“Need Directions? Doormat”

“Nice Underwear Doormat”

“Funny Doormat” Kit

  • Doormats are 18” x 30” and boot scraper is 12” x 16”
  • All products are made from sustainable coir fibers. Boot scrapers are made of recycled and natural rubber
  • Doormats use high-quality emulsion paint to ensure designs do not fade or bleed

Leave Dirt at Your Doorstep: The “Funny Doormat” kit features two funny doormats that utilize rude sayings to keep your visitors on their toes. The “Not You Again Doormat” exhibits the phrase in bold letters, making guests wonder whether they are genuinely welcome. Likewise, the doormat that says “Leave” also employs a barbed-wire border that will have friends and family chuckling at your doorstep. If you want to dissuade unwelcome solicitors or certain frenemies from coming to your entryways, rude doormats like those included in this kit will undoubtedly express your sentiment.

No Filth Again!: Not only do these unwelcome mats tell guests to leave, but they also do the same to dirt! The coir fibers employed for our rude welcome-mats are stiff, rigid bristles—perfect for scraping the grime from shoe soles. These natural and sustainable threads are exceptional at keeping dirt out of your home! Additionally, the extremely-durable coir strands can resist most weather factors, from moisture to UV rays to ozone to mold. This means the products featured in the “Funny Doormat” kit are well-suited for typical environmental conditions, even the “Traditional” boot scraper!

Beware of kitty cat welcome mat in front of door
Remind Guest that This is a Cat Friendly Family

What Does it Mean to be Funny?

Not everyone was born to be funny and funny has different meaning in different contexts and cultures. Some people are naturally funny, and some enjoy making others laugh. If you want to get laughs, you will need to connect with your audience, and it is a lot easier if both you and they are of the same tribe.  The academic definition of funny is something is humorous if people evaluate it as funny.  Therefore, the audience is the judge and not the comedian or the one delivering the punchline or idea. Humor when presented correctly is uplifting and connects individuals and unifies a group.  But while the average adult laughs 18 times a day, laughter isn’t a reliable indicator. People may laugh if they are uncomfortable with a topic or an event.

When you are down and having a bad day, nothing can get you out of your funk like finding humor in unexpected places. Surprise guests with a funny welcome mat that can (hopefully) bring a smile or at least a smirk to visitors’ faces. Positive reactions to funny and amusing entry mats is the goal of humorous decor. At Coir mat.com, we have a large selection of humorous welcome mats that can liven up the atmosphere of your doorway. Whether you prefer the sarcastic touch of our “Leave Doormat” or a lighthearted joke like our “Nice Underwear Funny Doormat,” our collection of humorous doormats will naturally diffuse any tension visitors might have. Having a silly or cool door mat will let your guests know your personality while putting them in a better mindset. Utilizing a unique doormat that relays your disposition adds a personal touch to any establishment—giving your apartment, house, storefront, or business a distinctive aesthetic. If you want to turn your home into a space that is uniquely yours, a funny and cool doormat can foster a tailored atmosphere specific to your style! Show off your personality and put visitors at ease with funny front door mats.

“I Will Not Be a Door Mat! Funny Doormat”

  • PVC backing provides support and a little bit of floor protection
  • Can be a great and humorous gift!
  • UV resistance prevents any immediate sun damage

Provide a Safe Entryway: These funny mats are not only comical; they can enhance the safety of your doorway. These coco coir mats are made out of coir, a coarse fiber. When bundled into these humorous doormats, it provides a level of traction as feet sweep its surface. Having a doorway providing friction below the feet of your guests helps them avoid slipping and sliding as they walk in your doorway. These door mats with attitude can help prevent entryway falls!

Keeper of Dirt: As much as this door says it will not be a doormat, it is a doormat! These funny mats will do an amazing job trapping dirt and debris particles no matter how much their attitude denies it. Coir is a thick but flexible fiber, good for scrubbing those crevices under your shoes. This debris gets struck within its fibers until you are ready to clean it by shaking, brushing, or washing them out.

Coir Door Mat declaring It's a mat
Coir Door Mat declaring It's a mat

Funny Welcome Mats Made from Serious & Sturdy Coir!

Our cool door mats are composed of natural coconut fibers, making them biodegradable. This eco-friendly coir has numerous advantages compared to synthetic fibers—with its sustainable composition being only one. Coir is affordable and weather-proof, resisting moisture, sunlight, and bacteria such as mold. Additionally, coir requires little energy or hazardous materials during its developmental stage, meaning that coir factories do not produce as much pollution as other manufacturing plants. Coir is a textile that has a long and rich history. It has been used for creating rope, bedding, and entrance mats (among other things) for hundreds of years due to its resilient properties. This natural and earthy textile comes from the interior of coconuts, which have many protective layers. Coconuts are incredibly robust fruits containing tough shells that can endure all kinds of adverse environments. Rain or shine, the coconut is designed by nature to withstand moisture, sunlight, ozone, and mildew. As coconuts must travel across the sea in order to repopulate on distant shorelines, the tenacious fruit exhibits many advantages that coir also contains!

Like the coconut, coir fiber is waterproof and resistant to UV radiation and mildew. As typical welcome mats (funny or not) might remain outdoors for an extended period, such characteristics are imperative for weathering outside conditions. Our funny welcome mats are imbued with the proper protection to endure all four seasons of the year. Unlike most products that suffer from moisture damage, the waterproof qualities of these clever doormats provide a level of defense against water that other matting cannot offer. Coir’s resistance to water also ensures that these funny doormats are unlikely to attract bacteria. Because moisture will quickly dry from these unique front door mats, you will not have to worry about them becoming moldy. The purpose of an entryway mat is to prevent filth from entering your home. If your entrance mat is a source of grime, there is no point! This is why utilizing a robust coir mat from our fun door mat collection will bring humor and function to your home. Whether you live by the beach, in the desert, or atop snowy mountains, the resilient properties of coir have you covered. Resistant to humidity, moisture, and sunny climes—coir mats are the perfect entry mat for any environment. You will not have to fret about the funny doormat sayings on your entryway fading away under the hot summer sun!

“Welcome & Please Remove your Shoes Doormat”

  • UV and ozone resistance makes these outdoor doormats
  • PVC backing provides support and an extra layer of floor protection
  • Can remind guests to remove their shoes

Keep It Clean: Prevent dirt and debris from getting inside your house with these door entrance mats. Because of the rough texture of its coir fiber bristles, these cute doormats will sweep up unwanted outdoor invaders before they get inside and contaminate your home. They patiently sit between the doormat’s bristles until it is ready to clean. An easy wash, brush, or shake will do the job and make sure this shoe scraper is ready for more shoe cleaning. This doormat goes the extra mile in helping with debris entry prevention by reminding your guests to remove their shoes, giving you a little extra dirt protection.

Don’t Let Moisture Win: This doormat might as well say, “Please remove your moisture!” Coir is naturally moisture resistant, meaning it can brush moisture off the bottom of your feet before it gets brought inside, dirtying your floor in the process. Moisture resistance also means these doormats do not provide an environment that supports the growth of mold and mildew, decreasing the chances for the growth of these contaminants.

“Wipe Your Feet, Please”

Husking Coconuts

Doormats for Those with Crude Senses of Humor
Doormats for Those with Crude Senses of Humor

Adorn your Entryway with Fun!

At Coirmat.com, we have a large variety of funny and unique door mats that can express your personality and bring humor to your doorstep. A mere “Welcome” mat might suffice for some folks, but if you are a lively jokester or a stoic who wants to surprise guests, utilizing a “Nice Underwear Funny Doormat” will have visitors chuckling when you greet them. A simple black border encapsulates the words “Nice underwear” on this classy entry mat, delivering a straightforward message to people coming to your home. This fun doormat may not be the most appropriate for commercial or industrial buildings, but adding a silly mat like this to your front step is a great way to convey your mirth and humor. If your type of comedic relief comes in the form of dad jokes, having a “Hi, I’m Mat” entry mat will have guests groaning in delight and distaste at your doorstep. Have visitors thinking, “That is so them!” with this amusing pun. In the true “dad joke” fashion, the pun falls so flat that it is actually funny. A text bubble surrounds the words “Hi! I’m Mat!” which conveys the enthusiasm that follows all good (or bad) dad jokes. Both the “Nice Underwear Funny Doormat” and the “Hi, I’m Mat” feature simplistic designs, meaning that these funny doormats do not contain excessive colors that will clash with your existing décor. While these funny floor-mats might be brazen in their humor, they are not gaudy in design, featuring an uncomplicated decal. Utilize these humorous door mats inside and outside, in your home or at your business. It is never a bad idea to have a funny door mat!

“Lost? You Are Here Doormat”

  • UV and ozone resistance helps maintain these doormats in sunlight
  • Coir bristles latch onto outside debris, keeping it trapped until you are ready to release it
  • You are here mat adds a cleverness to your doorway aesthetic

Lead Dirt Away: The compass on these unique doormats almost appears to lead dirt outside your doorstep. The fiber of these coco mats is thick and strong, ready to take on outside debris. Each coir bristle scrapes the bottom of your shoes, helping keep shoe gunk outside and aiding you in keeping your home stay nice and clean.

Direct Moisture Away: This you are here mat is ready to sit outside your doorstep in moist conditions. Coco coir has the ability to absorb moisture and dry pretty fast, making it perfect for areas where rain is common. These coco mats are mold and mildew resistant, meaning these unwanted guests do not have an environment that is supportive for their growth. Moisture resistance increases the number of places these cool doormats can be used. Moist environments like beaches are not a problem for these coco mats.

bring 5lbs doormat 1
Bring a 5lbs. Steak! Dog Door Mat

Funny Pet and Animal Themed Entrance Mats

If you have a pet, we also sell cute, funny door mats featuring your favorite furry animal. The “Beware of Dog Welcome Mat” and the “Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat” relay the opposite of a warm welcome. The “Beware of Dog Welcome Mat” displays a comical scene of a dog chasing after a robber. Whether you use this entry mat to ward off would-be thieves or warn guests of your ferocious canine companion, the humorous picture illustrated on the coir mat will surely elicit a laugh from guests. These funny doormats serve the dual purpose of notifying visitors of a plausible, four-legged threat along with making fun of the situation. It would be wildly comic to see a “Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat” on a doorstep only to see an adorable and mild kitten inside! Whether this entry mat is a credible warning or not, the cute yet mischievous cat illustrated on the “Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat” next to the words “Beware of Kitty Cat!” reduce the otherwise threatening admonition. Our selection of funny mats at Coirmat.com spans a wide variety of humor. If you are looking for dry humor, silly pets, or even rude door mat quotes, we stock a large assortment of funny and unique doormats to suit any person. Tell people to leave with our “Go Away! Scram! Leave! Humorous Door Mats” that can relay your true feelings or convey your wicked sarcasm.

“Beware of Dog Welcome Mat”

“In Any Language Welcome!”

“Warning, Vicious Puppy Inside! Dog Doormats”

  • This doormat is available in 18″ x 30″
  • PVC backing provides a supportive base
  • Both UV and ozone resistance helps these doormats hold up in the sun

Moisture Resistant: Rain, snow, or even a wet dog will not likely damage this doormat dog. Moisture resistance helps these doormats endure during moist weather. You might be bummed the next time your dog tracks in water, but at least these doggie mats are up for the challenge. Coir does not provide an environment suitable for the growth of mold and mildew, making these doormats easy to maintain.

Environmental Puppy: The puppy on this coir doormat might look tough, but he has a soft spot for the environment. This doormat dog is partially made out of coir, a natural fiber extracted from the outer husks of coconuts. Using coir, the production of each fiber doormat brings you a more cost effective option than their 100% synthetic counterparts. Using coir also makes for a finished product more suitable for those more eco-conscious consumers.

Doormats with picture of shoes and remove your shoes sign
The doormat with request to remove your shoes with pictures of shoes

You Need a Funny Entrance Mat

Why do you need a fun doormat? Doormats funny enough to bring a smile to your face will help ease your guests, putting them in a comfortable state of mind. Funny doormats like our “I Will Not Be a Door Mat! Funny Doormat” can function as an icebreaker to defuse any stress visitors might bring to your door. If you are hosting an event or gathering and guests are feeling anxious, a funny front door mat might be the thing that puts them at ease—creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone. Laughter is the cure for almost everything, and nothing is better than the feeling of bringing a smile to someone’s face. Having a novelty doormat can make your guests grin before you even see them! Not only can a good, funky doormat liven your front door, but it also adds a personal touch to the exterior of your home. Visitors will instantly glean an idea of your personality from the novelty doormat you obtain. If you have a “Hi, I’m Mat” welcome mat, strangers can assume you have a dry, refined sense of humor. If you have a “Beware of Kitty Cat Doormat,” people can deduce that you are an avid feline lover with a silly disposition. Despite the type of fun doormats you choose, the function and practicality of these sturdy mats are nothing to laugh about.

“Nice Underwear Funny Doormat”

  • This funny welcome mat is sized at 18″ x 30″
  • Moisture resistance doormat does not provide the conditions necessary for the growth of mold or mildew
  • UV and ozone resistance adds protection from any instant sun damage

Funny but Serious: Don’t let the comedic message on the front of this funny welcome mat make you doubt its dirt cleaning efficiency. These coconut mats are made of coir, a heavy-duty fibrous material. It is both super tough and flexible, making it the perfect candidate for scrapping the bottom of those dirty shoes you have been walking in all day. The debris gets stuck in between the bristles, waiting for you to simply brush or shake them out.

Made of Coir and PVC: These doormats with an attitude are made of coir. Also known as coco, coir is found within the outer husks of coconuts. Coco has a number of benefits such as durability and cost effectiveness. These funny doormats also have a base made out of tough PVC. This PVC provides the doormat with a strong base, providing structure and support. Having a PVC base also provides a layer of floor protection. As hysterical as these coconut mats might look, they mean business when it comes to design.

Humorous Go Away mat in front of door
Humorous Go Away Mat in front of brown door

Shop Funny Entry Mats that have Functional Benefits

Coir mat.com’s witty doormats are composed of coconut coir fiber. Coir entrance mats offer numerous benefits for your home: trapping dirt and debris, offering stylish humor, and keeping your indoor floors clean. Their excellent moisture-absorption and dust-capturing abilities minimize the need for constant cleaning inside your home or business. A funny entry mat from Coir mat.com will capture dirt and moisture before it can enter your residence! Additionally, coir mats are eco-friendly products made from biodegradable materials. The natural, earthy tones of the coir bristles add a sophisticated touch to your doorstep, making clever doormat sayings even funnier due to their classy composition. Greet guests with funny doormats that ensure cleaner homes and long-lasting benefits. Because coir is so durable, you do not have to worry about the funny welcome sayings on your coirmat fading away. Excellent, resilient, and all-natural, our funny doormats will put visitors at ease and keep dirt at bay. Every home, workplace, and business need a funny door mat to bring humor to our daily lives. Put a smile on somebody’s face with our creative doormats!