“A Gift! Merry Christmas”

Soaking Coconuts

“Christmas Tree Farm” – Coir Christmas Outdoor Mats

  • Give your holiday décor a childlike charm with the “Christmas Tree Farm” – Coir Christmas Outdoor Mats
  • The festive design is stencilled onto the mat in a heavy-duty, waterproof emulsion paint that won’t bleed

Christmas Tree Farm: Your home cannot truly be holiday-ready without a festive Christmas welcome mat to greet your guests! Christmas outdoor mats are a great opportunity to bring cohesiveness to your holiday décor, and luckily there is an entrance mat to suit each and every home aesthetic. “Christmas Tree Farm” is a colorful holiday doormat that evokes memories of picking out the perfect tree as a child. The charming coco doormat features plenty of Christmas trees, each one unique in its size, shape, and color. The wintertime scene is complete with a few snowflakes in the sky and a beautiful gold text that reads, “Merry Christmas!” This lovely holiday mat goes well with virtually any Christmas décor, and will surely leave your guests smiling after every visit.

Heavy-Duty Scraper: Do not be fooled by the festive allure of this Christmas door mat—in addition to its attractive design, this mat is a powerful boot and shoe scraper. Our Christmas outdoor mats are made from natural coir fiber, which gives them excellent durability and shoe-scraping capabilities. Coir is the perfect material for scraper doormats because the fibers are short, thick, and rigid. When a guest wipes their feet on this holiday doormat, the coir bristles will scrape any dirt, debris, and moisture from the soles of their shoes. The filth becomes trapped there—just below the surface of the mat—and stays until the welcome rug is cleaned. And when the time comes, cleaning is easy. You can shake debris off of the Christmas mat outdoors, or use a vacuum for a deeper cleaning.

The Festive doormat with picture of Santa a snowman and a penguin
The Festive doormat with picture of Santa a snowman and a penguin

Invoke the Christmas Spirit at the Door!

Invoke a jolly good sense of seasonal cheer with a holiday doormat! Holiday door mats are the perfect way to imbue your guests with the celebratory spirit before they even enter your household. You can use our Christmas doormats to adorn the entrances of your businesses, reminding patrons and employees of the true reason for the season: friends and family! Whichever way you utilize our delightful Christmas door mats (outdoor, indoor, etc.), our vibrant and cheerful holiday mats will beautify your door-front while keeping your household clean. Coir Mat.com has an abundance of exquisite holiday welcome mats. Choose between our bold, brightly colored Christmas mats or sophisticated, non-denominational holiday doormats. These entry mats will have holiday guests grinning at your threshold as they stride across renderings of winter skies and Santa Claus to greet you with a warm embrace. You will also be satisfied knowing that our Christmas welcome mats stop dirt at the door, meaning you can invite more visitors without fear of them tracking in more dirt.  After all, what is a happy holiday without celebrating with all your loved ones?

“Happy Holidays to All” A Christmas Doormat

  • Made from natural coir fiber for weather resistance and shoe-scraping capabilities
  • Welcoming design is painted in a high-quality, waterproof emulsion paint
  • PVC backing contains excess moisture and enhances traction to prevent unwanted slipping

Happy Holidays: No home can ever feel quite complete without a festive Christmas doormat during the holiday season. Whether you give your home an elaborate holiday makeover or limit yourself at a front-door-wreath, this simple and versatile holiday doormat can be just the thing to complete your home’s winter aesthetic. This coco welcome mat features coir fibers in their natural color, with a simple yet charming script that reads “Happy Holidays.” The design is made with a heavy-duty emulsion paint to ensure it does not bleed, run, or rub off due to frequent use or outdoor exposure.

Keep Floors Clean: While this Christmas doormat features a cute design, we have not forgotten that the purpose of a doormat is to keep dirt out of the home! In fact, the mat has amazing shoe scraping capabilities thanks to the heavy-duty coir fibers it is made from. The rough and rigid bristles of our coco fiber mats are perfect for reaching into the fine grooves of shoe soles to pull out unwanted dirt and debris. The coir bristles trap dirt within the surface of the mat to prevent it from being tracked indoors, and rest assured that dirt will stay trapped until you are ready to clean your Christmas doormat! Simply give the mat a good shake outdoors and vacuum to remove any stubborn debris.

Happy Holidays written in white text with a white bear next to it and snowflakes
Happy Holidays written in white text with a white bear next to it and snowflakes

Large Variety of Entry Mat Options at Great Prioces

Coir mat.com carries a fantastic variety of seasonal entrance mats, from our adorable “Happy Holidays Door Mat” to the welcoming “Santa Claus is Back! Christmas Doormat.” If you cannot choose between our holiday door mats, purchase our doormat kits—which bundle multiple products so you do not have to miss out! Many of our holiday doormat kits also include a boot scraper—which can scour off clingy mud. Give these fun and beautiful holiday mats as a gift, or utilize all of them in your home. Either way, these cute and stunning Christmas door mats can enhance any doorway with their charm. One option for an adorable Christmas door mat is the “Santa, Snowman, and a Penguin Holiday Door Mats.” This white-bleached coir mat features three rotund figures of Santa, a snowman, and a penguin—as described by the title. Each character boasts a Santa hat to add a dash of festive cheer. If you are looking for a Christmas mat without the fanciful colors, the “Contemporary Holiday Door Mats” is a charming and subtle nod towards the holiday festivities. This entrance mat pictures a figure in a Santa-inspired red dress hanging from a star ornament. The simple and whimsical design of the Christmas doormat can bring some holiday spirit to your doorway without clashing with any existing Christmas décor you might have.

Holiday Decorations Doormat Kit

  • Products crafted from coir fibers for resiliency and efficient dirt-removing abilities
  • Coir fibers allow these Christmas rugs to resist liquid, sunlight, ozone, and mildew
  • Vibrant colors will not fade due to high-quality emulsion paint that prevents bleeding or deterioration

Durable Coir Fibers: All products featured in the “Holiday Decorations” doormat kit are made of coir, otherwise known as coconut fiber. This material is incredibly robust, featuring resistances to UV rays, moisture, and oxygen. It is even quick to dry, allowing it to withstand mold and mildew growth. This means you can safely utilize these holiday doormats outside for extended periods without worry that they will degrade from weather or wear. The PVC backing on the Christmas welcome-mats ensures that water will not leak through and create a slip risk on your threshold. Keep your doorways safe and clean with our outdoor Christmas door-mats and boot scraper.

Incredible Dirt-Removing Capabilities: These coir, holiday outdoor-mats contain thousands of stiff, rigid fibers that make perfect dirt-scrapers. The bristles reach into the soles of footwear to remove particles and mud before it enters your home. If your boots are particularly muddy, the “Herringbone” boot scraper will help excise any deep-set filth. The uplifted ridges and textured pattern of the coir scraper are specially designed to get into hard-to-reach areas of your shoes. For extra scraping power, the “Herringbone” boot scraper is up to the task.

Santa Claus is Back!

The Durability of Coco Mats

Santa’s Favorite Outdoor Christmas Doormat
Santa’s Favorite Outdoor Christmas Doormat

Holiday Entry Mat Theme Celebrate the Winter

If you do not celebrate Christmas, we certainly have other options for holiday doormats! The “Happy Holidays Door Mats” are one such example of entry mats that can make guests smile with delight. This red and white mat is decorated with a polar bear grinning below the words “Happy Holidays.” A smattering of snowflakes adorns the background, reminding guests of the magic of a snowy holiday. This holiday doormat’s bright colors and adorable design are eye-catching without being gaudy—after all, who does not love a cuddly polar bear? Another choice of holiday doormat is the “Happy Holidays to All: A Christmas Doormat.” Despite its title, the mat features a fanciful script that paints out the words “Happy Holidays,” which can apply to any holiday. The simplistic and sophisticated calligraphy exhibited on this entrance mat serves as a refined welcome for all your holiday guests, regardless of what you are celebrating. The homey, brown coir paired with the black lettering on this coir mat will not conflict with any color scheme. Even if your house or its furnishings are green, gray, or yellow, a brown coir mat will not look out of place at all.

“Contemporary Holiday Door Mats”

  • A cost-effective entryway solution
  • Coir fibers trap excess dirt particles
  • Excellent decorative item for any Christmas get-together

Survives in the Outdoors: These Christmas doormats are designed to be placed outdoors. As such, they are capable of surviving most types of weather conditions. The coir material on these holiday doormats is perfectly capable of being left exposed to the UV rays of the sun on a 24/7 basis. Fittingly enough for the Christmas season, the moisture from rain and snow is absorbed by the coir doormat before it can linger long enough to support the formation of mold and mildew.

Helps Keep Your Home Clean: Since these Christmas doormats are made of rough coir fibers, you will have a great first line of defense against dirt and mud! Coir is ideal for scraping off debris particles from the undersides of boots and shoes. The entire surface of these 18” x 30” holiday doormats is made of coir, providing for a wide range of scraping action. Coir fibers are tough enough to reach into the deep recesses of your shoes to flush out particles like dirt, mud clumps, and gravel. When the coir flushes out outdoor debris particles, they are prevented from being tracked indoors. This simple but effective feature of the coir doormat will help keep your home nice, clean, and presentable for the holiday season.

Scottish Fraser Fir Forest – Outdoor Christmas Doormat
Scottish Fraser Fir Forest – Outdoor Christmas Doormat

Entrance Mats made from Coconut Fibers

All of our Christmas welcome mats are made of coconut fiber, otherwise known as coir. Coir typically ranges from dark brown to light brown and can even be dyed or bleached into different colors. This is how our holiday door- mats take on a multitude of colors—from red to blue to white. The coir fibers are soaked, dyed, and rinsed during processing to ensure that the vibrant colors of the coir mats are completely set. If you are concerned about your red outdoor Christmas doormats fading into an unrecognizable color due to days in the sunlight, you do not have to fret! Coir is an incredibly durable and resilient natural-fiber, capable of resisting UV radiation and other environmental factors. It is safe to say that our coir Christmas doormats will not degrade under typical outside circumstances! Furthermore, coir is also eco-safe and biodegradable. Because it is made from strong, natural materials, coir does not utilize excessive energy or chemicals to process the coconut fibers. In fact, coir is sometimes processed by hand instead of machine, despite production requiring little automation in the first place. Sourced from the hardy coconut, coir is an environmentally conscious textile with a low impact on the ecosystem. Because it is such a resilient and tough fiber, it is also the perfect material for outdoor matting—efficiently capturing debris before it can enter your home!

Coir is produced from the husks of coconuts. Coconuts are one of the toughest fruits to crack—exhibiting multiple layers of protection. The hardy green husk of the coconut must be torn away (along with the hairy coir) to expose the hard shell that we usually see in grocery stores. These rough fibers are one among many protective coatings for the coconut. All of the robust characteristics of coir are a direct result of the coconut tree’s natural adaptation. Coconuts (and consequently, coir) are buoyant and waterproof, able to resist UV radiation and mildew. This is due to the coconut’s need to traverse the oceans to repopulate on far-off shores. Therefore, the humble coconut relies on these admirable properties for survival and reproduction—all of which are also inherent in coir! Coir’s ability to resist moisture, sunlight, and mold is essential for enduring outdoor conditions. Coir is the best material for a Christmas outdoor mat! Your Christmas outdoor mats can endure rain, snow, mud, or sunshine—any unfavorable weather that may damper your mood will not dampen your coir mat! Coir’s rough bristles are also perfect for capturing dirt and debris on the bottoms of your shoes, preventing you from ushering filth inside. Tracking sleet or sludge into your home is one less thing you have to worry about with outdoor Christmas door mats!

“Happy Holidays to All”

Husking Coconuts

“Oh, Christmas Tree!” – Vibrant Red Christmas Welcome Mat

  • Eco-friendly product utilizes natural materials that are inherently durable and resilient
  • This coir mat can withstand any weather conditions without significant wear
  • Coir fibers effortlessly remove dirt and debris from shoes

Working Hard on the Holidays: Entryway mats perform an essential job: protecting floors and keeping dirt out of your home. Not only are they tasked with sitting there and looking pretty, but an exceptional holiday mat should prevent unwarranted filth from sullying your household. Especially on the holidays, you want your home to look its best! Luckily, the tough and robust coir fibers employed by our “Oh, Christmas Tree!” doormat are perfect for scraping dirt and mud from your shoes. The stiff bristles act as a brush, dislodging particles and debris trapped in shoe soles.

All-Weather Resistance: Not only is coir great for cleaning your shoes, but it can also endure unfavorable conditions. Coir is inherently strong due to its source—coconuts! Coco matting can easily withstand outdoor conditions, meaning your holiday doormats can be utilized outside without undue distress. This Christmas coir doormat is resistant to physical impacts, abrasions, UV rays, and moisture, allowing it to be placed outdoors despite the season. While it may be strange to some to see a Merry Christmas doormat year-round, this rug’s durability and low maintenance make it possible.

Merry Christmas caption brown text with a bunch of trees inside and a star on top
Merry Christmas caption brown text with a bunch of trees inside and a star on top

Coir Mats are All Season Entrance Mats

Whether you keep your Christmas welcome mat out all year long or retire it for the warmer seasons, your holiday doormat may acquire dust or dirt. Coir fibers are particularly adept at trapping particles and filth from your soles, so your mat will eventually accumulate dirt. Fortunately, keeping your Christmas front-entrance mat looking new for every holiday is simple! The easiest method of clearing debris from our holiday welcome mats is to whack off the dust. If releasing your anger out on the rugs is not enough to clean it, you can hose it down with water to dislodge any stubborn filth. This simple maintenance is enough to keep your Christmas mats pristine for the holidays. Furthermore, coir is resistant to mildew and moisture, so you do not have to worry about ruining your mat when cleaning it. Coir is also relatively fast-drying, meaning you will not have to wait long to see it dry. With so many benefits to our amazing Christmas door mats, you might have to use them year-round!

At the end of the day, holidays are a special time for family and loved ones. Greet the exceptional people in your life with a charming and unique holiday doormat at your front door. Having your doorway embody the welcome you wish to give your guests will set the tone for anybody who walks into your threshold. Our “Blue Sky Holiday Doormat” will convey a sense of serenity and beauty with its detailed imagery of a tree adorned with snowflakes in a snowy field against a night sky. Likewise, you can get the point straight across with the “Happy Holidays to All: A Christmas Doormat” which spells out “Happy Holidays” in loopy, cheerful cursive. Whether you want a whimsical and adorable Christmas-themed entrance mat or a simple and sophisticated one, there is a wide selection of holiday doormats at Coir mat.com that can suit your preferences and liven your doorstep. Our Christmas doormats can instill business storefronts, apartment complexes, or any building with holiday cheer that will surely bring a smile to people’s faces. Remind folks of the reason for the season with a delightful Santa Claus doormat or a “Merry Christmas” one from our site.

Not only will our Christmas door mats make the ideal and festive addition to your home, but they are also convenient. The Christmas outdoor mats are composed of strong coir fibers, known for their waterproof, sun-resistant, and dirt-trapping capabilities. The rough coir threads are also adept at scraping dirt and debris from the bottom of your soles. Do you want to avoid your holiday guests bringing filth inside in addition to presents? With a Christmas front door mat, you do not have to worry! Instead of fretting about how you will keep your house clean, utilize a festive and practical holiday doormat to spend that time with your family and loved ones. Spread holiday cheer and remember the reason for the season with an extraordinary Christmas welcome mat!