your entryways with a nod to the national emblem. You can make a strong statement with the “Built on Courage” entry mat, which artistically depicts a bald eagle against a rustic coir background, charmingly accompanied by miniature stars and stripes. For those who want something more pared down, the “Classic American” welcome mat—displaying a polite message surrounded by an intricate border—will be ideal for greeting guests with a dose of heartwarming, traditional hospitality. Just like America, our patriotic door-mats are unique and extraordinary. Sturdy, highly effective, and durable, our coir mats will wonderfully express your allegiance to the Home of the Brave.

Husking Coconuts

“Red, White, and Blue! Doormat”

“American Family” Doormats Kit

  • Vibrant and minimalist designs are easy on the eyes
  • Made from a combination of natural coir fibers and PVC
  • Each mat has an anti-slip underside

Show off American Family Values: Celebrate the spirit of family and country with our American door-mats made from coir. The “American Family” doormats kit comes with an “American flag” doormat that vividly depicts the iconic colors and symbols of the Star-Spangled Banner. If you prefer less color, the modern welcome mat will adorn your entryways with minimalist elegance. Either mat will be great for sprucing up your décor with time-honored values. Just like America, the mats are durable and resilient. They will endure heavy foot-traffic and changing seasons with unwavering durability.

Great for Special Occasions and All Seasons: You can kick-start your Fourth of July celebrations with the US flag doormat, or any other festive occasions that will bring in a lot of guests to your home or office. The abrasive coir surfaces of the mats will effectively keep dirt, grime, mud, dust, and a myriad of other particles at bay. The sturdy coir mats will not easily succumb to relentless rain or harsh sunlight if you leave them outdoors. The “Red, White, and Blue” door-mat and the classic welcome mat are weatherproof and can be used during any season.

Decorate Your Entryway with this Coir Mat on the Fourth of July
Decorate Your Entryway with this Coir Mat on the Fourth of July

Keep You Indoor Floor Clean

Our patriotic door mats are not only great for honoring American ideals, but they also excel at keeping premises impeccably clean. Each entrance mat sports a dense and bristly coir surface that will keep your floors free of dust, dirt, mud, grime, sand, and many other types of debris. Coir surfaces offer many advantages, the main benefit being remarkable durability. If you are throwing a raucous Fourth of July party, you can expect a crowd that will trample all over your floors, leaving muddy footprints and grime. A durable coir mat can handle heavy foot-traffic without, for the most part, fraying or losing shape. The scratchy surface of the entry mats will effectively prevent various particles from entering your premises, no matter how many guests decide to show up for your party. In addition to high-end abrasiveness, coir mats offer superior absorbency. The coco mats will quickly sop up any moisture from footwear, protecting your floors from rainwater, slush, liquid stains, and muddy footprints. In the long run, a coir mat may extend the longevity of your floors by reducing the risk of micro-abrasions caused by dust and sand fragments. In the short term, you can considerably reduce the time spent cleaning when you have a patriotic coir doormat at an entryway. If you are looking for a comprehensive cleaning solution, a coir mat will be the best accessory to have in and out of national holidays.

“Classic American Mat”

Coco Mat Production

“Stars and Stripes” Patriotic Coir Doormats

  • Each entrance mat comes in one size for a single entryway: 18” x 30”
  • Moisture trapping ability helps keep dampness off your floors
  • Each American flag doormat is painted with gorgeous red, white, and blue colors!

Latch onto Dirt: The surfacing of each American flag doormat is made out of coco coir, a heavy-duty fiber that is capable of latching onto the dirt and debris stuck on the bottom of the shoes of you and your guests. After each bristle latches onto outdoor filth, it keeps it hostage until you are ready to clean your entrance mat. Fortunately, cleaning this country doormat is as simple as brushing or shaking it. If that is not enough, these patriotic doormats can be washed with a hose. Both great at collecting dirt and easy to clean, this American flag doormat is not just about looks.

Helps Keep Your Home Interior Clean: You should be just as proud of your home as you are of your country. Feeling good about where you live can be tough, especially when people are constantly tracking in mud from the outside and spreading it all over your floor. Fortunately, having an entrance mat in your doorway can provide a barrier to keep your home from getting contaminated. Just having a little bit of extra help can go a long way when it comes to keeping your place of residence in tip-top shape.

A Coir Doormat Made for Patriotic Doorways Year Round
A Coir Doormat Made for Patriotic Doorways Year Round

Excellent Weather Resistance

You can leave your American flag doormat out in scorching sunlight—or heavy rain—without risking rapid degradation. Coir mats are impervious to UV rays and, as a result, will not quickly fade from exposure to sunlight. When you invest in vibrant designs and eye-catching artwork, you want them to last as long as possible. The resilient nature of coir will prevent the premature fading of your patriotic door mats. Similarly, a few days of rain is unlikely to badly affect your coir mat as many of our designs are printed in waterproof paint. Therefore, the lovely artwork will be able to survive the elements, much like the rest of the mat. While our coir mats are designed to be long-lasting, some wear and tear will occur with usage. However, you can rely on extended use throughout the season thanks to the durability of coir. This natural fiber is largely unaffected by the temperature changes associated with seasonal changes, allowing you to use your patriotic door mats well beyond July to keep your floors spotless. Coir mats will not distort, shed, or otherwise lose integrity when the weather fluctuates between hot and cold temperatures. As a result, they are great for tackling the increased foot traffic and moisture of winter, when you can proudly display your American flag door mat alongside festive decorations. If you are sprucing up your décor with national symbols for Thanksgiving, coir-based patriotic door mats will be excellent options to enjoy all-round functionality and visual appeal. Much like the unwavering foundations of America, a coir-based American entry mat will largely remain unfazed by sunlight, rain, snow, hail, and other elements.

“American Flag Doormat” Kit

Soaking Coconuts

“Red, White, and Blue! Patriotic Doormats”

  • This doormat comes in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a doormat base
  • These coir doormats give your entryway American style!

Be Proud of Your Home: The beauty of these coir doormats is not the only thing that can make you proud of your home. Once you see the dirt trapping and scraping capabilities of these patriotic door mats, you can be proud of how clean your home is. Coir is a heavy-duty but flexible fiber great for swooping all that dirt off the bottom of your shoes. Any dirt and debris that gets caught between the mat’s bristles simply waits for a shake, brush, or wash it to get it out. Eliminating dirt before it even gets inside your home can help keep your home the way you want it.

Wet State Resistant: Whether you live in a rainy state such as Oregon or a moist California Beach, the moisture trapping abilities of these coir doormats will help them endure. Coir is naturally moisture resistant due to its ability to absorb moisture. This natural ability helps this doormat trap moisture from the bottom of your shoes. Moisture trapping helps keep it from getting inside your home, making your floor messy and slippery.

Stars and Stripes Doormat
Decorate Your Entryway with this Coir Mat on the Fourth of July

Unyielding Anti-Slip Grip

Many patriotic door mats at CoirMat.com feature rubber—and sometimes PVC—undersides to increase slip resistance on almost any kind of surface. No matter how abrasive a doormat is, it will not be able to function well while moving around when guests wipe their feet. Our coir mats specifically tackle this problem with vinyl undersides, which provide exceptional traction that firmly secures the mats in place. Think back to the times when you had to run inside with dirty boots. Unsupported entrance mats would have moved, folded, and might have even made you trip over as you rushed through the entrance. When entrance mats have vinyl undersides, as ours do, they will not fold or slide around regardless of how vigorously someone wipes their feet. Our plastic backed coir mats can provide secure footing when you have kids or pets running in and out of an entryway. Vinyl increases friction on just about any type of flooring, even when the floor is wet! In fact, one of the best ways to improve traction on slick floors is to place a rubber mat over it. Therefore, our patriotic door-mats would be great for minimizing the risk of slip-and-fall accidents at any entryway, especially exposed outdoor entrances that tend to get wet. The combination of anti-slip grip and weather resilience makes our patriotic outdoor door-mats the perfect solution for making exposed entryways cleaner and safer. You can use the vinyl-backed coir mats to increase the slip resistance of indoor spaces as well, particularly in rooms with smooth flooring. When your patriotic front-door mats have rubber undersides, you can enjoy national holidays with the peace of mind that guests are much less likely to trip at your doorsteps.

“Classic American Welcome Mat”

  • Provides a “classic American welcome”
  • Each outdoor doormat is UV and moisture resistant
  • Coir makes these doormats eco-friendly

Ingredients for Greatness: These front doormats are made of coir, an all-natural fibrous material pulled from the outer husks of coconut shells. Each coir doormat is a good gift for those who are concerned for the care and condition of our planet’s state. One great benefit to getting one of these coir welcome mats is their affordability. Eco-conscious products are generally well priced unlike those made of completely synthetic materials, making these doormats a smart purchase.

Avoid Slipping and Falling: No one likes opening their door to an accident like watching their guest fall on the floor! The coir composition of these welcome mats gives them a rough texture on their surface. Bristles rub against the feet of yourself and your guests, giving a degree of friction and providing a non-slippery and safe surface. Increase your chances for an injury free entrance with a little help from this coco coir doormat!

“Built on Courage” – Doormat

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Eco-Friendly to Keep America Beautiful

Our all-American mats are made primarily from coir (with some products including rubber undersides) because we keep eco-conscious construction in mind. Both coir and rubber are renewable, biodegradable, and overall environmentally friendly materials. One of the best ways we can honor America is by protecting her natural beauty. When you buy a coir-based patriotic doormat from us, it is unlikely to end up in a landfill that creates waste and adds to pollution. Coir is a natural fiber extracted from coconuts using processing methods that do not harm the environment as much as the production of synthetic fibers. The early stages of the coir-making process involve mostly manual labor with limited fossil fuel requirements. As a result, coir is considered a sustainable material and a planet-friendly alternative to petroleum-based fibers. The rubber undersides of our coir mats are made from either natural, recycled, or reclaimed rubber. Natural rubber is sourced directly from trees and is wholly biodegradable. Recycled rubber is repurposed from post-consumer waste that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill or the ocean. Not to mention, coir vinyl, and rubber make our doormats considerably durable. That means you will not have to constantly replace your patriotic welcome mat, which in turn lessens the burden of consumerism on natural resources. With one of our patriotic door mats at an entryway, you can celebrate not just the idea of America but also make a commitment to help preserve her pristine natural environment.

Decorated in iconic stars, stripes, and other patriotic motifs, our patriotic door mats are visually stunning accessories featuring incredibly robust capabilities suited for homes and offices. Our coir mats are perfect as statement pieces and conversation starters! They can seamlessly enrich your existing America-themed decorations while offering excellent functionality for keeping dirt and moisture at bay. Whether you are inviting guests for a Fourth of July cookout or a President’s Day hangout, our collection of intricately-designed patriotic door mats will greet guests in style, no matter the season!